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True Dutch Reformed Church
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Graveyard Records of the True Reformed Church, Montville, New Jersey on Changebridge Road
Also known as the Seceder Cemetery
Copied and recorded by John Sashenosky in 1962

In Memory of Catharine/ Wife of Abraham N. Vreeland died Jan. 10, 1838 aged 33y/11m/22d

John F. Smith 1857-1899

In Memory of Catherine E./Wife of William H. Smith

In Memory of Martin I. Young/ July 31, 1855/ 56y/7m/20d
also infant son of Isaac and Anne Young

Erected to the memory of Rachel Vreeland/Wife of Martin J. Young/ Born Nov. 1, 1798/Died Nov.1, 1828 aged 30 years.

In Memory of Mary, wife of Henry Vreeland who died March 30, 1826 aged 57y/1m/16d

In Memory of Henry Vreeland who died September 29, 1818/ Age 57y and 27d

In Memory of Peter Duryea who departed this life May 21, 1813/Age 80y/1m/17d

In Memory of Rachel Zabriskie wife of Peter Duryea who departed this life August 27, 1813/ age 78y/1m/17d
Elizabeth wife of Josiah Zabriskie/ Born Jan. 19, 1800 Died April 8, 1886
Josiah Zabriskie/ Born Dec. 23, 1798/Died Feb.22, 1875
Abram H. Zabriskie/ 1821-1904/ His wife Cecelia M. Dixon/1821-1902
Emma daughter of A.H. and C.M. Zabriskie/Died Sept. 18, 1857/Age 3m/19d
John son of Abraham and Celia M. Zabriskie/ Died March 18, 1851/ Age 2y/2m/8d
Josiah son of Josiah and Elizabeth Zabriskie/ Died Oct 21, 1831/ Age 12y/9m/26d
Samuel W. son of Abraham H. and Celia M. Zabriskie/ Died Feb. 19, 1859

In Memory of William Henry son of William L. and Mary Morrison/ who died March 17, 1816/ age 16y/3m/21d
In Memory of Clarissa Demot daughter of William L. and Mary Morrison/ who died Aug 10, 1812/ Age 1y/8m

William Stiles

William Doran

Our Mother Elizabeth Mourison died Sept. 2 1879/ Age 83y/1d

Others buried there:

Richard Jacobus

Jane , wife of William Vanhouten

Thomas Fredricken

Aaron Kerris

Phebe Ann Zeliff

Henry Foot M-----

Child of John and Margaret DeMott

Peter DeMott

Eleanor Johnson

Child of Ab. and Sarah Jacobus

Elizabeth Jacobus

Child of Martin Young

Catherine Vreeland

Henry Mowerson (Mourison) (my ancestor-KR) Died 18 Jan. 1835/ Age 82y/6m/18d (courtesy of Dick Van Duyne)

Francis Gladson

Abraham Vreeland

Marous Mowerson (poss. Henry's brother who died 1820? This land was used as a cemetery before it became the True Reformed Cemetery-KR)

Child of John H.V. Vanduyne

Child of John H.V. Vanduyne

Child of Cornelius Bush

(Copied from the Church Record as in 1935)

After 1824 there was a separation in the First Reformed Dutch Church of Montville, and some became the 'True Reformed Church'. My ancestor Henry Mourison sold the land that would become the site of the new church (see below). Dominie James Brinckerhoof left the established Montville Church and started the True Reformed Church 2 miles south on the road to Pine Brook. The congregation was "small in number without much increase in numbers". ("History of Morris County New Jersey" p.253) They built a Church 24'x36' and a wooden shed to park horse and carriage measuring 18'x85',holding services until the late 1880's.

The schism between the 'True' and 'Reformed' Dutch Churches centered on the Coetus party which wanted ministers ordained in the New World and desired separation from the classis of Amsterdam , while the Conferentie party wanted Dutch doctrine and values and tended to form the 'True Reformed' Churches. It was known as the 'Seceder' church.

Falling on hard times, the building was sold and moved to use as a shed. Dick Van Duyne says the cemetery is abandoned and overgrown.


8 Oct 1827

Henry Mowerson and Catherine Mowerson, wife to Trustees of True Reformed Church of Montville 8 Oct 1827 land in Pequanock sum of $5. Beginning in a corner S29E1c97l to the 5th corner of a lot of 7 29/100 conveyed by said Mowerson and wife to James G. Brinkerhoff June 14 , 1822, Book MM 342+ beginning middle of the road by James G. Brinkerhoff to Rockaway Neck N84E3c S20E3c50l S84w3c to road N20W3c50 links to place of beginning containing 1 99/100 acre of land.
Signed by Henry Mowerson signs with an X.
(Courtesy of the research of Judy Ullman)

The Deed as qouted in Munsell (p.253)

"Henry Mourison to the trustees of the True Reformed Dutch Church at Montville * * *."

"The party of the first part, desirous to promote and advance the cause and interests of the true religion in general, and particularly to encourage the above mentioned society and congregation, holding and maintaining the doctrines hereinafter mentioned, for and in consideration of the premises, and also in consideration of five dollars, have sold and conveyed to the trustees of the True Reformed Dutch Church of Montville and their successors in office, to and for the use of the said society or congregation above mentioned, a certain tract of land, &c., to have and hold the same so long as said trustees and their successors in office or any three of them do and shall truly, faithfully, and sincerely hold thereto and maintain the following Christian doctrines, that is to say:

"The total depravity of the sinner, he having no natural ability to serve and worship God acceptably.

"The definite atonement of our Lord Jesus Christ, in his name having made satisfaction only for the elect of God.

"Regeneration wrought by the Spirit of God alone, and justification by faith in the merits of the Lord Jesus Christ, in contradistinction to that or those denomination or denominations of Christians who hold and maintain the following doctrines, that is to say:

"The natural ability of the sinner to love and worship God acceptably.

"The indefinite atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ in his having (as they maintain) made satisfaction not only for the elect but for the non-elect also in a certain sense."

Submitted by Kevin Riley

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