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The following is a listing of Paid Researchers.  I do not vouch for any of them, nor am I responsible for their performance or lack of.  Please research them before you hire them.  If someone advertises on the NJESSEX mailing list and they are not listed below, it means that they did not agree to the terms of posting and the post was made illegally.   

Association of Professional Genealogists  
All searches done in person at the U.S. National Archives, Washington, D.C., not by a third
party or by "Order Forms" through the U.S. Mail. General turnaround timeframe is 10
working days.
Genealogy Quest
P. O. Box 728
Washington, D. C. 20044-0728
Genealogy Quest, a full service genealogy bureau where serious professional researchers and consultants are engaged to assist serious genealogists
Bea Denman Howley "With over 20 years experience, it is my good fortune to spend my time providing professional family research services in connection with New Jersey records, including, but not limited to, vitals, church, cemetery, land, probate, court, etc.  In addition, my services extend to house history research, gravestone photography, and problem solving."
New Jersey Genealogy
Home Page Listings
John F. Schunk, Ph.D.
S-K Publications
PO Box 8173
Wichita KS 67208-0173
Phone (316) 685-3201
FAX: (316) 685-6650


Terms of Posting to the NJESSEX Mailing List for Paid Researchers:

The rules for professional genealogists, or even those non-professionals who will do lookups for pay (Paid Researchers) are as follows:

1.  The person must submit their name, address and phone number to the NJESSEX mailing list administrator..

2.  In addition, a very short "ad" describing what services you offer and how to get in contact with you should also be submitted.

3.  The "ad" will be posted on the Paid Researchers page of the Essex County Genealogy Web Site.  Your address and phone number will NOT be posted on the web site unless it is part of the ad that you submit.

4.  Approx. every tenth NJESSEX mailing list posting will have a tag line advertising the page.

5.  Under no circumstances is the NJESSEX Mailing list to be used to contact potential clients, i.e. a question is asked and the Paid Researcher contacts the person via personal email offering their services.  A periodic notice is posted by me asking if any mailing list subscriber has been contacted by a paid researcher via personal email from a question they posted on the NJESSEX Mailing list.  If this has occurred, the offending Paid Researcher is unsubscribed and put on the reject list for this list.

6.  Paid Researchers who are subscribed to the mailing list are expected to answer mailing list questions like any other subscriber.

7.  Those Paid Researchers that are listed on the Paid Researcher page of the Essex County Genealogy Web Site can list their services on the NJESSEX Mailing list once a month only. 

8.  Paid Researchers cannot have a signature line offering their services.

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