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First Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Woodbridge, New Jersey


The First Presbyterian Church of Woodbridge Cemetery occupies the land behind the church.  It is a triangular piece of land bordered by Rahway Ave. (front), Port Reading Ave. and Trinity Lane.




Elizabeth Crow d. Aug. 6, 1831 
(wife of Samuel Crow) 
Nathanie Fitz Randolph d. June 22, 1774 
John Moores d. Aug. 26, 1774 
Isaac Bloomfield d. Jan. 16, 1763 
(son of Moses & Sarah Bloomfield) 
Samuel Bloomfield d. Feb. 24, ? 
(son of Moses & Sarah Bloomfield) 
Sistel Moore d. Apr. 16, 1750 
(daughter of Samuel Moore) 
Samuel Moore d. Jan 1767 
Katharine H. F. Randolph d.Jan 22, 1873 
(wife of Samuel E. Freeman) 
Susanna Freeman d. May 13, 1807 
(wife of Henry Freeman) 
John Heard d. Jan. 19, 1786 
Rachel Moores d. Oct 7, 1784 
(wife of Daniel Britten Moores) 
Joseph Pike d. Feb. 16, 1730 
Thomas Alston d. Sep. 9, 1830 
Elizabeth Alston d. Feb 1, 1819 
James Parker d. 1770 
Nathaniel Fitz Randolph d. Jul ?3, 1780 
Samuel Moores d. Mar. 25, 1825 
Moores d. Apr. 10, 1758 
(wife of Samuel Moores) 
Samuel Crow d. Sep. 5, 1829 
Sarah Noe d. Dec. 9, 1864 
(wife of Samuel Crow) 
Nathaniel Fitz Randolph d. Dec. 12, 1852 
Rufus Dunham d. Oct. 21, 1812 
(son of Henry & Sarah Dunham) 


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