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West Long Branch, Monmouth Co., NJ

The names on this page are linked to their respective entries at, where the majority contain photos of the gravestones.   Most, but not all women are listed by their married names.    The majority of the Greenlawn graves at Findagrave are owned by me (Ruth Ryan).    If you would like to take over the ownership of your ancestors graves at Findagrave, simply let me know.   You need to be registered at Findagrave before I can transfer the ownership.

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Abbott, Margaretta S. Abbott, Ralph L Abel, Nellie Abel, William
Abel, William Adams, Alan K. Adams, Catherine Adams, Leona W.
Adams, Margaret Adams, Mother Adams, William P. Adams, William
Allgor, Dewitt Allgor, Duncan Allgor, George P. Allgor, Hilda H.
Allgor, James M. Allgor, Jennie Allgor, Jeremiah Allgor, Josephine
Allgor, Lutie Allgor, Mary Allgor, Mary Allgor, Ruth
Allgor, Samuel Allgor, Susie A. Allgor, Wendell P. Alstrom, John
Anance, Miria Anderson, Alfhilda Anderson, Amaca M. Anderson, Andrew "Pud"
Anderson, Blanche Anderson, David J. Anderson, Earl W. Anderson, George
Anderson, Gunhil Anderson, Henry C. Anderson, Orville Anderson, Robert C.
Anderson, Sander Applegate, Enos Applegate, Louisa Applegate, Samuel Allen
Archer, Edna H. Archer, M. Ida Archer, Sarah Arrance, Maria
Asay, Ada B. Asay, Joseph B. Aumack, Sarah E. Aumack, William W.


Babson Cora Babson Mary K. Babson Warren R. Bampton Norma B.
Barbour Hazel Barbour James R. Barry Daniel E. Bazley Emma W.
Beakes Baby Beakes Emily Beakes Georgianna C. Beakes Gertrude
Beakes Henry W. Beakes Joseph P. Beatty John Beck Albert
Beck Faustina Beck James A. Beebe Laura E. Behlmer Charlotte
Behlmer Edna D. Behlmer Frederick J. Behlmer Marjorie E. Bennet Harry
Bennett Alice Bennett Annie Bennett C. A. Bennett Ella J.
Bennett Frederick G. Bennett Frederick Bennett Grace Bennett Harry
Bennett Harry Bennett Leonard Bennett Mary L. Bennett Philip S.
Bennett Jonathan W Bennett Mary B. Bennett Sarah E. Berger Ellen
Bertholf Peter A. Bills Abram L. Bills Eugene B. Birdsall Mabel S.
Birdsall Rachel Blackwell John W. Blackwell Lucy Blades Elizabeth
Blair Eleanor Blizard Janet V. Blizard Mary E. Blizard William L.
Blizard William L. Bogardus John Boger Caroline I. Boger David
Boger Emma W. Boger Emma R. Boger Harold T. Boger Marjorie R.
Boger Maude E. Boger Thomas M. Boker Ruth Boman Harry H.,
Borden Abbie A. Borden Addison H. Borden Alpheus H. Borden Carrie
Borden Forman T. Borden Isaac P. Borden Lillie M. Borden Mae N.
Borden Martha J. Boud Hazelton P. Boud Howard Bowen Alberta M.
Bowen George E. Bowen Harry Bowen Maggie E Bowen Mary E.
Bower Adelaide Bower Levi Bowman Harry H. Bowman Jessie A.
Boyeson Herbert R. Boyeson Nellie D. Breece Annie Breece Charles
Breece Ellsworth Breece Elvira Breece Irving Breece Kenneth
Breese Charles Breese Laura E. Breese Raymond Breitenbach Dionus
Breitenbach Edith Breitenbach Hubert Longin Breitenbach Janie B. Breitenbach Merceta
Brewster Alberta Perri Brewster Lilly Mae Brewster William E. Brinley Tunis A.
Brower Adelaide Brower Levi H. Brown Ann Brown Cyril T.
Brown Deborah Brown Emma L. Brown Florence A. Brown George M.
Brown Harry Phillips Brown Howell D. Brown Lavinia Brown Lydia
Brown Mary E. Brown Walter W. Brown William L. Brunkhorst Adelaide M.
Brunkhorst Adeline C. Brunkhorst Anna Sophie Brunkhorst Arthur Brunkhorst Edna Anna
Brunkhorst Emil Brunkhorst Emma Johanna Brunkhorst John P. Brunkhorst John M.
Burchell Edward Burchell Father Burchell George Burchell Mother
Burkett David Burkett Henry Burkett Josiah Burkett Viola M.
Burlin Bessie Burner Belle Burner Effie I. Burner Joseph A.
Burner Willard C. Burns Elizabeth J. Burtt Carrie L. Burtt William V.
Butler Henry Butler Sarah Buttley Edwin H. Byard Helen T.
Byard Ida A. Byard Samuel


