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William O. Wheeler. Inscriptions on the Tomb Stones and Monuments in the Grave Yards at Whippany and Hanover, Morris County, N. J., 1894. NJ

Albert ALLEN Died Oct. 5th, 1855 Aged 47 years

John L. Son of Albert & Sarah E. ALLEN, died June 19, 1857, aged 9 years.

Melvie Stiles died July 17, 1876 Infant son of A. L. & J. C. ALLEN Aged 14 months.

Albert A. BAKER died March 4, 1851 aged 47 years 11 mos. & 21 days

David K. son of Capt. Stephen & Julia BAKER Died Dec. 28, 1826, aged 19 years 5 mos. & 5 days.

James BAKER died Aug. 7th 1856 aged 27 years 4 months and 16 days

Martain Son of Obadiah & Susannah BALDWIN, Aged 3 years & 3 mo. Dec'd Aug. ye 6 1742.

Capt. David BATES who died Sept. 7th 1820 Aged 95 Years.

Mary DODD wife of Capt. William BATES who died Jan. 27th 1823 In the 46th Year of her age.

Phebe Wife of Capt. David BATES, died March 7th 1803 in the 63d Year of her Age.

Capt William BATES died June 3rd 1841 in the 70th year of his age

Catharine BEACH. Died July 1847 In the 74th year of her age.

Mary Wife of Elias BEGUN Died March 14, 1864. In her 74th year

Thomas Potter son of Elias & Mary BEGUN died March 2nd 1826, aged one year 2 months & 10 days

Edward P. BENJAMIN Feb. 27, 1855, Sept. 16, 1883

Abigail wife of John BIGLOW Decd Jan'y ye 5 1754. Aged 63 years.

John BIGLOW Aged 54 years. Dec'd Octr ye 25th 1733.

Edmund Langstroth BLEYTHING Born Oct. 18, 1811, Died March 4, 1875.

Emily Eugenie daughter of Joseph and Phebe BLEYTHING died April 11th 1827, Aged 1 Year 3 months and 6 days

Georgie L. son of William H. & Eleanor J. BLYTHING. Born June 20, 1873, Died Oct. 14, 1874.

Jonathan Hughes son of Joseph and Mary BLEYTHING; who departed this life May 26th 1827 in the 21st Year of his Age

Joseph BLEYTHING who died May 12th 1844. Aged 58 years

Mary Ward Daughter of Capt. Timothy and Mary Ward TUTTLE. And wife of Edmund L. BLEYTHING Born July 25, 1804, Died April 20, 1882

Mary BLEYTHING Wife of Joseph Bleything; died Feb'ry 24th 1822. Aged 34 Years and 10 months

Phebe Tuttle the wife of Joseph BLEYTHING who died Dec. 22nd 1843, Aged 54 years

Sarah M. daughter of Joseph & Mary BLEYTHING. died Aug. 24, 1854. In her 37th year

William H. BLEYTHING Born August 31st 1809. Died October 11th 1836.

Wm. H. BLEYTHING Born Jan. 5, 1837 Died Feb. 21 1880.

Mary wife of John BOLLEN Aged 33 years Dec'd Sep 20th 1759 

Abraham Son of John & Mary BOLLEN Aged 10 mo.: Dec'd: Sep 20th 1759.

Benjamin E Died Feb. 28th 1857. aged 7 years 8 months & 4 days son of Frederick E & Caroline C. BUCKMAN

Francis G. died March 2d, 1857, aged 3 years 1 month & 2 days. son of Frederick E & Caroline C. BUCKMAN

Emma Daughter of Frederick & Francis BUCKMAN Died March 1, 1864. Aged 1 year 4 mo.

Francis C, wife of Frederick E. BUCKMAN Died Feb. 14, 1875 Aged 52 years.

Edward BURKE Born September 29 1796. Died March 28, 1876

Avaline HOPPING His wife Born Nov 22, 1806 Died April 17 1885.

Aaron son of Lindsly and Elizabeth BURNET, died Aug 27 1783 in the 10 year of his age

Elizabeth H. BURNET, wife of Lindsley Burnet, died Aug. 18, 1824. Aged 80 Years 7 Months & 10 Days.

Hannah Daughter of Lindsly & Elizabeth BURNET Died May 22 1777 in 15th month of her Age.

Job B. BURNET April 27, 1791 Nov. 9, 1800.

His wife Mary HEDGES, May 1, 1795, April 14, 1845.

Keron H. 1830, 9 months.

