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These are a few Marriages from Magheracross Parish

ADAMS, James, s/o William
md. Elizabeth CRANSTON, d/o Michael, on 4 Apr 1854

ALLEN, Charles, s/o John
md. Mary Jane COULTER, d/o William, on 27 Sep 1861

ALLEN, William, s/o William
md. Mary MURPHY, d/o Christopher, on 26 Nov 1852

ARMSTRONG, Alexander, s/o Alexander
md. Mary MEGAHY, d/o William, on 14 Mar 1862

ARMSTRONG, Charles, s/o Charles
md. Mary KIRK, d/o James, on 1 Mar 1861

ARMSTRONG, John, s/o William
md. Catherine IRVINE, d/o William, on 5 Aug 1852

ARMSTRONG, Robert, s/o William
md. Mary NOBLE, d/o Thomas, on 24 Feb 1860

BLAKE, Edgar Henry, s/o Henry
md. Caroline Johanna BURKE, d/o H. A., on 2 Mar 1861

BLEAKLEY, Samuel, s/o Joseph
md. Jane Anne FYFFE, d/o Robert, on 11 Mar 1862

BOWLES, Edward, s/o Robert
md. Mary WALKER, d/o William, on 2 May 1862

BREEN, Thomas, s/o Robert
md. Mary Jane SMYTH, d/o John, on 17 Jan 1862

BRIEN, Henry, s/o James
md. Lucinda HURST, d/o Anthony, on 29 May 1850

CAHILL, Patrick, s/o Patrick
md. Sarah MOUNTAIN, d/o James, on 24 May 1861

CAMPBELL, David, s/o Robert
md. Margaret PORTEOUS, d/o Charles, on 8 Dec 1853

CARSON, John, s/o Alexander
md. Mary Jane COULTER, d/o Andrew, on 20 Feb 1852

CHARLTON, William, s/o William
md. Margaret COALTER, d/o Andrew, on 22 Jan 1862

COALTER, George, s/o Andrew
md. Jane IRVINE, d/o William, on 18 Jan 1861

COULTER, John, s/o George
md. Mary Jane ELLIOTT, d/o George, on 21 Nov 1861

COALTER, William, s/o William
md. Mary Jane BREEN, d/o William, on 29 Jan 1855

COULTER, John, s/o William
md. Anne VANCE, d/o William, on 19 Aug 1853

CRAWFORD, Andrew, s/o Robert
md. Elizabeth BROWN, d/o William, on 20 Jan 1851

CREIGHTON, Robert, s/o Laurence
md. Eliza TOWELL, d/o Thomas, on 15 Nov 1862

CROZIER, John, s/o James
md. Jane BLACK, d/o James, on 28 Mar 1850

CROZIER, John, s/o Andrew
md. Mary Jane CROZIER, d/o Andrew, on 9 Mar 1852

CROZIER, Thomas, s/o Andrew
md. Dorothea SMYTH, d/o Anthony, on 1 Mar 1860

EDWARDS, John, s/o John
md. Catherine IRVINE, d/o William, on 23 Jan 1850

ELLIOTT, Andrew, s/o James
md. Mary Jane FARR, d/o Thomas, on 27 Nov 1855

ELLIOTT, Robert, s/o Robert
md. Margery WATSON, d/o James, on 13 Apr 1852

EMERSON, Joseph, s/o Joseph
md. Esther FARIS, d/o William, on 21 Oct 1851

FIFE, Edward, s/o John
md. Elizabeth BROWN, d/o John, on 19 Apr 1850

FIFE, Edward, s/o James
md. Martha HUMPHREYS, d/o Thomas, on 13 Feb 1850

FIFE, William, s/o John
md. Mary CROWE, d/o William, on 8 Oct 1850

FORDE, John, s/o Baptist
md. Sarah Anne MITCHELL, d/o George, on 11 Jan 1861

FOSTER, James, s/o Walter
md. Mary Anne SMYTH, d/o John, on 15 Aug 1861