Cable Joseph Cable Letitia Cadman Dorothy Estelle Campbell Frederick M.
Campbell Hanna F. Campbell Louise Fay Canavan Jack P. Carlile Frank B.
Carlile Josephine Carlile Walter B. Carlile William Carroll Elijah
Carroll Jennie Carroll Mary A. Carroll Robert Carroll Winfield T.
Carson Andrew Carson Bessie Carson Carrie M. Carson Children
Carson Geneva Carson George D. Carson Joel Carson Leola
Carson Lillian Carson Mary Jane Carson Ralph S. Carson Rebecca
Carson Timbrook Carter Elizabeth Casey Viola Chadwick Taber
Chamberlain Charles Chamberlain Dollie Emma Chamberlain Elijah Chamberlain Elizabeth
Chamberlain Elizabeth Chamberlain Eloise Chamberlain Henry C., Chamberlain Kitty
Chamberlain Mary Chamberlain William Chamberlain William Chasey Carrie
Chasey Charles W. Chasey Charles Chasey Claudia Chasey Cora
Chasey George J. Chasey Henrietta Chasey Henrietta Chasey Margaret
Chasey Mary H. Chasey Mary E. Chasey Rachel B. Chasey Richard
Chasey Thomas C. Chasey Voila Chasey? Or Kirby? Thomas Cheeseman Lillian
Churchin A. Mortimer Churchin A. Mabel Churchin Alonzo S. Churchin Frank H.
Clark Adaline Clark Charles H. C. Clark Eliza Clark John C.
Clark John J. Clark Ray Clark Sarah E. Clarke William
Clayton Harold E. Clayton Katherine Clevenger Anna B. Clevenger Elizabeth
Clevenger Joseph C. Clevenger Samuel G. Coady Francis Cobb Clifford Palmer
Cobb Edna L. Cobb Hallee E. Cobb Hester D. Cobb Mother
Cobb Oscar P. Cobb Ursula Cobb William T. Cochran Minerva
Codner Augusta Codner Edith A., Codner Marshall Codner William
Coleman Ann Coleman Percy W. Coles Alice Coles Benjamin
Coles Charlotte L. Coles James Coles John H. Coles Leon
Coles Lewis Coles Norman S. Coles Rosella A. Coles William
Collard Emma Conk Benjamin Conk Blanche E. Conk John H.
Conk William C. Cook Alma V. Cook Angeline Cook Annie E.
Cook Archer B. Cook Ariella Cook Arthur C. Cook Benjamin C.
Cook Benjamin C. Cook Cornelia S. Cook Deborah M. Cook Deborah
Cook Edgar P. Cook Elizabeth Cook Emma Cook Ethelyn
Cook Flora Cook Flora Cook Frederick H. Cook George
Cook George W. Cook George W. Cook H. Ethelyn Cook Harry M.
Cook Hartson M. Cook Henry C. Cook Horace Cook Ida
Cook James W. Cook Jesse V. Cook Jesse Cook Jesse W.
Cook Jesse V. Cook Jessie B. Cook Jessie H. Cook Jessie O.
Cook John W. Cook John Cook John Cook Lauretta A.
Cook Leila H. Cook Margaret E. Cook Margaret V. Cook Marguerite
Cook Mary E. Cook Mary B. Cook Matie Cook Michael F. Heard
Cook Nellie M. Cook Rose H. Cook Samuel Cook Sarah E.
Cook Sophronia Cook Susan M. Cook Tucker Cook Ulysses G.
Cook William M. Cook William A. Cooke Elizabeth L. Cooley Helen J.
Cooley Herman M. Cooper Jordan W. Cooper Jordon W. Corbett John J.
Cordier Mary Elizabeth Corlies Russell Cornelia Charles Cornelia Frank
Cornelia Marietta Coulon John P. Coulon Lillian Covert Harry
Covert Harry N. Covert Violet Crammer Annie C. Cranmer Hilda
Cranmer William Crawford Carlton C. Crawford Charles Crawford Gladys
Crawford Hilda Crawford Orlando E. Crawford Pauline Crawford Sadie J.
Crawford Theodore Crum Ellen G. Crum Fred F. Crum Mariah
Crum Richard D. Crum Sadie Bedient Curchin A. Mabel Curchin A. Mortimer
Curchin Alonzo S. Curchin Alonzo S. Curchin Frank H. Curry Clifford B.
Curry Edward B. Curry Frances L. Curtis Bella E. Curtis Bessie Pauline
Curtis R. Horace