Lindsley BURNET died Jan. 8, 1818, Aged 71 Years 1 Month & 11 Days.

Lucas son of Lindsly and Elizabeth BURNET, died June 16 1788 aged 5 years and 1 day.

Mary BURNET wife of Matthias Burnet Esqr died December 22nd 1782 aged 59 years 6 mo. & 19 days

Matthias BURNET died May 27th 1811 Aged 62 years & 44 days

Matthias BURNET Esq. died Oct. 17th 1783 aged 60 years 5 mo. & 4 days

Phebe BROOKFIELD, wife of Matthias BURNET died Dec'r 10th 1828; in the 79th year of her age

Phinihas son of Lindsly and Elizabeth BURNET died May 4th 1783 in the 11th year of his age.

Sarah BURNET daughter of Matthias & Phebe Burnet died January 27th 1791 Aged 18 Years 11 Mo & 23 days.

Sarah Louise daughter of Rev. Wm. BUSHNELL died Nov. 18 A. D. 1835 aged 2 years and 6 months.

Edgar M. son of Matthias B. & Charlotte CAMP Died May 22nd, 1846 aged 8 years 2 months & 4 days.

Also Matthias B. CAMP, Died March 22, 1838 Aged 25 Years.

Sarah K. CHARLES. Daughter of Robert & Puah KELSO, & Relict of Andrew CHARLES, Merchant of Charleston died 28 Feb 1831 in the 61 year of her age

Daniel CLARKE Dec Nov. ye 19 1738 Aged 64 years.

Marcey Wife of Daniel CLARKE Dec Aug 8th 1738 in ye 63d year of her Age.

Peter Cochran CLARK, a native of Hancock Newhampshire: died Jan 10th 1825, aged 25 years

Sarah Dau. of Thomas & Sarah CLARK. Aged 3 years 6 mo. Dec'd Sept 26 1731.

David CONDIT died July 27th 1837 Aged 34 years & 11 months.

Linus CONDIT Died Feb 23rd 1854 aged 87 years 2 months & 15 days.

Sarah wife of Linus CONDIT died 18 February 1845 Aged 78 years 3 months and 18 days

Adolphus Burnet son of Timothy & Celinda COOK. died Dec 6th 1857, aged 10 years 4 mo. & 4 days

Alexander COOK Died April 5, 1846. Aged 39 years 1 mo. and 12 days.

Anna HIBBLER wife of Willard COOK Died May 2, 1875. In the 63 year of her age

Ira W. COOK Born Dec, 25. 1312, Died Nov. 25, 1867

Irena Celinda Daughter of Timothy & Celinda COOK, Died April 29, 1861, A 5 yrs 2 mo. & 1 day

Mary Wife of Ralph B. COOK Died Feb. 25, 1885. Aged 78 years 8 mo's & 13 days

Ralph B. COOK Died Sept. 5, 1875 Aged 67 years, 4 mo's. & 1 day

David COOPER Born April 2, 1809, Died Feb. 17, 1882.

Stephen COOPER Died Nov. 29th 1855 aged 84 years 9 months & 15 days

Elizabeth his wife [Stephen Cooper] Died Sept. 18th 1843 agd 68 years 6 months & 27 days

Caleb A. COREY, Died March 19, 1866 Aged 41 years 2 mo. & 20 days.

David COREY who died July 14, 1811 Aged 64 Years

Phebe, widow of David COREY; who departed this life January 7th 1830. Aged 79 Years

Frances C. Daughter of Richard & Sarah CUBBY Died Feb. 18, 1868, aged 13 mo. & 2 days

Margaret J. Daughter of Richard & Sarah CUBBY. Died May 25, 1867 aged 4 years & 9 mo

Asai Son of Edmaund & Abigail CRAINE Aged 5 months & 14 Ds Died Nov 18 1737.

Elizabeth Wife of Amos CRANE Died Sep 1st 1736 Aged 19 years & 12 D's

John CRANE Aged About 68 years Died Feb 22th 1738/9

Mary Wife of John CRANE Died Sep 10th 1741 in ye 68th year of her Age.

Ste'n CRANE Age 24 1732.

Stephen CRANE died May 30th Ano Do 1732 Aged 23 year 9 mo 11 Days.

Ferdinand DAILY Died April 5, 1890. Aged 32 years.

Emma L. Died May 24, 1875.

Elizabeth Died Nov. 14, 1878.

