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Unlike its sister colonies to the north, New Jeresy did not require early vital registrations of births for its inhabitants. It was not until 1848, when the first legislation concerning "registering and returns of births, deaths, and marriages" was enacted.

Register of Monmouth County Births, 1848-1867
NJSA Volume Y, [pp. 1-432] -- FHL Film #584574

The Monmouth County Illegitimate (Bastardy) Children record group was compiled from cases heard in the Quarter Sessions Court, Common Pleas Court; and cases heard by the local Justice of the Peace. These records are held in the Monmouth County Archives in Manalapan.


Prior to 1795, the recording of all marriages within the Province of New Jersey was the responsibility of the Governor's office. These filings are mainly marriage bonds and licenses.

New Jersey Colonial Marriage Records -- 1666-1799

On March 4, 1795, through an Act of the General Assembly, the record keeping of marriages shifted from the state level to the county level. The Act directed all Justices of the Peace and ministers to file a "return of marriages" they performed with the County Clerk. Returns were to be made within six months or three months for the marriages of minors. The return was to include the bride and groom's names and the date the marriage took place. It was to be signed by the Justice of the Peace or minister and his affiliation. Parents' names were rarely indicated. The County Clerk recorded these "return of marriages" in what are known as the "County Marriage Books". These books are held in the Clerk's office in Freehold.

Monmouth County Marriages Online Database -- 1790-1938 (bulk 1795-1878)

Register of Monmouth County Marriages, 1848-1867
NJSA Volume X, [pp. 1-256] -- FHL Film #1903112, Item 2 or #584573

County Clerk's Register of Marriage Returns Volumes A-C, 1795-1843 - FHL Film #595130
Marriage papers, 1872-1878 - FHL Film #1293268

The State of New Jersey required filing of marriage records at the state level beginning 1 May 1848. This database indexes marriage returns filed with the Secretary of State for the period May 1848 through 31 May 1878. These records were later maintained by the Department of Health's Bureau of Vital Statistics, and were transferred to the State Archives in 1965.

Search NJ Archives Index to Marriage Records, 1848-1878

Alternative sources:

Justice of the Peace Dockets

Microfilm of typed manuscript in the Monmouth County Historical Association in Freehold, New Jersey. Contains marriages by Benjamin Lawrence (1794-1811), Joseph Lawrence (1818-1838), and Joseph Lawrence, Jr. (1841-1849), who were Justices of the Peace in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Record of marriages in Monmouth County, New Jersey - FHL Film #1298674, Item 4

Contains marriages performed by Vincent Messler, an ordained Minister of Gospel of Christ, at his home near Clarksburg in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Book of marriages, 1843-1882 - FHL Film #1298672 Items 5-6


The Secretary of State’s Office was responsible for the state filing of death records prior to 1878, and beginning in May 1848. This database indexes death records recorded by the New Jersey Department of Health for the period June 1878 through June 1884. Records include death certificates, as well as some burial, reburial, transit, and disinterment permits (denoted by "BP", "RP", "TP", and "DI" respectively).

Search NJ Archives Index to Death Records, June 1878-June 1884

Register of Monmouth County Deaths, 1848-1867

NJSA Volume X, [pp. 257-540] -- FHL Film #1903112 Item 2 or #58457

Coroner certificates; inquests containing cause of death and statements of family members and witnesses; and death reports (1885-1890).

Transferred to the Monmouth County Archives by Jane G. Clayton, Monmouth County Clerk. Partially restricted; access to records relating to suicide require judicial permission.

Alternative sources:

Obituaries from the Monmouth Inquirer and Democrat -- 1830-1888
Obituaries 1830-1884 - FHL Film #1298676, Item 3
Obituaries 1884-1888 - FHL Film #1298675, Item 2
Scrapbook of vital records from Monmouth County, NJ newspapers -- 1850-1952
Birth records A-Z 1937-1940 - FHL Film #1298674, Item 3
Marriage records A-O 1850-1941 - FHL Film #1298674, Items 6-7
Marriage records O-Z 1850-1941 - FHL Film #1298675, Item 1
Obituaries A-P 1850-1950 - FHL Film #1298675, Items 6-7
Obituaries P-Z 1850-1950 - FHL Film #1298676, Items 1-2
Obituaries (small notebook) 1852-1952 - FHL Film #1298675, Item 5

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Red Bank Register Obituary Index: 1879-1892 Compiled by Michael Wolcott.

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