Dangler Agnes C. Dangler Arnette K. Dangler Arthur M. Dangler Dorothy C.
Dangler Harry B. Dangler Isaac Dangler Isaac (Baby) Dangler James H.
Dangler Julia Dangler Lester Dangler Mary M. Dangler Mary Ellen
Dangler Matthias Dangler Otto Dangler Roderic M. Dangler Ruth E.
Daub Gustave Daub Mary R. Davis Abram Davis Catherine E.
Davis Elizabeth Davis George E. Davis Harry M. Davis Jennie R.
Davis Theodore A. Davison John F. Davison M. Emma Decamp Harry Slocum
DeFazio Louis J. Degins Ann Degins Annie Degins James
Degins Son Degou Franklin Degou Harry F. Degou Isabelle A.
Degou Mertie C. DeGroot Emily DeGroot John DeHaan Daisy
DeHann Sam Demarest David Demarest Minnie M. Demarest Miriam C.
Denegar Edna Denegar Ethelyn Dennett Clara Dennett Leffingwell H.
Dennett Ossie Dennis Clarence H. Dennis Edwin Dennis Elizabeth
Dennis Henry A. Dennis Lewis H. Dennis Louis L. Dennis Martha J.
Dennis Rose Dennis William A. Dennis William N. DeNucci Concetta
DeNucci Paul DeRoche Dora M. DeRoche Reba Dettlinger Caroline
Dettlinger Carrie S. Dettlinger Elsie Dettlinger Fred William Dettlinger George
DeVola Joseph John DeVola Marjorie T. DeWalltearass Emeline DeWalltearass William M.
DeWitt Irvingl Nelson DeWitt Eva May DeWitt Hannah May DeWitt Hannah
DeWitt Joseph A. DeWitt Joshua A. DeWitt June DeWitt Martha J.
DeWitt Nelson Alonzo DeWitt Rebecca Dey John H. Dey Mary Ann
Dickson Olive Disbrow John B. Dodd Amzi S. Dodd Elizabeth C.
Dodd Ernest F. Dodd Grace Dodd Hellen Dorsett Ernest
Dorsett Lydia Dotterweich Alma Leota Dotterweich Herbert J. Douglas Chester
Downing William Drake Charles Drake Emma Drake George
Drake Hannah Drake Harry Drake Harry Drake Hattie
Drake Henry Drake Henry C. Drake Jeremiah Drake Lewis
Drake Maggie Drake Mary E. Drake Sarah E. Dunn E. W.
Dunn William Duryee Albert T. Duryee Lawrence R. Duryee Minnie A.


Earl Etta H. Eckley Rachel Edwards Amelia Edwards Annie
Edwards Britain Edwards Britton Edwards Charles A. Edwards Deborah W.
Edwards Deborah W. Edwards Ella Jane Edwards Emma Blegen? Edwards Frank
Edwards Fred Edwards Harmon V. Edwards Harmon Fred Edwards Ida Harriet
Edwards Ida E. Edwards Jacob W. Edwards John C. Edwards John W.
Edwards Lavinia Edwards Lizzie Edwards Margaret Ann Edwards Margaret
Edwards Martha J. Edwards Susie E. Edwards Webley Edwards William L.
Edwards William E. Edwards William D. Edwards William Eilenberger Charlotte
Einewing W. Ely Arthur Ely Deborah Anna Ely Joseph W.
Ely Louise Emmons Amanda Emmons Catherine Emmons Dolph
Emmons Edith Emmons Georgiana Emmons Jacob Emmons James H.
Emmons James Emmons Lawrence L. Emmons Sarah Emmons William F.
Enderle Albert D. Enderle Charles W. Enderle Elizabeth Enderle Elizabeth
Enderle Frieda A. Enderle John F. Enderle John Enderle Loretta
Enderle Louis D. Enderle William P. Estelle Harold Evans Henry D.
Evans Henry M. Everett Edward Everett Elizabeth Everett Leota J.


Fairchild Elizabeth Fancher Robert W. Fary Theodore Faulk Effie
Fay Ethan Fay Ethan O. Fay Ethan Allen Fay Georgey
Fay Hannah Fay Sarah J. Fay Sarah M. Fay Webley
Ferris Albert E. Ferris Ethel M. Ferris Evelyn P. Ferris John T.
Ferris John T. Ferris Sarah E. Ferry A. Ethel Ferry Adrian C.
Ferry Mary M. Ferry Sarah Kathryn Ferry Walter S. Ferry William R.
Ferry William S. Fesler Christian Fesler Henrietta Findeison Pearl
Fisher Bell Fisher Della M. Fisher Ida Flegal George P.
Flegal Mary Jane Flemming Katherine Flighel Walter Forman William
Forrest Ann Forrest Benjamin Forrest Joseph Fowler Oscar G.
Frady Grace W. Franklin Hannah Franklin Henry Franklin John F.
Franklin Samuel French Byron E. Froat Harold Froat Henry L.


Gant Arbella Gant Isaiah H. Gant Mary E. Gaskill Adelia R.
Gaskill Albert H. Gaskill Ethel M. Gaskill Frank B. Gaskill George D.
Gaskill Lester R. Gaskill Ruth H. Gaughan Lucy W. Getgood Gladys E.
Getgood Samuel Giere Amelia S. Giere Edward Giere Isabel D.
Giere Leonora G. Giere Mable I. Giere Margaret J. Gifford David S.
Gifford George W. Gilbert John W. Gilbert Lillian D. Glade Elizabeth
Goode Arthur J. Graughan Emma Graughan Eona Graughan John
Graughan Lucy W. Gray Eva Gray Frances Gray Freeman
Gray Freeman Gray Georgie A. Gray Gertrude Gray Laura F.
Green Della C. Green Eliza Green Mary A. Green Wilson


