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Some Marriages from Trory Parish

ARMSTRONG, Andrew, s/o John
md.Margaret TEEVAN, d/o Andrew, on 13 Jun 1860

ARMSTRONG, Francis, s/o John
md.Mary RANKIN, d/o James, on 9 Jan 1850

ARMSTRONG, James, s/o James
md.Jane HILLIARD, d/o Andrew, on 17 Jun 1850

ARMSTRONG, Robert William, s/o John
md.Eliza WILSON, d/o Andrew, on 2 Jan 1861

BLACK, Thomas, s/o James
md.Arabella HILLIARD, d/o Noble, on 21 Oct 1853

BLEAKLEY, George, s/o George
md.Eliza Jane GREY, d/o John, on 19 Feb 1850

CORRIGAN, Michael, s/o John
md.Anne DAWSON, d/o William, on 12 Apr 1853

DENHAM, John, s/o George
md.Susanna BELL, d/o John, on 20 Apr 1852

ELLIOTT, William, s/o William
md.Ellen ARMSTRONG, d/o Edward, on 6 Feb 1855

EMERY, William W., s/o William
md.Mary Anne IRWIN, d/o Acheson, on 27 Apr 1854

FINIGAN, Thomas, s/o Thomas
md.Elizabeth WEST, d/o James, on 12 Nov 1861

GREEN, Thomas, s/o John
md.Anne Jane HALLIDAY, d/o John, on 5 Oct 1853

HOWE, Robert, s/o William
md.Mary CORSCADDEN, d/o William, on 1 Oct 1847

IRVIN, Alexander, s/o Henry
md.Mary SPRATT, d/o John, on 18 Sep 1854

IRWIN, Robert, s/o John
md.Sarah ARMSTRONG on 2 May 1855

IRWIN, William, s/o John
md.Catharine HIGGINS, d/o Patrick, on 27 Mar 1855

KEYS, Thomas, s/o Hugh
md.Jane PORTER, d/o William KEYS, on DEC 1847

LEADLEY, John, s/o David
md.Bessie OGLE, d/o Henry, on 23 Sep 1861

LUNNY, John, s/o Thomas
md.Jane BETTY, d/o John, on 1 Nov 1850

MAGUIRE, Francis, s/o Andrew
md.Anne NELSON , d/o Andrew, on 3 Dec 1847

MCGREGOR, John, s/o John
md.Elizabeth BALL, d/o Francis, on 25 Oct 1853

NOBLE, John, s/o Walter
md.Jane IRWIN, d/o Robert, on 14 Oct 1860

SHARPE, Robert, s/o Ralph
md.Eliza J. BELL, d/o Irvine, on 12 Jun 1860

SCHOLES, William, s/o Francis
md.Eliza BETTY, d/o John, on 26 Jul 1854

WATSON, William, s/o Joseph
md.Mary CLARKE , d/o Francis, on 12 Apr 1847

WIER, John, s/o Lancelot
md.Mary HOEY, d/o George, on 12 Nov 1861