Children of Leonard & Jane DRESSEL

Patience daughter of Job & Harriet DREW: died July 31 1852, aged 2 years & 6 mo

Willis F. Son of James M. & Phebe C. EARL Born May 12, 1879 Died April 16, 1881.

Perninah. wife of Daniel EVANS, Died March 22nd 1852. Aged 44 years

Mary Jane, Daughter of Daniel & Perninah EVANS, Died Feb. 25th 1852; In the 10th year of her age. 

Benjamin F. Son of George & Jane FABLE. Died Dec. 20th 1849, aged 1 year & 1 day

William Mason son of George & Jane FABLE. Died May 8, 1855, aged 20 Years 3 Months and 5 days. 

Abraham FAIRCHILD, who died July 4th, 1843 In the 90th Year of his age.

Adele Wife of James C. FAIRCHILD, Died Feb. 2nd, 1882, Aged 27 Years 3 mo. and 2 days.

John FAIRCHILD Died May 9, 1863. Aged 82 years and 14 days.

Lucy FAIRCHILD His Wife Died May 7, 1863 Aged 84 years 1, mo. and 22 days.

Lent W. Son of Abraham & Phebe FAIRCHILD, died Jan. 6th 1786 aged 1 year 5 mo. & 16 days

May, Daughter of James C. & Adele O. FAIRCHILD Died July 17, 1882 Aged 3 yr's 2 mo. & 16 days.

Phebe widow of Abraham FAIRCHILD died Nov. 24th 1846. In the 88th Year of her age.

Solomon FAIRCHILD Died April 24, 1863, Aged 79 Years.

Margaret His Wife Died Aug. 4, 1856, Aged 67 Years.

Mary FARRY Died June 27, 1865, In her 74th year.

Michael FARRY Died Sep. 22, 1862 Aged 64 years.

Catharine M FORD Born May 8, 1861 Died Dec. 10, 1862.

Amanda E. FORD, Born Nov. 29, 1858. Died Sept. 28, 1885.

William K. FORD Died Oct. 5, 1879, Aged 62 years.

Ezekiel Son of Samuel & Zeruiah GARDNER. Aged 6 years & 11 mo.

Samuel GARDNER Aged 31 years 2 mo. Died May ye 8th 1751.

Deziar wife of Jeremiah GENUNG Aged 37 years Dec'd Sept. ye 27th 1741.

Phebe GILDERSLEEVE died Dec. 4th 1848. In the 71st Year of her age

Charles A. GRAY Son of Jacob & Phebe Gray, died Feb 23d 1802. Aged 1 Year 11 Months & 22 Days. 

Isaac GRAY Son of Joseph & Hannah Gray Who Died July 29th 1794. Aged 3 Weeks & Days

Jacob GRAY died Oct. 25th 1828 in the 70th year of his Age

Narcissa Born 1794, Died 1802. Charles A. Born 1800, Died 1802. Children of Jacob & Phebe GRAY

Phebe wife of Jacob GRAY Born Nov. 27, 1775, Died April 14. 1843

Narcissa GRAY. Dau'r Jacob & Phebe GRAY. died Feb 15th 1802 Aged 8 Years 2 Months & 15 Days

Philip A. GRAY, son of Joseph & Hannah Gray Died Nov'r 20th 1793. Aged 1 Year 8 Months & 11 Days. 

John GREENWOOD Died April 4th 1848, in the 24th year of his age.

David son of Robert & Sarah HALLIDAY Died May 26, 1852 aged 20 years & 10 months.

David HALLIDY A native of Ireland died May 18th 1856 Aged 52 years & 1 month

James Died Sept. 23rd, 1853 aged 7 years. Also Eliza Ann Died Sept. 30th, 1853 aged 1 year 3 mo & 14 days. Children of David & Mary Ann HALLIDY.

James H. HANSEN Born in Skien Norway Sept. 22, 1816, Died August 4, 1878.

Charles HALLOR. A native of Saxony who died March 1st 1873 Aged 45 years

Emillia M. A. wife of John HARRISON, & daughter of Samuel & Mary CAMP. Died Jan. 30, 1837, In the 22nd Year of her age

Matthias B. CAMP. Died March 22, 1838 Aged 25 Years.

James HAYWARD Died Nov 5th 1732 In ye 52d year of his Age.