Hackman Albert A. Hackman Albert M. Hackman Deborah C. Hackman Henry W.
Hackman Jennie B. Hackman Robert Hall Albert B. Hall Elizabeth A.
Halton J. William Hampson Charles E. Hampton Lewis M. Hampton William L,
Hanaway Jennie E. Harris Harry Harris Isabella Harrison Susie F.
Harvey Daisy H. Harvey Eleanora Harvey George Harvey Stephen H.
Harvey Stephen Harvey Susan Harvey Walter S. Haslam Anna J.
Haslam Herbert J. Havens John Havens John L. Havens Mary N.
Havens Thomas Haver Alan R. Haver Elizabeth L. Hayden Frank William
Hayden Grace S. Hayden William N. Head Clara M. Head Joseph
Heard Michael F. Hedberg Albertina Hedberg Hilda J. Hendrickson Ann
Hendrickson Barkalow Hendrickson Ella Hendrickson Eugene Hendrickson Helen C.
Hendrickson Lucy Hendrickson Mable G. Hendrickson Thurston C. Hennessey Ella
Hennessey Eugene Hennessey George W. Hennessey Leona Hennessey Mary A.
Hennessey Osborne Hennessey Walter Herbert C. Edward Herbert Charles W.
Herbert Elizabeth H. Herbert Ella S. Herbert Joseph J. Herbert Marion
Herbert Willard Herbert William Herbert William D. Herring Katherine B.
Hicks Elena J. Hicks Eva M. Hicks John L. Hinckley Charles B.
Hoey Beatrice Holley Wilhelmina F. Holman Gertrude Holman Oliver
Hood Arthur H. Hood Clarence H. Hood Edith Haines Hood Gertrude W.
Hood James Price Hood Mary Phyllis Housel Charles D. Housel Charles Edgar
Housel Charles H. Housel Christina R. Housel Lydia S. Housel Rynear R.
Housel Sarah E. Hower Anna A. Hower Anna M. Hower Charles F.
Hower Rose Howland Albert Howland Almira Howland Bemma G.
Howland Clara R. Howland Corlies Howland Edwin Howland Eliza J.
Howland Eliza Howland Elizabeth J. Howland Emma G. Howland Fannie A.
Howland Francis A. Howland George Thomas Howland George Howland George W.
Howland Georgiana Howland Grace Howland Harriet Howland Harry
Howland Hubbard Howland James Howland Jesse Howland Lida
Howland Lillie Howland Lydia S. Howland Margaret Howland Maria Jane
Howland Marrion Howland Mary Howland Norma Howland Permelia
Howland Raymond Howland Raymond E. Howland Robert Howland Samuel
Howland Spencer Howland Thomas C. Howland William H. Howland William
Hoy Hortense K. Hoy Joan B. Hoy Lucy G. Hoyt Anna L.
Hoyt Esther D. Hoyt Marshall Hoyt Mary E. Hoyt Thomas E.
Hubbard Florence Hubbard Henrietta Hubbard Robert Hubbard Rose
Hubbard Voorhes Huff Ada H. Huff Oscar P. Hughes Sarah E.
Hulse Hanna M. Hulse John B. Hunt Gladys M. Hunt Leroy S.
Hunter Alexander Hunter Alexander Hunter Margaret Huvil? Hiram Allen
Huvil? Phebe Corlies Hyer Charles F. Hyer Sadie M. Hyer Warren L.,
Hyers Erma M., Hyers Gertrude A. Hyers Gilbert S. Hyndsman Alexander
Hyndsman Margaret Hyslop Adam Hyslop James


Iben W. I. Imlay Sarah Imlay Theodore F. Irwin William A.
Ivins Cora Ivins Edward Ivins Edward III Jackaway John W.
Jackaway Sarah E. Jackson Maurice Jackson Sylvia James Ella B.
James George F. Jeffrey Albertina Jeffrey Charles L. Jeffrey Susan
Jeffreys Deborah Jeffries Lenore I. Johnes Augusta Johnson Agnes E.
Johnson Alonzo M. Johnson Herbert W. Johnson Ida J. Johnson James H.
Johnson John A. Johnson Marie E. Johnson Mary M. Johnson Mayetta A.
Johnson Milton T. Johnson Nanna N. Johnson Nellie Joline Ella
Joline Henry B. Joline James Jones Anna Jones Elizabeth M.
Jones George W. Jones J. William Jones James T. Jones Martha H.
Joraleman Abram Joralemon Caroline Joralemon Catharine


Kacen William Victor Kacenska Agnes G. Kahle Henry F. Kahle Katie W.
Kahle Lena Kahle Lillie D. Kahle William H. Kanehl C. John
Kanehl George T. Kanehl Mildred Karney Blanche A. Kausch Alfred J.
Kausch Anna S. Kaush Rudolph G. Kavanaugh Amzi D. Kavanaugh Joseph A.
Kavanaugh Minnehaha D. King Cornelia King Elizabeth King Erma J.
King Floyd A. King Hadley Samlar King Hattie F. King Joseph
King Marjorie Primrose King Melvin H. Kirby Eliz. A. Kirby Ethel
Kirby Hazel Kirby Minnie Kirby Norman Kirby William H.
Koehler Alma R. Koehler Bruce L. Kollock Emma Kollock Shepard
Krauss Frederick Kyle Alfred L.


