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This information was provided by: Sharon Murray.

While searching for my family roots I recorded many grave markers from two cemeteries in New Jersey. Holy Rood Cemetery is located in Morristown, New Jersey and St. Mary’s is located in Boonton, New Jersey.

I have grouped the stones to enable easy identification of family members. While the groupings are specific to my needs they should serve the needs of anyone researching these families.

All the notes specify the type of grouping and include the information on the stones themselves. If I knew, positively, of the relationship to others I have noted the relationships, all of my notes are in ( ).

This list will be expanded into a family bible, of sorts, as soon as I begin to trace and relate the individuals.

Holy Rood Cemetery, Morristown, NJ

MURRAY/POWERS, this is a two sided stone, on one side is MURRAY, the other is POWERS.
MURRAY, William, 44 years, b. 00____1859, d. 17 March 1903.
MURRAY, James William, b. 00____1896, d. 00____1954.
COONEY, Margaret,( wife of James William Murray), b. 26 August 1893, d. 4 January 1993.
MURRAY, Leonard F., (son of James William and Margaret), b. 00____1924, d. 00____1978.
POWERS, Mary Jane, daughter of Nicholas and Catherine Powers, b. 17 August 1873, d. 27 November 1885.

COONEY, Malachy, A Native Of Rosscommon Ireland, b. 00____1836, d. 30 June 1881.
COONEY, Annie, daughter of Malachy and Hannah, b. 00____1865, d. 17 June 1885, aged 20 years 6 months.

COONEY, this is a family grouping with one large family marker stone.
COONEY, James W., Father, b. 00____1866, d. 00____1940.
LEONARD, Margaret J., Mother, b. 00____1868, d. 00____1928.
COONEY, James W., 5th Aero Squad, b. 00____1898, d. 00____1923.
COONEY, Spainish War Veteren, 1898-1902, (these dates reflect the start and end of the War and are not on the stone, they are on a medal placed by the American Legion).

COONEY, this is a family grouping.
COONEY, Michael F., husband of WHELAN, Mary A., d. 11 November 1947.
COONEY, Thomas, d. 16 July 1950.
COONEY, Josephine, d. 7 August 1971.
COONEY, John L., d. 3 December 1972.

COONEY, Martin, R., d. 9 October 1935.
HACKET, Mary J., wife of Martin, d. 22 November 1941.

BECKWITH, large family marker with two smaller ones, Sally COONEY is listed on the family marker.
BECKWITH, Anson, b. 24 September 18 , d. 26 June 1954, 1st Lr. Cmp. WWI & WWII.
BECKWITH, Mary, wife of Anson, (nee COONEY), b. 1 February 1896, d. 28 January 1974.
COONEY, Sally, (sister of Mary), b. 00____1906, d. 00____1938. ( have death notice)

LEONARD, Augustus, b. 6 September 1920, d. 21 September 1943 , PFC Cmp. WWII.
LEONARD, Augustus, b. 00____1889, d. 00 March 1919, PVT. Co C 328th Infantry WWII.

POWERS, Margaret E., b. 00____1896, d. 00____1986.
POWERS, Matthew, b. 00____1895, d. 00____1978.

POWERS, Matthew F., Jr., b. 00____1925, d. 00____1944.

MURRAY, John, b. 24 June 1809, d. 23 November 1876 .
DALEY, Bridgit, wife of John, b. 15 January 1825, d. 9 April 1886.
MURRAY, Mary A., b. 15 August 1866, d. 23 November 188 .

POWERS, Joseph, b. 8 August 1919, d. 15 July 1996, Tec 5 US Army WWII.

MURRAY, Martin, b. 00____1857, d. 00____1922.
YOUNG, Marianne, b. 00____1862, d. 00____1945.
MURRAY, Frank, J., b. 3 July 1898, d. 17 November 1952, NJ PNT Army Air Forces WWII.
MURRAY, Mary E., b.00____1895, d.
MURRAY, Elizabeth, b. 00____1893, d. 00____1970.
YOUNG, Henry b. 00____1857, d. 00____1946.

COONEY, Josie, Beloved wife of James Baldwin, d. 00____1918.

COONEY, Michael

COONEY, this is a large family monument.
COONEY, John, Aged 59 years 9 months, d. 14 April 1888.
DALTON, Mary, d. 7 February 1893, Aged 65 years.
COONEY, Thomas
KAIN, Emma C., Wife of John P. COONEY, d. 17 April 1909.
Children of John P. COONEY & Emma C.:
COONEY, Mary Bernadette, d. 22 July 1882, Aged 6 months.
COONEY, Evangiline, d. 6 November 1892.
COONEY, Emma d. 6 November 1892, Aged 8 years 4 months.

POWERS/LAVIN, this is a two sided stone, POWERS on one side LAVIN on the other.
POWERS, Bridgete, b. 00____1881, d. 00____1969, Mother.
POWERS, Annie E., b. 00____1914, d. 00____1970, Daughter.
POWERS, Joseph J., b. 00____1919, d. 00____1996.
POWERS, Evelyn D., b. 00____1921, d. 00____1999.

POWERS, Edward Joseph, b. 14 April 1911, d. 7 December 1973, PVT US Army WWII.
POWERS, Vincent, J., b. 5 January 1910, d. 12 January 1947, NJ PVT 25 Gen. Hose WWII.

