Gloucester County, New Jersey

Family Group Sheets

These Family Groups Sheets show families who lived in, or passed through,
Gloucester County, NJ. 

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Family Group Sheet for: Submitted by:
ARCHER, Thomas Jim Johnson
BURT, Clinton Eckard John Voss
BURT, Henry P. John Voss
BURT, Robert Gibbs John Voss
CARVIN, James Diane Slagle Sheridan 
DORE, James Hickey John Voss
DORE, William Cunningham John Voss
ELDRIDGE, Duncan Campbell Carol Bawden
ELDRIDGE, John Mullen? Carol Bawden
ELDRIDGE, Joseph H. (wife #2) Carol Bawden
ELDRIDGE, Josiah Carol Bawden
ELDRIDGE, William Carol Bawden
HALL, Charles Jim Johnson
KELLEY, John P. Linda
PARKER, Wallace W. Carol Bawden
RUMBOLD, James Carol Bawden
SHAMPANORE, Andrew Jackson Clifford Charles Crate
SHAMPANORE, George Webster Clifford Charles Crate
SHAW, Aaron W. Clarence Holt
SHAW, George Henry Cyndie Enfinger
SMALL, Abel Carol Bawden
WALTERS, Garrett Henry Linda
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