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Edmund P. Looker
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From Ilse L. Bell we have the following information concerning Edmund P. Looker.


After lying at death's door for over a week, Edmund P. LOOKER ex-Mayor of the Town of Boonton and ex-Chief of the Boonton Fire Department, passed away at about one o'clock on Saturday morning. For days his death had been expected. Great interest was manifested throughout the community and hopes expressed on all sides that he would recover. All that medical skill and experienced nursing could do were resorted to, but they were fruitless further than prolonging his life and making his last hours as comfortable as possible.

Born in Boonton on October 7th, 1862, deceased was in the prime of his manhood, being in his 47th year. Surrounded by a loving wife and three children, conducting a successful business and having many warm and faithful friends, life contained much promise for him. No one could have been taken from our midst who would have been missed more and great sorrow is felt throughout the town and vicinity.

He had the happy faculty of making friends and always keeping them, and we doubt if he had an enemy in the whole town. From early boyhood a favorite with all with whom he came in contact, he will be greatly missed.

He has bestowed upon him every honor his townsmen could give him and has held many public positions. Although a Democrat in politics and living in a strong Republican town, he had so many friends that he was twice elected Mayor and served one term in the Common Council. At the time of his death he was a member of the Boonton Board of Education and was District Clerk of the Board. Had he so desired he could have been his party's candidate several times for various county and state offices and few years ago declined to run for State Senator f\after having been nominated.

In the fire department his services were enlisted since the department was fist organized. A member of Maxfield Hook and Ladder Company, he took a great interest in the company and for many years was its efficient clerk and afterwards foreman, and only last Fireman's Day was presented with a handsome silver trumpet by the members of that company.

He was recognized by the other companies as deserving of the highest honor the department could give him and for two successive years was elected Assistant Chief and then Chief of the department.

He was a valued member of Pequannock Council, Royal Arcanum, and Arcana Lodge, F. & A. M. Mr. Looker was postmaster for several years under President Cleveland; a member of the successful firm of hardware merchants, Barton & Looker, and his popularity was a great factor in the growth of the firm, who a number of years ago purchased the old United States Hotel property and put up the handsome brick building now occupied by the firm.

Up to a year ago he enjoyed good health, but since that time he has had considerable sickness, which greatly discouraged him, but until within a few weeks no fears were apprehended but that he would soon be all right again. Lately he suffered with indigestion and lost considerable in weight, so that when he was taken with typhoid fever his system was in such a weakened state he did not have strength to combat the disease.

Works are inadequate to properly sympathize with his bereaved wife and children, parents, sister and brothers, and we can but say that we recognized his worth and their sorrow is ours.

Business was suspended throughout town Monday afternoon during the time that the funeral services were being held at his late home on Lake Avenue in West Boonton. The attendance at the funeral was very large, many from out of town coming here to join with his townspeople in showing their last mark of respect to one whom all loved so well. Rev. George L. Richmond, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, was the officiating clergyman, and after the service at the house, Arcana Lodge, F. & A. M., escorted the remains of their late brother to their last resting place in Boonton Cemetery, on the hill, where they performed the last sad rites of their order.

The floral offerings were numerous and very beautiful and besides the pieces from his relatives and friends were a large floral trumpet from the Boonton Fire Department, a ladder from Maxfield H. & L. Co., to which the deceased belonged, and a crown from the Royal Arcanum.


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