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County Historic Sites
1. Walt Whitman House
2. Underground RR Museum
3. Indian King Tavern Museum
4. Battleship New Jersey
5. Oldest Working Farm in Cherry Hill
6. Barclay Farmstead
7. Camden Cty Historical Society Museum

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This web page deals with the historic sites around Camden County.

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Historic County of Camden.

One of the most notable locations in Camden County is the Indian King Tavern Museum in Haddenfield NJ.
Because it is at the Indian King Tavern, in 1777, that the Assembly reconvened to pass legislation to create an independent state and to adopt the Great Seal of NJ. It was at the Indian King Tavern that New Jersey ceased to be a colony and became a state. Why at the Indian King Tavern and not in Trenton? Because the year was 1777 and there were still battles and clashes between the British and the Americans that were devastating Trenton. But you can read more about it here.

During the time before the Civil War, the Underground Railroad was instrumental in helping fight slavery. And a key stop-over on the Underground Railroad was Peter Mott's home in what is now Lawnside NJ. Originally built 156 years ago and restored in 1994, the Peter Mott House was the home of a free black farmer and businessman who helped runaway slaves make their way north toward freedom through southern New Jersey. Make a point of visiting this State & National Historic Site located in Camden County, NJ. Learn more here.

Barclay Farmstead is another wonderful historic site in Camden County. Built in 1816, this mansion was the home of a direct descendent of Jacob Cooper (founder of the City of Camden), Joseph Cooper. The farmstead details the way of life back in 1816. Read details and information here.

The Walt Whitman House, a National Historic Landmark, is located in the City of Camden. What makes this house unique, besides being the home of America's Poet, is that this is the only known house ever owned by Walt Whitman. The house is located close to many other attractions in Camden City. Learn more about the Walt Whitman House.

And the newest addition to Camden County, the Battleship New Jersey. The US's most decorated battleship is now permenantly berthed on the Delaware River, along the Camden Waterfront, and is a floating museum. The 2 hour tour gives details about her extensive history. Commissioned in 1943, this 1 of only 4 Iowa-class battleships saw action in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and served with the Sixth Fleet off of Lebanon in the Mid-East in 1983-84. Another pertenant fact was that she was built across the river at the Philadelphia Ship Yard. Read more about the Battleship New Jersey.

There are numerous other historic site in Camden County. For a brief list of them, click here.

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