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Some marriages from Inishmacsaint Parish

ADAMS, Robert, s/o Archibald,
md. Catherine PARKE, d/o Duke PARKE on 11 Apr 1860

ARKISON, John, s/o John,
md. Rebecca NIXON, d/o John NIXON on 14 Feb 1860

ARMSTRONG, John, s/o Robert,
md. Anne HAMILTON, d/o Charles HAMILTON on 23 Apr 1847

CARSON, William, s/o Thomas,
md. Mary Anne KIRBY, d/o William KIRBY, on 10 Nov 1853

CATHCART, Joseph, s/o Henry,
md. Margaret CATHCART, d/o Thomas CATHCART, on 2 Nov 1847

CLIFFORD, Thomas, s/o Denis,
md. Elizabeth SPENCE, d/o James SPENCE, on 11 Mar 1853

COCHRANE, Henry W, s/o Robert,
md. Margaret HAMILTON, d/o Charles HAMILTON, on 4 Dec 1860

COLVIN, James, s/o Thomas,
md. Eleanor BREEN, d/o Hugh BREEN, on 1 Jan 1847

DANE, Michael, s/o Michael DANE,
md. Anne CATHCART, d/o John CATHCART, on 13 Apr 1847

DUNDAS, Henry, s/o Henry DUNDAS,
md. Margaret DUNDAS, d/o Patrick DUNDAS, on 21 Apr 1853

ELLIS, William, s/o William ELLIS,
md. Frances MCBRIEN, d/o Dennis MCBRIEN, on 6 Dec 1847

GORDON, James, s/o William GORDON,
md. Eleanor ROGERS, d/o Edward ROGERS, on 8 Feb 1854

HALL, Edward, s/o James HALL,
md. Mary Jane RUTHERFORD, d/o Allen RUTHERFORD, on 11 Jul 1860

HALL, Thomas, s/o Thomas,
md. Lucinda ROGERS, d/o Edward ROGERS, on 21 Nov 1854

JOHNSTON, James, s/o George
md. Margaret OVINS, d/o Christopher ARMSTRONG, on 4 Feb 1847

JOHNSTON, Robert, s/o Thomas
md. Isabella WILSON, d/o William WILSON, on 29 Feb 1860

LOGAN, John, s/o Hugh
md. Catherine MAGEE, d/o Peter MAGEE, on 14 Jun 1853

MAGUIRE, John, s/o John
md. Margaret DUNDAS, d/o Henry DUNDAS, on 15 Dec 1853

MARSHALL, William, s/o James
md. Jane DONALDSON, d/o John DONALDSON, on 16 Nov 1854

MCBRIEN, Philip, s/o Edward
md. Ellen MCBRIEN, d/o John MCBRIEN, on 13 Mar 1860

MCMANUS, Philip, s/o Philip
md. Anne KILFEATHER, d/o John KILFEATHER, on 5 Jun 1854

MOORE, James, s/o James
md. Anne FOWLER, d/o John FOWLER, on 8 Jan 1847

MOORE, William, s/o James
md. Margaret JOHNSTON, d/o William JOHNSTON, on 5 May 1854

NETHERCOTT, James, s/o John
md. Elizabeth LOCKART, d/o Joseph LOCKHART, on 13 Nov 1854

NIXON, Nathaniel, s/o Nathaniel
md. Mary Anne ELLIOTT, d/o James ELLIOTT, on 2 Jun 1854

OREILLY, Francis, s/o Edward
md. Elizabeth SANDERSON, d/o John SANDERSON, on 25 Sep 1854

RANKIN, John, s/o John
md. Mary Jane GRAHAM, d/o Francis GRAHAM, on 23 Nov 1847

SOMERVILLE, Earls, s/o Andrew
md. Mary Anne MCBRIEN, d/o John MCBRIEN, on 9 Feb 1860

STONE, William, s/o Ralph
md. Eliza SHAW, d/o Robert SHAW, on 15 Mar 1860

TRIMBLE, Robert, s/o John
md. Mary Jane HALL, d/o William HALL, on 15 Aug 1860

WEIR, Andrew, s/o John
md. Elizabeth Jane MCBRIEN, d/o John MCBRIEN, on 27 Apr 1854

WHIPS, Thomas, s/o Thomas
md. Eleanor HIX, d/o William HIX, on 25 Jul 1853

WILEY, George, s/o Robert
md. Margret ROBINSON, d/o Robert ROBINSON, on 1 Jul 1847