Lacour Alice R. Lacour Edward E. LaCour Mary M. LaCour William
Laird Albert H. Laird Harry Laird Ida V. Laird Minnie
Laird Miriam Laird Mollie J. Laird Rachel E. Laird Summerfield
Laird William H. Lane Charles H. Lane John F. Lane Laura B.
Lane Lina Lane? Alfred Lauer Babette M. Lauer Bette M.
Lausch Lester Lawly Dorothy Lawly John Lawly John G.
Lawly Ruth Lawyer Delia M. Lawyer Frank C. Lawyer Julie J.
Layton Augustus Layton Baby Layton Charles B. Layton Clarence E.
Layton G. Frederick Layton George W. Layton George A. Layton Grandin V.
Layton Grandin Forest Layton Harry H. Layton Henry V. Layton Ida M.
Layton Ida E. Layton Mary E. Layton Mary Layton Mary E.
Layton Mary C. Layton Minnie Layton Rebecca A. Layton Viola E.
Layton W. Harold H. Layton Walter G. Layton William Leach Merritt
Leach Minnie Leach Susan W. Leach Willie LeCompte Francis A.
LeCompte Sarah E. LeCompte Thomas K. LeCompte W. Morgan Letts Macy A.
Letts Thomas J. Lewis Sabina Liebenthal Annie Liebenthal Herman
Liebenthal Joseph Liebenthal Theodosia Lindberg Charlotte P. Lippincott Adeline W.
Lippincott Alfred B. Lippincott Alfred G. Lippincott Emily J. Lippincott Frederick R.
Lippincott Robert H. Lista Lucy D. Lista Paul G. Llano Mabel
Lloyd H. Wilbur Lloyd Josephine Lloyd Julia Lloyd Lewis
Lloyd Myrtie M Lloyd William E. Lockwood Arthur N. Lockwood Charles F.
Lockwood Charles B. Lockwood Clara E. Lockwood Drusilla L. Lockwood Eileen P.
Lockwood Ellen Lockwood Elvira H. Lockwood Frances M. Lockwood George W.
Lockwood Harold F. Lockwood John Lockwood John F. Lockwood John F.
Lockwood Lillie Lockwood Nelson Lockwood Ruby V. Lohman Ernest
Lohman Hazel Lohnes Augusta C. Longstreet Albert M. Longstreet Charles
Longstreet Ella Longstreet Jennie May Longstreet Willie Lotz J. Martin
Loversidge Elizabeth Loversidge Frank L. Loversidge George L., Loversidge George W.
Loversidge Sarah Loversridge Frank Loversridge Kathryn E. Loversridge May
Lykes Edith Lykes Hazel Lykes Henry


Mabelle Van Arsdale MacDonald Edward W. MacDonald Edward W. MacDonald George
MacDonald Margaret MacKenzie Susan MacLean Charles D. Maloney Etta
Maloney Robert W. Mangold Adelaide Mangold George Mapel Maude
Maps Anna Rebecca Maps Charlotte Maps Elizabeth Maps Emma
Maps George W. Maps Hannah A. Maps Harry G. Maps Henry C.
Maps Joseph A. Maps Louise S. Maps Lydia J. Maps Rebecca W.
Maps Samuel T. Maps Sarah A. Maps William Russel Markert J. Jacob
Markert Lizzie C. Markert Shirley Martin Albert Martin Alveretta
Martin Bessie M. Martin Dalton A. Martin Edward T. Martin Eleanor
Martin Ella Martin Francis Martin Frank Martin Hannah
Martin Hiram Martin James Martin James H. Martin Jane
Martin Mamie Martin Robert D. Martin William Martin Wm. Edgar
Mattie Florence Mattie Harold Mattie Ida May Mattie Katherine D.
Mattie Lewis Mattie Lillian Mattie Susie McCaffrey David J.
McCaffrey Ellen W. McClellan Mary McConnell A. McConnell Alexander C.,
McConnell Phebe A., McDaniel Henrietta McDaniel Nelson R. McDuffee Edward A.
McDuffee Elizabeth C. McGinty Elizabeth McGinty Rebecca McGuire George A.
McGuire Hannah M. McGuire Hannah E. McGuire Josephine McLean Clarence P.
McLean Grace Mary McMurtry Charlotte M. McMurtry John D. McWhood Eliza J.
McWhood George W. McWood Florence E. McWood Thomas J. Meachen Herbert
Meade Eula M. Megill Bertha Megill Frank A. Megill John H.
Megill Lillian M. Megill Rachael Megill Raymond O. Megill Sarah Ann
Megill William Fletcher Megill William Irvie Miles Allen S. Miles Ellie
Miles Irene S. Miles William Miller Ebenezer Miller Edward M.
Miller Emma C. Miller James Miller Maud H. Miller Rettie M.
Minton Amos Minton James A Minton Lydia S. Mittemeier Mary
Mittemeier Paul Mohr August Mohr Jennie Mohr Louise
Monahan Rachel L. Monahan Thomas Monahan William R. Mongold Adelheide
Mongold George Morris Eugenie S. Morris Henry Morris Jessie K.
Morris Lucien Morris Reuben J., Morris Sarah E. Morris Tillie S.
Mount Elizabeth Jane Mount Eugene Lawrence Mount Rachel A. Mount William N.
Mount William H. Mountain James A. Mountain Ruth Mulligan Dorethy G.
Mulligan Henry I. Mulligan James H. Mulligan Kingston E. Myers Lola Campanioni