Johnson of Jeremiah & Polly HEAVENS Died Augst 19th 1794 Aged 1 year 10 Months & 9 Days

Elijah HOPPING Died May 12th 1847 aged 72 years

Franklin A. son of T. A. & H. L. HOPPING Died Aug. 27th 1864. Aged 1 year 9 mo's. and 23 days

Harriet HOPPING Died August 10th 1852. Aged 38 years

Mary L. wife of Elijah HOPPING Died May 1st, 1857. In the 75th year of her age

John HOUSTEN, who died Feb. 20th. 1848, Aged 67 Years

Adelaide Daughter of Francis K. & Emma C. HOWELL March 29, 1883, July 20, 1885.

Albert Augustus son of Calvin & Charlotte HOWELL died Sep. 27th 1839. Aged 1 yr 2 Mo and 6 days.

Calvin HOWELL Born Oct. 7, 1792, Died Oct. 8, 1868.

Charlotte KITCHELL wife of Calvin HOWELL Born March 19, 1800 Died Jan. 21, 1869.

Edward Tuttle, son of W. H. & S. A. HOWELL Born Feb. 18, 1873 Died June 16, 1873.

J. Warren HOWELL Born April 24, 1831 Died March 7, 1864

Mary HARRISON wife of Francis K. HOWELL. Born August 2, 1846, Died July 20, 1876.

Mary Ruckel Daughter of Calvin & Charlotte HOWELL died May 7th 1837 aged 3 yrs 3 mo and 21 days.

Matilda Kitchell Daughter of Calvin and Charlotte HOWELL died May 10th, 1826; aged 1 yr 1 mo 10 days

Matilda Kitchell Daughter of Calvin and Charlotte HOWELL died April 19th 1833; aged 5 yrs 1 mo 29 day

Nelson son of Calvin and Charlotte HOWELL, died March 18th 1833 aged 8 months and 16 days.

Rodney son of Calvin & Charlotte HOWELL Died March 20th 1837 aged 10 months and 11 days.

William H. HOWELL April 6, 1841--July 15, 1889.

Willie & Clarence Infant children of W. H. & S. A. HOWELL

George HUBBARD Died November 22d, 1854 aged 66 years.

Ellen HUGHES Wife of Jonathan Hughes Who departed this life Sept. 2nd 1822. Aged 63 Yrs 8 mo

Jonathan HUGHES born in England June 21st 1756; emigrated to America in 1807; died Dec. 24th. 1823: aged 67 years and 6 months

Eliza H. daughter of John H. & Lucinda L. HUNTER. Died Sep. 12th 1849 aged 9 months & 2 days.

William J. son of William & Jane JORDAN Died Dec. 11, 1862 aged 4 years 2 mo. and 22 days

Alexander KAY who died Jan. 30th, 1858, Aged 56 years. Gone but not forgotten.

Elizabeth wife of Alex'r M. KAY, who departed this life Aug. 12, 1854, aged 42 years. A native of Scotland

 (From Kearney Burial Lot at Whippany.) Sacred to the memory of Capt. Michael Kearney of His Britanic Majesty's Navy. He departed this life at The Irish Lott. The Seat of his Residence in Hanover on the 5" day April A. D. 1797 aged 71 years 6 months 28 days In the Naval Service he was a brave And intrepid officer which secured to him several marks of distinguished Respect and Confidence In private Life he executed the Virtues of Benevolence Hospitality and Genieel Urbanity.

(In same enclosure as last.) Sacred To the memory of Isabel Kearney Daughter of Michael Kearney & Sarah Kearney late Sarah Morris of Morrisania who died on the 17 February 1806 at the seat of the late Capt Michael Kearney in the County of Morris in the 90" year of her Age.

Sacred to the memory of Jared Kelley who died September 3d 1822, aged 64 year.

Our Father Jehiel Kelly, Died March 17, 1825 In his 37th year.

Sarah K. Charles. Daughter of Robert & Puah Kelso, & Relict of Andrew Charles, Merchant of Charleston. An affectionate and Dutiful Wife. A tender Mother, A steadfast Friend and an exemplary Christian. She departed this life on the 28 Feb'y 1831 in the 61 year of her age. In full hope of that glorious immortality, which await the devout and humble Christian.

Phebe Kelso Daughter of Robert & Puah Kelso Departed this life in Peace on the 28th Sept. 1827, In the 53 year of her age.

Elizabeth wife of Robert Kincaid Died Nov. 14th 1847. In the 74th year of her age.

Here lies the Body of Abigail Kitchel Deceased Aug't 1, 1768 in the 18th Year of her age. A blooming youth her Mothers Hope, Like a tender Flower grim Death does crop, Let Friends & youth know they must die And meet her in eternity.

