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Van Ness Burial Ground
Morris Co. Up

The following was provided by Richard Haycook.

Reference Source: Morris County Gravestones, "The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey", The Genealogical Society of New Jersey; January 1976; pages 37-39


This burial ground is located in the southern part of Kinnelon Borough; it is in generally good condition although becoming overgrown from limited care. It can be reached by proceeding north on Brook Valley Road, from its start with Jacksonville Road, for a distance of three-quarters of a mile to a house at the right, which point is 0.1 mile after the road veers right (due east of) the house and near some farm structures. The inscriptions were copied by George E. Carpenter and Russell B. Rankin on March 15, 1925, and checked by Edward J. and Maria C. Raser on April 7 1974.

FRANCISCO, Eleanor. See Jacob C. Vanness.

ROBISON, William McDonald; wife Clarissa; son William McDonald, d. June 16 1853, aged 5.0.8

VANNESS, Cornelius I., b May 26 1813, d. Oct 3 1891; wife Hetty Vreeland (of Cornelius I. "Van Ness"), b Aug 29 1809, d.June 6 1890; dau. Elenor ( "Van Ness"), b Apr 15 1847, d Nov 24 1890.

VAN NESS, Eleanor, d Feb 25 1854, aged 17.10.9.

VANNESS, Henery J. "Co. G 27 N.U. Vol." No dates or age. Crudely cut inscription; "N.U." probably meant to be "N.J."

VANNESS, Jacob C. , d. June 19 1852, aged 62.6.6; wife Eleanor Francisco (Of Jacob C. "Van Ness"), b Dec 24 1793, d. Apr 30 1879

VANNESS, Jacob H. b Apr 21 1849, d Jan 10 1914

VREELAND, Hetty, see Cornelius I. Vanness.


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