LEONARD, this is a large 4 sided monument, sides are noted.
LEONARD, Hugh, d. 18 October 1882, Aged 61 years, (side 1).
LEONARD, Catherine, d. 16 November 1860, Aged 40 years, (side 1).
RYAN, Sarah, d. 26 July 1892, Aged 72 years, (side 1).
LEONARD, John, d. 13 November 1861, Their son aged 5 years, (side 1).
BRADY, Mary, d. 11 January 1861, Aged 70, (side 2).
BRADY, James, d. 30 June 1866, Aged 86, (side 2).
FARLEY, Catherine, d. 26 May 1899, Aged 64, (side 2).
FARLEY, John F., d. 22 February 1915, Aged 55 years, (side 2).
LEONARD, Bernard H., d. 20 July 1920, Aged 72 years, (side 3)
LEONARD, James, b. 22 March, 1883,Aged 9 years, (side 3).
MONAHAN, Jerimiah, d. 31 March 1911, (side 4).
LEONARD, Mary, d. 19 August 1917, (side 4).
LEONARD, Jane A., d. 26 December 1937, (side 4).
SMITH, Jennie C., d. 10 November 1940, (side 4).

The following was supplied by Sharon Murray.

I have some additional burials for Holy Rood cemetery. These come from records I received from Assumption Church in Morristown.

What is nice about this listing is the cause of death is included for many, as well as plot information, therefore I will double up on my previous list.

* Denotes that I had included in my previous list.

COONEY, Annie-d. 19 June 1885-20 years, (b. 1836). *This is on my listing previously submitted.

Still born child of Hanna COONEY-d. 13 November 1885 (Evangeline).*

COONEY, John-d. 14 April 1888-adult. (59 yrs)*

COONEY, Emma Kate-d. 06 November 1892-child. (8yrs.)*

COONEY, Mary D.-d. 7 January 1893-consumption (65 yrs, b. 1828)*

COONEY, Edward-d. 26 March 1923 (This may be the brother of my great grandfather James W. COONEY, Spanish American War veteran.)

COONEY, Hannah-d. 30 July 1908-70yrs.-colitis. (Wife of Malachy COONEY, mother of Annie?)

COONEY, James W.-d. 26 March 1923-24 yrs *(Brother of my grandmother, Margaret Agnes COONEY MURRAY, son of James W. and Margaret J. LEONARD COONEY.)*

COONEY, Margaret J.-died 18 June 1928-58 yrs.-buried in old plot-James

COONEY* (My great grandmother, Margaret LEONARD COONEY.)

COONEY, Henrietta-d. 23 November 1928-60 yrs-old plot.

COONEY, Martin-d. 10 October 1935-67 yrs.-buried sec 4 #17

COONEY, John P.-d.09 March 1936-79 yrs.-old plot

COONEY, Dennis-d. 19 November 1936-35 yrs.-old plot of James COONEY (Son of James W. and Margaret J. LEONARD COONEY, my great uncle)

COONEY, Sally (Sara C.)-d.06 January 1938-30 yrs.-Sec. 6 # 13 vault grave

#1*(Daughter of James W. COONEY and Margaret J. LEONARD COONEY.)

COONEY, James W.-d. 15 November 1940-76 yrs.-died in Newark.*(My great grandfather, husband of Margaret J. LEONARD)

COONEY, Mary-d. 21 November 1941-75 yrs.-sec 4, Lot 17, grave 3

COONEY, Michael-d. 22 November 1947-84 yrs.-3rd grave, plot 44, St. Albans.)

COONEY, Thomas-d. 19 July 1950-49 yrs.-plot 44 St. David

COONEY, Bernadette-d. 28 December 1957-62 years-plot 45, grv 4, St Lucy, nxt to St. Agnes

COONEY, Josephine E.-d. 07 august 1971-78 yrs.-(Mrs. Margaret Kelley plot 44, grv 4, St. David

COONEY, Mary L.-d. 01 august 1972-89 yrs. (Mrs. Mary Petr, plot 45, grv 4, St. Lucy

COONEY, John L.-d. 03 December 1972-67 yrs.-No Survivors, plot 44, grv 4, St. David

COONEY, Steven-d. 28 February 1974-80 yrs.-No Survivors, welfare from St. Margaret of Scotland, plot 44, St. Agnes

COONEY, Kathleen B.-d. 30 april 1974-77 yrs-plot 17, grv 4, range 4-R

LEONARD, Mary Jane-d. 09 June 1892-pneumonia

LEONARD, George-d. 17 February 1896-2 yrs., 7 mos

LEONARD, Sarah-d. 24 November 1903-67 yrs. (I highly suspect this is the mother of Margaret J. LEONARD COONEY, when she died she lived next door to the family of James W. and Margaret J. LEONARD on Madison Street, directly behind Assumption Church. She lived at #39 and the COONEY family lived at #41 1/2. I have this death certificate)*

LEONARD, Bernard-d. 01 December 1920-70 yrs.-died in Wilmington Delaware*

LEONARD, Mary-d. 02 November 1932-69 yrs.-(old plot)

LEONARD, Jane-d. 26 December 1937-84 yrs.-(died in Paramus listed as from St. Margaret of Scotland, St. Agnes, #29)*

I look forward to any contact from researchers regarding these families. ~Sharon Murray



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