Here Lyes ye Body of Deacon Abraham Kitchel Dec'd Dec'r ye 2d 1741 In ye 62d year of his Age.

Albert A. Kitchell, Died Feb. 25th, 1856 in the 54th year of his age.

Alfred B. son of Robert R. & Elizabeth Kitchel Born May 5th 1851 Died Sept. 15th 1852. "The dead in Christ shall rise first".

Anna wife of Uzal Kitchel Died April 6th 1815, aged 65 years. "Jesus said unto her I am the resurrection and the life; he that believeth in me though he were dead yet shall he live".

In memory of Anna C., wife of Albert A. Kitchell a native of Savannah Georgia who died June 11th, 1848, in the 56th year of her age. "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord". Rev. XIV-13.

Annah Tuttle Kitchel Born June 21, 1809 Died Feb. 27, 1880.

Bella Caroline Kitchel Born March 3, 1823 Died Nov. 17, 1876.

Here lyes ye Body of David Kitchel, Aged 30 years 1 mo. and 19 ds Dec'd Dec'r 26th 1753.

Fannie C. Fairchild wife of Wm. H. Kitchell Jr Died Oct. 5th, 1872, Aged 25 years, 3 mo. & 15 days. Also Infant daughter May, Born Sept 14th 1872 Died Sept. 15th 1872.

Hannah wife of Stephen Kitchel Died Oct. 21, 1822, In the 66 year of her age. Lovely and pleasant in their lives and in their death they were not divided.

Dea. Jared Kitchel Died April 14th 1843 aged 59 years.

There is rest in heaven. Louisa wife of William H. Kitchel, & Daughter of John & Sarah Marr Died Aug. 21st 1853, aged 39 years.

In memory of Mary daughter of Alexander & Victory Kitchell Born in the Island of Cuba died Jan. 17, 1836 aged 3 years 11 months aged 21 days.

In Memory of Margaret M. Tuttle wife of Albert H. Kitchel Born Aug. 24, 1811, Died Oct. 10, 1878.

In Memory of Ruth Relict of David Kitchel Died April 4th A. D. 1780 Age 67 years. The sweet remembrance of the just She I flourish when they sleep in dust.

Here Lyes ye Body of Samuel Kitchel Dec'd Nov. 19 1832 in ye 28 year of his Age.

Sarah Freeman widow of Dea. Jared Kitchel Died May 30th 1854 aged 66 years.

Here lyes ye body of Sarah Wife of Abraham Kitchel Dec'd April ye 30th 1745 in ye 66th year of her Age.

Stephen Kitchel Died Oct. 16, 1822, In the 76th year of his age. "The memory of the just is Blessed".

Tillie, Charlotte M. Daughter of Charles & Sarah Kitchell, And wife of Aaron K Fairchild Died Sept. 9 1874. Aged 42 years.

Timothy Kitchell M. D. Born Aug. 1, 1798, Died Aug. 12, 1869. "He stood between the living and the dead".

Uzal Kitchel, Died Jan. 22, 1813, aged 67 years. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord".

Wm. H. Kitchell Sept. 6, 1812 April 23, 1880.
Louisa A. Mar, His wife Nov. 17, 1814, Aug 21, 1853.

Phebe B. Burnet His wife March 12, 1818, April 21, 1887.

Here lyes ye Body of Zenas Son of David and Ruth Kitchel. Aged 1 year 7 mo. & 24 ds. Dec'd Aug't ye 6th 1754.

Infant son of John & Anna Lanshou, Died Dec. 3d, 1856. "Suffer little children to come unto me."

In Memory of Joanna Wife of Elijah Leonard & Dau'r of Joseph & Jemima Tuttle, who Died April 22d 1800 In the 42d Year of her Age Watch and Pray for ye know not when the time is.

Here Lyes ye Body of Zedekiah Leanard who Died March ye 14th 1753. Aged 24 years.

Benning N. Lewis Died March 22, 1873, aged 16 years 10 mos. & 2 days.

Eliza Wife of Lawrence Lewis, Died June 2, 1873, Aged 72 years. "We loved thee on earth and hope to meet tbee in Heaven".

Hiram Lewis Died April 8, 1864. aged 60 years 8 mo. & 11 days.

John Son of Hiram & Louisa Lewis Died Feb'y 5th, 1851, Age 18 months and 2 days.

Lawrence Lewis Born Feb. 14, 1795. Died March 19, 1879.

Louisa M. daughter of Hiram & Louisa Lewis Died Dec. 9th 1848, aged 1 year 7 months & 26 days.

Louisa L. wife of Hiram Lewis Died Feb. 8, 1885, aged 73 years & 2 mos. At Rest.

Sarah C. Lewis, Died May 6, 1882, Aged 48 years.

Here Lyes ve Body of Joseph Lindsly who Died May ye 23d 1753 Aged 77 years.

Frank Vincent son of Alpheus & Christana Loper Died Nov. 17, 1869, Aged 2 years 5 mo.

In Memory of Sarah E daughter of Charles & Margaret Loper who died Nov. 8th, 1841. Aged 3 Years and 8 Months.

William T. son of Jacob & Mary A. Lozaw, Died April 2d, 1839, aged 3 years & 4 months. Tis God that lifts our comforts high, or sinks them in the grave; He gave and when he takes away He takes but what he gave.

Here lyes ye Body of Bethiah wife of Cap't Daniel Lum Dec'd Nov'r ye 2d 1752 aged 36 Years.

Here lyes ye Body of Cap't Daniel Lum Dec'd Oct'r ye 10th 1755 Aged 41 years.

This grave and the next are marked with boards with initials only painted on them. (S. W. corner of the yard.)

W. M.

Here lies the body of Farrel Magee who departed this life Feb. 25th 1846 aged 73. Forty years a follower of Christ. A native of Ireland. But is he dead, ah nay, he lives, His noble spirit flies, To heaven above, and there receives, The long expected prize.

Eliza Magie Died Dec. 5, 1857, Aged 33 years. "Her life was devoted her end peaceful and would often say Jesus my all and all thou art my rest in toil my ease in pain".

In memory of Isabella, widow of Farrell Magee who died Sept. 2nd 1850. In sure and certain hope of a glorious immortality aged 74 years. She was much beloved. Away-away from human ties, We soon shall join this friend above; with rich toned instruments on high, We'll strike at once redeeming love.

John Magee Departed this life March 31, 1878, Aged 69 years. He died with a sure certain hope of a glorious immortality.

In memory of Barbara Magill who died February 25, 1877, aged 79 years.

James Martin, Died Oct. 3, 1860 aged 33 years. "Not dead but sleepeth".

Robert McGee Died June 18, 1869 In the 69th year of his age. We marked the brightness of his eye, That smile upon his wasted check, They told us of his glory nigh In language that no tongue can speak.

Jane wife of Robert McGee Died Nov. 15, 1887 Aged 84 years.

Samuel McGee Died Sept. 20, 1882 Aged 45 years.

Irena wife of Wm. Meeks Born Jan. 6, 1805, Died March 22, 1866. "Prepare to meet thy God".

John Meeks Born March 7, 1770. Died June 2, 1862. "And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment".

William B. Meeks Born Sep. 20, 1808, Died May 16, 1861. How vain are all things here below How false and yet how fare. Each pleasure hath its poison too And every sweet a snare.

Emma Mills wife of Joseph J. Miller Born Aug. 6, 1851, Died Jan. 3, 1892.

Our Mother Mary Wife of Levi Miller Died Sept. 20, 1875. In her 84th year. "I know that my Redeemer liveth".

My Mother Jemima Widow of Walter Moffatt, and daughter of the late Daniel Tuttle, Died Oct. 18, 1818 In her 63rd year.

In Memory of Julia the Daughter of Walter & Jamima Moffatt Died 28 Sep't A. D. 1790 Aged 11 Months From New York.

In Memory of White Mattack Moffat departed this life Feb'ry 17th A. D. 1804 Aged 17 Years. Here from all earthly joys I'm fled, Into the mansion of the dead, Prepare O Youth for soon you must, Like me be turned into dust.

George H. son of James & Elizabeth A. Moore Died Feb. 19 1857 aged 2 months & 8 days. Our home is O how lonely. Yet we know the Saviour's love; From our arms hath took our darling, To his better home above.

To the Memory of Margaret wife of Henry Moore who departed this life July 5th 1851 Aged 58 years. I will say of the Lord he is my refuge, my God, in him will I trust.

In Memory of Esther W. wife of William Morrison Died Dec. 12, 1850 Aged 49 years 10 mo. & 26 days.

Phebe, wife of Joseph Mount, Died Dec. 15", 1865. Aged 72 years.

S. M. In Memory of Deacon Stephen Munson who died November 8th 1805 Aged 72 years. Kind tender and affectionate As a husband, father brother & friend. meek, humble, zealous, steadfast & examplary as a christian. Long example of believers; as a Deacon & Elder in the Church. Full of usefullness & years he died in peace & his memory is blessed.

Edwin L. Meyer Died Nov. 3, 1854, aged 50 years. His end was peace.

Ruth Ann wife of Edwin L. Meyer. Died March 26th 1853; In the 55th year of her age. "Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivereth them out of them all".

Robert Ney a Native of Scotland: Died Oct. 5th 1851 aged 48 years 3 months & 20 days. How quick and sudden was his flight To yonder worlds unknown; But God doth what is just and right Though friends are left to mourn.

Amos Ogden Born Dec. 28, 1802, Died Oct. 15, 1878.

Here Lyes ye Body of Phebe wife of Samuel Parrit Dec'd Oct'r ye 25th 1743 in ye 28 year of her Age.

Adele wife of George S. Parsons, Born May 10, 1832, Died June 6, 1882.

Harriet wife of Stephen Paulmier Born July 29, 1802, Died Mar. 5, 1878. Dearest mother thou hast left us, And thy loss we deeply feel; But in heaven we hope to meet thee Christ will thou to us reveal.

Stephen Paulmier. Born Aug. 10, 1801 Died Oct. 5, 1870. "God hath done it".

Eliza S. Perrine, Died February 3, 1884. Aged 78 years 1 mo. & 23 days. "For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain".

Jennie Daughter of David A. & Emma L. Perrine. Died April 6, 1871 Aged 1 year & 2 mo's.

Joseph B. Perrine Died March 26, 1876 Aged 72 years & 8 days. "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints".

The grave of Keturah Tuttle wife of William Platt dec'd who departed this life March 13, 1850. in her 86 year. Cradled in the Revolution she was devoted to her Country and her God. The days of our years are three score years and ten, and if by reason of strength they be four score years yet is thine strength labour and sorrow.

In Memory of Grace Rawson Native of England Died Oct. 11th 1853. Aged 73 years.

At rest John Rawson Died Feb. 18, 1885. Aged 64 years.

To Perpetuate the remembrance of Jane Baxter. wife of P. H. Riordan, who died June 25, 1852, aged 33 years & 5 months. In life she was esteemed and beloved in death mourned and regretted by her family and friends. Have mercy on her O God according to thy great mercy. And according to the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out all her iniquity.

Here Lyes ye Body of John Richards Aged 63 years. Dec'd Decr ye 10th 1718.

Walter Riddle Died Dec. 31st 1858, in the 36th year of his age. Although dead, thou art not forgotten; Thy memory still lives in the hearts of many.

Phebe Maria wife of Solomon Romig Died Feb. 15, 1866 Aged 58 yrs & 21 d's.

Sacred to the memory of Mary Sheldron relict of Frazier Sheldron who departed this life 11th of June 1827 Aged 53 years. Happy soul thy days are ended, All thy mourning days below; Go, by angel-guards attended, To the arms of Jesus go. Corruption, earth, and worms, Shall but refine this flesh, Till my transplanted spirit comes, To put it on afresh.

Daniel M. Shipman Oct. 23 1797 Sept. 17, 1866-
Susan E. Hopping His wife May 30 1805, Oct. 27, 1881.

Elizabeth H. daughter of Daniel M. & Susan E. Shipman Born March 26th 1835, Died May 20th 1836.

Jacob Shipman Died May 5, 1857, Aged 93 years.

Mary Shipman Died Oct. 12, 1858 Aged 88 years.

Sophia L. Daughter of Charles & Sarah Springsteen. Died Mar. 5, 1874 Aged 1 year 1 mo. & 13 days. Little darling thou hast left us, And thy loss we deeply feel, But it is God who hath bereft us-, He will all our sorrows heal.

Isaac Son of Jonathan & Eliz'th Stilles Aged 10 years & 2 mo. Dec'd June 4th 1746.

Here Lyes ye Body of Rebecca Stills Wife of Jonathan Stills Decd Oct'r ye 22d 1731 In ye 48th year of her Age.

Thankfull Dau'r of Jonathan & Rebecca Stilles Dec'd Aug't 1728 in ye 6th year of her Age.

Thomas Son, of Jonathan & Rebecca Stilles Dec'd Sep'r 1728 in ye 16th year of his Age.

In memory of Archabald Swift who died April 11th. 1848. Aged 51 Years. Happy soul thy days are ended. All thy mourning days below; Go by angel guards attended, To the sight of Jesus go.

Frances Louisa infant daughter of James & Elizabeth Teates. died Sept. 10, 1854 aged 7 months. Sleep little baby sleep, Not on thy cradle bed, Not on thy mothers breast, Henceforth shall be thy rest, But with the quiet dead.

Erected to the memory of my Husband Noadiah P. Thomas, Died Jan. 6, 1855, In the 57th year of his age

Susan C. Tuttle wife of Noadiah P. Thomas, Born January 8th 1804 Died April 1st 1876

Jeremiah Totten Died Oct. 24, 1889.

Here Lyes ye Body of Tabitha Wife of David Trowbridge Aged 21 years 8 mo. (Rest of inscription sealed off.)

Daniel B. Tunis, Died April 24, 1865, Aged 71 years 2 mo. and 4 days.

Elizabeth wife of Stephen Tunis Died July 12, 1862, Aged 92 years 11 mo. and 12 days.

Martha wife of Daniel B. Tunis, Died March 28, 1864, Aged 66 years 6 mo. and 1 day.

Stephen Tunis Died Dec. 27, 1854, aged 88 years & 4 months.

William Tunis Died Nov. 8th, 1822. Aged 50 years.

Here Lyes ye Body of Mrs Abigail Tuttle wife of Coll Joseph Tuttle Dec'd Augst ye 26, 1751 Aged About 50 years.

Here Lyes ye Body of Abigail Wife of Deacon Joseph Tuttle Aged 37 years & 21 Ds Dec'd March ye 4th 1738/9.

Abigail Dau'r Coll, Joseph Tuttle Dec'd Sep'r ye 7th 1751 in ye 17th year of her Age.

Here lies the Body of Abraham Tuttle Deceased Dec. 17 1762 in ye 24th Year of his age.

In Memory of Ama Dau'r of Samuel & Rachel Tuttle. She dy'd June 17th 1773 in ye 20th Year of her Age.

Ambrose Johnson son of Mary Ward & Capt. Timothy Tuttle. Born Sept. 4, 1806 Died May 24, 1880.

In Memory of Ariadne. daughter of James & Eliza Tuttle, who departed this life Feb. 7th 1815 aged 2 years 6 months 9 days.

In memory of Ashbel Tuttle who died in New York, Jan. 31st 1829 aged 43 years 5 months and 20 days.

In Memory of Charles Rollin son of James and Elizabeth Tuttle, who died March 11th, 1823, aged 2 years 6 months and 13 days.

Comfort Daur of Decon Joseph Tuttle Aged 1 year & 4 mo. Dec'd Novr ye 6 1738.

Our Sister Delia Maria. daughter of Ashbel & Harriet Tuttle. Died April 6th 1858, aged 43 years 2 mo. & 19 days.

The Grave of Dorcas wife of Samuel Tuttle who died Sept. 26, 1853 in her 53d year. Loved and lamented.

Eliza Farrand Relict of James Tuttle Born May 13, 1787. Died Jan. 29, 1870. "The Lord giveth his beloved rest."

Fanny N. wife of Samuel Tuttle Died April 18, 1862 In the 50th year of her age.

In memory of Harriet Halsey wife of Ashbel Tuttle who died Dec. 23d 1849, aged 59 years 6 months & 14 days. "All the days of my appointed time will I wait, 'till my change come. Job XIV. 14.

Horace B. Tuttle Died June 21st 1854 Aged 28 years. "Thy sun shall no more go down". Isaiah 60-20.

In Memory of Isabella wife of Deacon Joseph Tuttle Who Departed this Life March 15th 1777 In the 69 Year of her Age.

In Memory of James Tuttle who died February 6th 1844 Aged 62 Years The weary head is now at rest, The throbbing pulse has ceased; Confiding in a Saviours love, He wears the crown of Peace.

In Memory of Jemima widow of Joseph Tuttle Jr. who died Sept. 26th 1811 in the 73 year of her age. "For I know that my Redeemer liveth".

Here lyes ye Body of Joanna wife of Joseph Tuttle Jun'r Dec'd March ye 22, 1753 In the 30th year of her Age.

Here lies the Body of Joanna Wife of John TUTTLE, Deceased Febry 19th 1766 in ye 40th Year of her age.

This Monument is erected to the Memory of Joseph Tuttle Esqr. Who departed this life Nov. 5, 1789, Aged 91 Years. The tender names of father, husband, friend, And neighbor kind did through his life extend, In church & state he virtuous honour gain'd, And all his offices with truth sustained, As deacon, elder, colonel, judge, he shone, While heaven was his hope, his rest his home, