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Middlesex County Newspapers Available at the New Jersey State Archives 

Cranbury Cranbury Press 1886-1982
Dunellen Dunellen Rock 1877-1879
Dunellen Weekly Call 1893-1968
East Brunswick East Brunswick Spokesman 1967-1971
East Brunswick Recorder 1975-1982
East Brunswick Sentinel 1982
East Brunswick Sentinel (South River Edition) 1965-1969
East Brunswick Sunday Sentinel 1962
Edison Edison Recorder 1967-1972
Edison Raritan Weekly Times 1931-1940
Highland Park Highland Park Press 1921-1932
Highland Park Highland Park Recorder 1967-1972
Highland Park Highland Park Times 1955-1956
Highland Park Highland Park Jewish Journal/Jewish Star 1956-1988
Highland Park Observer 1964-1966
Highland Park Sun 2-6/1948
Jamesburg Advance 1888-1921
Jamesburg Jamesburg Record 1882-1904
Kendall Park Central Post 1976-1978
Metuchen Metuchen Recorder 1900-1981
Metuchen Metuchen Review 1931-1937
Middlesex Middlesex Mirror 1951-1968
Milltown Milltown Review 1927-1948
Milltown Milltown Sentinel 1949-1979
Monroe Monroe News/Central Jersey News 1961-1969
New Brunswick All You Can Eat 1970-1971
New Brunswick Arnett's...Genius of Liberty 1795
New Brunswick Daily Home News 1879-1920
New Brunswick Fredonian 1821-1834
New Brunswick Guardian/Advertiser 1798-1812
New Brunswick Magyar Hirnock 1922-1970
New Brunswick Middlesex Megyei/Magyar Hirlap 1930
New Brunswick New Brunswick Commercial Advertiser 1933-1934
New Brunswick New Brunswick Courier Journal 1930
New Brunswick New Brunswick Daily Fredonian/Daily Press 1860-1900
New Brunswick New Brunswick Daily Press 1900-1908
New Brunswick New Brunswick Daily Times 1871-1916
New Brunswick New Brunswick Fredonian/Semi-Weekly Fredonian 1863-1884
New Brunswick New Brunswick Observer 1919-1920
New Brunswick New Brunswick Press (Highland Park) 1921
New Brunswick New Brunswick Spokesman 1925-1981
New Brunswick New Brunswick Times/Daily News/Daily Times 1856-1915
New Brunswick New Brunswick Weekly Fredonian/ NB Daily Fredonian 1811-1871
New Brunswick New Brunswick Weekly Times 1903-1906
New Brunswick Raritan Peace News 1967-1968
New Brunswick Spokesman 1950-1963
New Brunswick Sunday Morning Post 1884
New Brunswick Sunday Times/New Brunswick Times 1916-1929
New Brunswick Times & New Brunswick Advertiser 1816-1826
New Brunswick Times 1827-1882
New Market Civic News 1926-1929
New Market Community Eye 1965
Perth Amboy Hirado/Magyar Hirado 1945-1976
Perth Amboy Jersey Mosquito 1919-1926
Perth Amboy Magyar Szo 1920-1922
Perth Amboy Mosquito 1899-1919
Perth Amboy Perth Amboy Democrat 1859-1860
Perth Amboy Perth Amboy Evening News 1903-1924
Perth Amboy Perth Amboy Evening News (misc. photos) 1898-1928
Perth Amboy Perth Amboy Gazette 1878-1879
Perth Amboy Perth Amboy Journal 1858-1861
Perth Amboy Perth Amboy Mosquito 1944-1953
Perth Amboy Perth Amboy Republican 1887-1903
Perth Amboy Perth Amboy Times 1858-1859
Perth Amboy Weekly Guardian 1873-1875
Piscataway Piscataway Chronicle 1949-1968
Piscataway Raritan Independent 1911-1944
Rutgers University Black Voice/Carta Boricua 1972-1986
Rutgers University Caellian 1955
Rutgers University Caellian/Campus News 1927-1986
Rutgers University Daily Targum 1960-1987
Rutgers University Green Print 1973-1986
Rutgers University Livingston Medium 1970-1985
Rutgers University Owl & Cuckoo 1894
South Amboy South Amboy Citizen 1910-1972
South Plainfield South Plainfield Weekly News-Review 1947-1961
South Plainfield Suburban Review 1961-1967
South Plainfield Tribune/The Sunday Tribune 1967-1969
South River South River Spokesman 1927-1965
Woodbridge Woodbridge Gazette 1866-1867


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