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Links for History of Derry

Early History of Derry

Megalithic Stones
Sweat Houses
Norse invaders

Plantation of Derry

Flight of the Earls
Ulster Plantation
Protestant Settlers
Religious Suppression
Penal Laws.
St. Columba's (Anglican) Cathedral

1800-1900 in Derry

Duke of Abercorn
Whiskey Tax
Way West.
Derry Port
McCorkell Line

Social and Cultural History of Derry

Linen Trade
Shirtmaking in Derry
Millennium Forum
Derry Feis
Orange Parades
Derry Jazz Festival

Links with America

Londonderry Township, New Hampshire, US
US Navcommsta Londonderry Alumni Association
Feis USA

Amelia Earhart Cottage.
Duffy's Cut

Political History of Derry

Bloody Sunday
Saville Enquiry
Derry Brigade
Good Friday
Different Sides