St. Michael's Cemetery located
27 Old Ledgewood Road,
Mount Olive.

Morris County NJ Cemetery
This information was taken off the
stone exactly as written.

Contributed by Don Wright

  • Thomas Brady
    Died Feb.22,1878 Aged 62 yrs
    A native of Killmanen Co Meath, Ireland

  • Mary Brady, Wife of Thomas Brady
    Died Aug. 10, 1892 Aged 82 yrs.

  • Peter Cavanaugh
    Born June 27, 18?
    Died Nov. 8, 188?

  • James Cavanaugh
    Born Aug. 3, 1821 in
    Kings Court Co., Cavan, Ireland
    Died Mar. 2, 1900

  • Kinney, James 1857-1892
    Kinney, Margaret 1860-1891
    Kinney, John 1884-1884
    Kinney, Mary 1889-1890
    Kinney, Thomas 1881-1907

  • Austin Tierney
    Born July 1, 1871
    Died Feb. 27, 1902

  • James J. Vance
    Pvt.l Cl. 309 Inf. 78 Div
    Jan 2, 1937

  • Eli. Champi
    Nata Apr. 6-08
    Morta Aug. 7-10


The information was gathered on a small cemetery in

Mt. Olive Township,
Morris Co.
The information is a listing of the names (from the stones, probably not complete) of

St. Michael's Cemetery located
27 Old Ledgewood Road,
Mount Olive.

A file was made up to give it to St. Michael's Church.

The cemetery is in horrible shape.

I [Don Wright] called the priest and he said no one had been buried there for 50 years. He is very interested in the names and pictures, indicated that maybe this would prompt the church people to clean up the site.

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