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Mt. Olive Baptist Cemetery - Part 1

The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey published a transcription  that was copied and checked by members of the Society on April 26, 1980 and published in Vol. 57 on pages 99-104.

Mount Olive Baptist Church, originally called The Schooley's Mountain Baptist Church, was founded prior to 1753. From its earliest beginnings to the post-Revolutionary period this congregation was part of the Morristown Baptist Church. The original log meeting house was erected on a site donated by James Heaton to serve four denominations. The Baptists used this building for 40 years; in 1795 the log structure was replaced. In the spring of 1854 the second building shared was sold and the Baptists and Presbyterians each built their own house of worship.

I have tried to note the discrepancies that were found between the inscriptions in the GMNJ manuscript and those in the Cox manuscript.

The Cox manuscript was supplied by Robert H. Smith of Shelby, NC. My grateful thanks for sharing.

(Copied July, 1914, by
Mr. & Mrs. Martin L Cox, William HD Cox, & Edmund H Cox)

Note: Numbers listed as 67.05.03 indicate that the person was 67 years 5 months and 3 days old at the time of their death.

Harriet M. BALL,
wife of Benjamin VAN DUZER
April 15th, 1810Dec. 4 1873
Rachel BATSON, daughter of
John & Rachel BATSON
 Sept. 5 1845—67.05.03
Andrew BAY; see Mary Ann HEDDEN; Jesse THARP [GMNJ]  
Paul BENZING Dec. 28 1853 in 32nd year
Martha A. GRANDIN, wife of
Nov 22 1838Mar 25 1880
Martin BIRD, son of
Woodhull & Lucretia BIRD
 August 21 1853—06.02.00
John BRITTEN Aug 2 1854—40.04.16
Catherine MINUSE, wife of
 Feb 27 1894—88.11.25
Abram D. BUDD July 31 1867—77.05.21
Margaret F., wife of Abram D. BUDD Mar 13 1879—76.06.09
Joseph F. BUDD [GMNJ states son, Joseph F. "of Abraham D."] Jan 23 1849
— 01.05.23[GMNJ]
Enos Goble BUDD
[GMNJ states: Maj. Enos Goble, "Father", "Co. F. 15 Reg. N.J. Vols."]
Aug 5 1835Feb 10 1907
Mary A. A. DYER
wife of Enos G. BUDD
Nov 15 1859Sept 28 1902
Col. John BUDD June 8 1845—83.02.03
Juliana, wife of Col. John BUDD
[Cox Notation: Juliana DICKERSON wife of Col. Budd born 11-22-1760]
 Aug. 18 1850—88.08.26
John BUDD June 11 1874—77.08.00
Sarah, wife of John BUDD Feb. 22 1872—74.01.19
John S. BUDD [GMNJ]18271909
Abraham D. BUDD [GMNJ on stone with John S.]18381919
Julia A. BUDD [on stone with John S.] Aug 19 1834
Joseph F. BUDD [GMNJ on stone with John S.] Jan 23 1849
Whitfield H. BUDD Aug 25 1868—37.00.00
William H. BUDD [GMNJ on stone with Whitfield H.]18291916
Diadama BUDD, wife of
 Nov. 1 1849—85.00.00
Enoch BENNOLDS [Cox] June 1 1819—23.03.21
Elizabeth CASAD, widow of Jacob [GMNJ states John]
Jacob and Elizabeth Casad, which loving couple lived together fifty five years and in the Baptist church fifty years.
"A virtuous woman, prudent and sincere,
A tender wife and parent slumbers here,
With Martha's care, she still had Mary's part
The world employed her hand but Heaven, her heart.
While here, she adorned the doctrine she professed,
Her course is finished and her soul's at rest."
Jan 26 1812—88.00.00

Second page missing from Cox inscriptions approximate 17 entries

Deacon Samuel CASAD
"Respected member of the Baptist Church of Schooley's Mountain"
[GMNJ]Mar 17 1841—80.07.11
Lucretia, wife of Samuel CASAD[GMNJ]Apr 30 1840—57th year
Robert CASKEY[GMNJ]Nov 24 1868—86.00.13
Betsey [stone adjacent to Robert][GMNJ]Apr 29 1853—68.03.07
"Pastor of the Mt. Olive Baptist Church from 1853 to 1863"
[GMNJ]Dec 12 1890—77.00.00
E. R. DEAL, wife of T.F. CLANCY[GMNJ]Nov 23 1858—46.08.00
J. TAYLOR, wife of T.F. CLANCY[GMNJ]May 1 1921—89.04.04
Ida, daughter of Wm. & Catharine COLE[GMNJ]Feb 4(?) 1871
Abraham CRAMER[GMNJ]July 26 1848—68.08.01
Rachel, widow of Abraham CRAMER[GMNJ]June 12 1850—69.02.16
Pernina, wife of John A. CRATER[GMNJ]Nov 3 1846—22.01.03
Frederick DELLICKER[GMNJ]June 28 1894
Malinda, wife of Frederick DELLICKER, dau. of William & Hannah STEPHENS, "married Nov 20 1855"[GMNJ]

May 6 1831

Nov 2 1856
Infant son of Frederick & Malinda DELLICKER[GMNJ]no date—2 weeks
Mary, wife of Col. Simeon DICKERSONJan 27 1766Apr 25 1862
Col. Simeon DICKERSON July 17 1830—63.10.12
wife of Jacob ROSE
May 15 1800July 28 1880
Caroline, wife of Aaron DOUGLASS Apr 18 1863—37.09.06
John DRAKE Nov 17 1880—77.04.02
Amanda, wife of John DRAKE May 20 1850—38.00.26
Mary A., his wife [John DRAKE] Mar 22 1885—63.08.19
Amanda, daughter of
John and Amanda DRAKE
 Aug 28 1850—00.05.19
Juliana, daughter of
John and Amanda DRAKE
 May 17 1841—03.10.00
Sylvanus DRAKE Nov 24 1811
in 81st year of his age
Eliza DRAKE,
wife of Sylvanus DRAKE
 Nov 21 1816—73.06.19
Anthony DRAKEMay 3 1792Feb 3 1877
Margaret, wife of Anthony DRAKE Dec 20 1844—57.00.00
Hezekiah DRAKE[GMNJ]Nov 4 1868—73.06.04
Anna, wife of Hezekiah DRAKE[GMNJ]Dec 28 1884—82.07.12
Sarah J., dau. of Hezekiah & Anna DRAKE[GMNJ]Aug 1 1845—11.09.00
George W., son of Hezekiah & Anna DRAKE[GMNJ]Sept 16 1839—01.10.00
M.E.B. ENGLE [GMNJ, located on large BUDD monument]18441930
James FANSHER Mar 8 1864—61.11.26
William FANSHER Feb 5 1851—55.00.00
Isabella, wife of James FANSHER Apr 28 1867—95.07.16

Mt. Olive Baptist Cemetery - PART 2

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