FUNSTON, Archbold, s/o John
md. Elizabeth CAMPBELL, d/o John, on 4 Dec 1854

GARDINER, Edward, s/o Edward
md. Lydia ELLIOTT, d/o John, on 10 Aug 1853

GILLESPIE, Richard, s/o James
md. Isabella BREEN, d/o Henry, on 13 Dec 1854

GINN, William, s/o John
md. Jane GRAHAM, d/o James, on 26 May 1853

GORRELL, William, s/o Matthew
md. Eliza Jane BRIEN, d/oEdward, on 12 Mar 1861

GRAHAM, John Robert, s/o Thomas
md. Martha JOHNSON, d/o James, on 19 Feb 1853

HADDEN, Robert, s/o James
md. Catherine ELLIOTT, d/o James, on 18 Nov 1853

HALL, John, s/o Samuel
md. Elizabeth BREEN, d/o William, on 6 Apr 1852

HARRIS, James, s/o James
md. Jane NELSON, d/o Andrew, on 19 Jan 1860

HURST, John Robert, s/o John
md. Eliza CROZIER, d/o James, on 11 Apr 1850

JOHNSTON, Andrew, s/o Francis
md. Mary Anne HETHRINGTON, d/o John, on 11 Sep 1851

JOHNSTON, James, s/o Francis
md. Margaret BELL DEMPSY, d/oChristopher, on 1 Aug 1853

JOHNSTON, James, s/o John
md. Isabella CORRY, d/o Nathaniel, on 2 Jan 1850

KEYS, John James, s/o James
md. Sarah Jane BREEN, d/o Henry, on 22 Mar 1861

KIDNEY, John, s/o William
md. Jane MOORE, d/o Thomas, on 12 Mar 1852

KIRK, John, s/o William
md. Eliza WALKER, d/o John, on 28 Nov 1860

LEE, Robert, s/o Robert
md. Dorothy ROBINSON, d/o James, on 28 May 1861

MCLEAN, James, s/o Jacob
md. Mary Jane CAMPBELL, d/o Henry, on 4 May 1852

MCCLELLAND, John, s/o John
md. Isabella BETTY, d/o Covey, on 20 Jan 1854

MCDERMOTT, Daniel, s/o James
md. Louisa Eliza WALLACE, d/o George, on 24 Jul 1851

MCLEAN, James, s/o Jacob
md. Mary Jane CAMPBELL, d/oHenry, on 4 May 1852

MEGAHY, William, s/o John
md. Jane WALKER, d/o John, on 8 Feb 1861

MORRISON, Richard, s/o James
md. Frances CRAWFORD, d/o John, on 24 Feb 1853

NOBLE, Samuel, s/o Thomas
md. Margaret HOOD, d/o John, on 24 Jul 1855

PATTERSON, Alexander, s/o William
md. Sarah JERVIS, d/o Abraham, on 27 Nov 1855

PATTERSON, James, s/o Thomas
md. Susan DARRAGH, d/o Charles, on 14 Oct 1853

PHAIR, Thomas, s/o James
md. Mary Anne HOEY, d/o John, on 31 Jul 1852

PHILLIPS, James, s/o John
md. Rebecca ARMSTRONG, d/o Thomas, on 6 Jul 1852

RAMSEY, William, s/o James
md. Lucinda WILSON, d/o Charles, on 2 Oct 1860

SPRATT, John, s/o William
md. Elizabeth KIDNEY, d/o Robert, on 25 Apr 1853

STEWART, Guy, s/o Francis
md. Isabella BREEN, d/o William, on 15 Nov 1853

THOMPSON, John, s/o John
md. Rebecca WILSON, d/o Robert, on 29 Oct 1861

THOMPSON, Thomas, s/o James
md. Catherine EDWARDS, d/o Robert, on 28 Jan 1855

WALLACE, Henry John, s/o William
md. Margaret JOHNSON, d/o James, on 29 Jan 1851

WALMSLY, Charles, s/o Edward
md. Mary MONTGOMERY, d/o James, on 27 Oct 1852

YOUNG, James, s/o John
md. Mary WATKINS, d/o John, on 10 Feb 1860