Nelson Anne E. Nelson Elizabeth Nelson Ella Nelson Frances E.
Nelson Franklin E. Nelson Frederick C. Nelson Thomas F. Neumann Helen L.
Neumann John Neumann Leroy D. Neumann Susan E. Newcomb Eleanor
Newing Eliza E. Newing W. C. Newman Alice Newman Christian F.
Newman Elizabeth Newman Ella B. Newman Freddie Newman Ida L.
Newman Jemima Newman Lawrence B. Newman Loretta Newman Raymond
Newman Smith Newman William D. Newman William Nickles Walter B.
Noonen Anna Noonen Madora D. Norcross Sarah Northam Amy Anna
Northam George Noyes Helen H. Noyes Nellie E. Nudd Charles
Nudd Emily A. Nudd Emily Nudd Florence Nudd Robert


Osborn Hilda Page Florence Irene Page Harry W. Page Inez Vivia
Parker Gladys L. Parker Gladys C.S. Parker Joseph Banks Parker Joseph Banks
Parker Lucretia F. Parker Margaret B. Parker Mary A. Parker Meredith F.
Parker Winfield S. Patten Wesley Patterson Annie M. Patterson Edward F.
Patterson Frank R. Patterson Helena Patterson June Patterson William G.
Pedden Pemberton Eva T. Pemberton Henry H. Pender Frank
Pender Gladys E. Perri Alberta Perrine Cora K. Perrine Elijah E.
Perrine Grace Perrine Lawford S. Perrine Lewis Perrine Margaret Ann
Petoia Clara Pettet Louisa E. Pettet Robert L. Phillips Addie A.
Phillips Clara B. Phillips Edna Phillips Edward N. Phillips Georgiana
Phillips Henry A. Phillips Otmar Phillips Ritie W. Piddington Carrie
Piddington Emaline Mary Piddington Harry Joseph Piddington Thomas Russell Pierce Abraham
Pierce Anna F. Pierce Bertha Pierce Charles H. Pierce Florence H.
Pierce Frank Pierce Hazel M. Pierce Isaac Pierce Ivy
Pierce John H. Pierce Oliver B. Pierce Rebecca J. Pierce Theophilus
Pierce Tunis B. Pierson Ellen Pierson John Pierson Russell
Pinson Hattie E. Pinson William G. Potter Ann E. Potter David
Potter Henrietta W. Potter Joseph M. Potter Leslie Potter Mary Elizabeth
Potter Mildred Potter Percy O. Potter William Prade Arthur H.
Presley Bessie Presley Charles L. Presley Charles Presley Charles F.
Presley Hannah M. Presley Harriet M. Presley Hazel Presley J. Adele
Presley Jesse Cook Presley Vivian Presley William May Price Elisha West
Price Hamilton B. Price Helen Zilly Price James Seymour Price James C. "Doc"
Price Leon R., Price Maria Price Rebecca J.


Quick James H. Quick Mary Raike Asa Raike Emma
Randolph James F. Randolph Joseph E. Randolph Mary T. Randolph Sophia C.
Rarig Florence Raskopf Charles H. Records Harriet B. Reed Babies (3)
Reed Edna Reed Grace W. Reed Mary E. Reed Rachel
Reed Sarah A. Reed William H. Reed William Renear Mary
Renear William B. Renna Doris M. Renna Frances G. Renna Vincent Jimmy
Reynolds Mary E. Rhoades Harry Rhoades John C. Rhoades Mary M.
Riddle Caroline M. Riddle Catherine T. Riddle Holmes Riddle Holmes
Riddle James E. Ritcher Henrietta Robb James Robert Buzzie
Rockwell Angeline Rockwell Cornelia Rodney Eveline Rodney Frances E.
Rodney Lawrence Rodney Leo Rodney Richard Rogers Charles
Rogers Lillian E. Rogers Lillian Rogers Marion Rogers Raymond
Rogers Rensell R. Rogers Rosella C. Rogers Susan D. Rogers Thomas A.
Rogers Wilbur Rohbeck Anna Rohbeck August Rohbeck Charles
Rohbeck Elizabeth L. Rohbeck Herman W. Rohbeck John Rohbeck Marian E.
Rohbeck Teodolinda Rosch Charles H. Rosch Charles R. Roth Fred W.
Rowland James H. Rowland Margaret D. Rundquist Charles H. Rundquist Charles C.
Rundquist Christina Rundquist Ella A. Rundquist Helma M. Rundquist Henry E.
Rundquist Nina


