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David Ackerman Descendants - The official site for David Ackerman Descendants.

The Descendants of Edward Ball - GEDCOM repository site containing a large amount of NJ and New England ancestors and descendants of Edward Ball.

Bruen - The Bruen family- an early family of Essex County, New Jersey

The Camfield, Campfield, Canfield Family in America - The Camfield, Campfield, Canfield Family in America was compiled by Ruth Joyce Lewis, a direct descendant of Matthew Camfield.

Crane - Genealogy of the Crane Family; courtesy of Joanne Todd Rabun and The Gene Pool.

Crane - A Tribute to Jasper Crane who was one of the Founders of Newark, New Jersey; courtesy of Joanne Todd Rabun and The Gene Pool.

Crane Family Message Board - Post a message on the Crane Family Message Board; courtesy of Joanne Todd Rabun and The Gene Pool.

Danielle's New Jersey and New York Genealogy including Carlock, Amos, Demarest, Van Dien, Van Voorhees, Ackerman, Haring, De Sille and other lines (Danielle Carlock's home page)

Early NY and NJ Dutch Data Base including Brouwer, DeGrauw, Joralemon, Jurrianz/Jurrianse, Slot, Spier,Van Idersteyn/Van Iderstein, Van Winkle and Vreeland and many others (Carol Foss Swinehart's home page)

Farrand - The Farrand family. an early family of Essex and Morris Counties, New Jersey

The Gene Pool - Joanne Todd Rabun's website - download Joanne's Gedcom from

Hedden The Hedden Family page by Jim Swift

Hoey - Arthur Hoey's web page for Essex and Hudson Counties

The Horseneck Founders of New Jersey - The Legacy of the Early Founders of the New Haven Colony who came to Newark, New Jersey in 1666; courtesy of Joanne Todd Rabun and The Gene Pool.

Kitchell - The Kitchell Family. Another of the Founding Families of Newark, New Jersey

The New Jersey Ancestors of Gee Gee Bruen including Allen, Ball, Bates, Bruen, Campbell, Cook, Crane, Fairchild, Farrand, Harrison, Kitchell, Pierson, Plum, Thompkins, Treat, Ward, Willis.

On the Trail of Our Ancestors including Ackerman, Allen, Banta, Bongaert/Bogert, Brouwer, Demarest, Howland, Speer/Spier, Terhune, Vanderbeek, Voorhees and many other surnames - (Donna Speer Ristenbatt's Dutch Web page)

Pier/Peer/Pear family of New York and New Jersey The Pier/Peer/Pear Family of Lorine McGinnis Schultz.

PLM Roots - Surnames in Essex include Corby, Cox, Skinner, Marsden, Nock and Cooper.

Purfürst Genealogy of the World - Genealogy of Purfürst and related surnames in Newark.

Some Early Families of Bloomfield, New Jersey - A brief history of the Baldwin, Davis, Dodd, Morris, Ward Families; courtesy of Joanne Todd Rabun and The Gene Pool.

Terhune - visit the Terhune family page created by Jim Terhune. Jim is also is the publisher of the Terhune Letter. Jim is interested in any information of the Terhunes who settled the area or still live, in the area.

Treat - Robert Treat, the Founding Father of Newark, New Jersey; courtesy of Joanne Todd Rabun and The Gene Pool.

Trembles/Trembly, Noe, Dunham, Gray and more... The Trembles/Trembly, Noe, Dunham, Gray family of Linda Tremble Schwartz

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