Savoth Charles Peter Savoth Charles P. Savoth Edith Ann Savoth Marjorie
Savoth Mike P. Schauer Adeline Schauer Henry E. Schenk Charles
Schock George A. Schock George J. Schock Phoebe Schwartz Charles
Schwartz Thelma J. Scott Charles M. Scott Eula M. Sculthorp Charles
Sculthorp Charles Sculthorp Lewis S. Sculthorp Nannie L. Sculthorp Rachael
Sculthorp Theressa E. Seehuber A. Baker Seehuber Agnes E. Seehuber August
Seehuber Evelyn G. Sergi Salvator Shapter John W. Shapter John
Shapter Mary E. Sherman Mamie P. Sieger Elizabeth Simmons Dorothy B.
Simmons Emily Simmons Joseph F. Simmons Theodore A. Simpson Jessie
Simpson Ora C. Simpson William A. Simpson William E. Skillman Abie S.
Skillman Abraham N. Skillman Ella Skillman Matilda Skillman Walter A.N.
Slocum Allice O. Slocum Alma M. Slocum Carrie L. Slocum Daniel
Slocum Edward Slocum Ellie Slocum Frank R. Slocum Lester V.
Slocum Lillian S. Slocum Maryann Slocum Percy J. Slocum Rebecca
Slocum Viola R. Slocum William T. Slocum William T. Smith Anna
Smith Consuello Smith George A. Smith George Smith Hulda
Smith Louella Smith Mabel Smith Mary H. Smith Warren E.
Smith William Snider Harold W. Soden Archie C. Soden Florence G.
Soden Hazel T. Soden Lillian W. Sodon Aaron T. Sodon Berneice
Sodon Dewitt Sodon Mary E. Solton Lewis Sprague C. Augusta
Sprague Dora Sprague George H. Sprague George H. Sprague Mortimer E.
Sprague R. Conrad Spries Cornelia F. Spries Thomas J. Stanton Catherine
Stanton Eva Stanton Harriet C. Stanton Horace Steen John C.
Steen Minnie Steen Stanley C. Stevens C. Amelia Stevens Richard
Stevens William A. Stillwaggon David H. Stillwaggon Emily F. Stillwaggon Frank
Stillwaggon Hannah B. Stillwaggon Lula B. Stillwaggon Maria Stillwaggon William
Stout Ella E. Stout Ellie Straine Mauretta Stratton George B.
Stratton Margrett Stratton Robert Stratton Sadie M. Stratton Viola V.
Stratton William Surles Frank W. Surles Harry C. Surles Laura H.
Surles Marie K. Sutphin Eugene Sutphin Mamie D. Svenson Frederich
Svenson Gustave H. Svenson Helena Svenson Meta Svenson Peter
Svenson Theresa Swanson Margaret


Taber Clara Tabor Anna A. Tabor Bishop I. Tabor Lester Fonsworth
Tallman Clarence S., Tallman Harry W. Tallman Margaret H. Tallman Thomas
Tallman Victoria Taylor Amanda Taylor Arthur Taylor Edward
Taylor Elizabeth Taylor Ella B. Taylor Hazel Taylor Mary J.
Taylor Minnie E. Taylor Nehemiah Taylor Robert A. Taylor Taber C.
Taylor William T. Taylor William T. Terwilliger Abby Terwilliger Joseph S.
Terwilliger Lavinia Terwilliger Mary S. Terwilliger Victor Thompson Catherine Ann
Thompson Curles Thompson Edward Thompson Henry M. Thompson Mary A.
Tilton Grace Tilton Henry Smock Tilton J. Henry Tilton Jennie A.
Tilton Ruth E. Timpert Elizabeth B. Tokanos Frank Tokanos Ruby E.
Treupel Adolph Treupel C. Adolph Treupel Jessie Viola Trezoglou Margaret
Trezoglou Nickholas Troutman Adele Troutman Gracie H. Troutman Hazel
Troutman Lyda H. Troutman Mary Troutman unknown Troutman William Jackson
True Augusta True Florence True W. True Walter
True Wilber F.


Valentime Addie Valentime Theo R. Van Arsdale George C. Van Arsdale Martha E.
Van Brackle Charles P. Van Brackle Dorothy Van Brackle John Van Brackle Laura
Van Brunt Alice Van Brunt Anna F. Van Brunt Belville Van Brunt Benjamin H.
Van Brunt Calton Van Brunt Clara Van Brunt Eugene H. Van Brunt Frank E.
Van Brunt George A. Van Brunt Georgie H. Van Brunt Harry Van Brunt Isabella
Van Brunt John D. Van Brunt John Van Brunt Josephine Van Brunt Margaret C.
Van Brunt Marion B. Van Brunt R. Harold Van Brunt Rebecca Van Cleaf J. Edwin
Van Cleaf Vivian Van Dyke Angeline Van Dyke Carrie C. Van Dyke George F.
Van Dyke Hannah Van Dyke Ida M. Van Dyke Ida May Van Dyke Joan Schmitz
Van Dyke Joseph S. Van Dyke Olive Van Dyke Sanford Van Huel Benjamin
Van Huel Grace Van Huel Ruth B. Van Note Mary A. Van Note Wilfred H.
Van Pelt Clara E. Van Pelt Ethel Van Pelt Etta Van Pelt William
Van Pelt Van Schoik James Albert Van Schoik Lenore Vanderwal Carrie
Vanderwal Cornelius Vanderwal John Vannest Charlotte Vannest Levi B.
Vaugoin Harry Vaugoin Hortense K. Vaugoin Lucy G. Vaugoin M. Alida
Vaugoin Otto Vitale Joseph Vitola John C. Vunck E. G.


Waite Amy L., Waite R. Stanley Waite Rachel Waite Richard Foland
Waite Willetta H. Wallace Alonzo B. Wallace Mabel A Walsh Marion and Jack
Walton Baby George Walton Elisha L. Walton George O. Walton George
Walton Jemima T. Walton Louisa May Walton Maggie F. Walton Sarah S.
Wardell Anne E. Wardell Archie Wardell Bertha Wardell Emily E.
Wardell Emma Wardell Fred C. Wardell Fred K. Wardell Fred L.
Wardell George Wardell Grace Wardell J. Albert Wardell J. Herbert
Wardell James A. Wardell Jeremiah Wardell John H. Wardell Katie
Wardell Mamie L. Watt William E. Watts William F. Weber Mary E.
Weber Reva E. Weeks John Weeks Mary Baker Welch Mary E.
Welch Peter S. Welch-Sieger Elizabeth S. Wemple Harmon V. West Abner H.
West Ada West Alfred L. West Alida West Amanda
West Anna West Annie West Annie W. West Arthur C.
West Baby West Baby John West Beatrice E. West Bertha M.
West Bessie D. West Borden West C. Augusta West Carroll B.
West Catherine A. West Charles A. West Clementine West Cornie
West Craig West Deborah West Dora A. West Edith
West Edith B. West Edward C. (Cornelius?) West Edward West Elda
West Elisha W. West Elizabeth West Elizabeth West Elizabeth
West Ernest West Frank West Fred H. West George E.
West Harriet R. West Harry B. West Henry West Herbert R.
West Hugh R. West Isaiah West Jacob West James B.
West James West James L. West Jane West Jeanette
West Jennie West John Hance West John P. West John B.
West John A. West Joseph E. West Joseph Elvin West Julia A.C.
West Juliet R. West Kathryn West Kitty West Lewis
West Loretta West Marcus L. West Margaret West Maria
West Mary West Mary Lida West Mary R. West Mary E.
West Mary West Mary Jane West Matilda West McClellan
West Minnie West West Randolph West Rebecca A. West Rebecca L.
West Sabella West Sarah E. West Stephen West Thomas C.
West William F. West William Westar Frank B. Whalen Elizabeth
Whalen Elizabeth Whalen Harry Whalen Jeremiah Whalen John
Whalen John H. Whalen Vernon Whalen William Wheeler Charles H.
Wheeler Frank B. Wheeler Lillie Whelen Susan M. White Anna B.
White Bertha White Charles B. White Edward M. White Elizabeth
White Elizabeth H. White Ella White Harry D. White Hazel
White Henry C. White James White John White John B.
White Jonathan B. White Kenneth White Sarah E. White Susanna
Whitty Charles H. Whitty Gussie Whitty William H. Widerstrom Emily
Widerstrom Ernest Wilbur Elizabeth Wilkins Minnie Willard
Williams George Williams Loretta Williams Mary Ellen Williams Vernie E.
Wilson Grace L. Wilson John H. Wilson William H. Wilt Anna A.
Wilt Lorenzo Winship Genta Winship Wm. E. Winton Amos
Wistar Agne Wistar Frank Wolcott Arthur B. Wolcott Barbara
Wolcott Benjamin S., Wolcott C. M. Wolcott Daniel S. Wolcott Elizabeth
Wolcott Elmira Wolcott Frank D. Wolcott Frank C. Wolcott Hilda B.
Wolcott James R. Wolcott James R. Wolcott John Wolcott Martin H.
Wolcott Mary V. Wolcott Rowland J. Wolcott Samuel Wolcott Tillie S.
Wolcott Viola Wolcott Violetta Wolcott William H. Wood Baby John
Wood Charles A. Wood David Wood David Wood Grace
Wood Josephine M. Wood Mamie Wood Morris Wood Reva M.
Wood Rose G. Woodward Anna Marie Woodward Anna Woodward Harold
Woodward Harrison W. Woodward Oscar W. Woolley Ada M. Woolley Addell
Woolley Catherine Woolley David H. Woolley Edgar Woolley Hannah
Woolley Harry C. Woolley Harry B. Woolley Harry J. Woolley Leona May
Woolley Michael Kelley Woolley Mother Woolley Rosa L. Woolley Unknown
Woolley Unknown Woolley William Woolley Woolston O. Worthley Alice A.
Worthley Garrett Worthley George H. Worthley Rebecca B. Worthley Susie F.
Wright Arthur C. Wright Berneice Wright Charles A. Wright Evelyn
Wright Maude E. Wright Rachel E. Wyman Elizabeth S. Henrietta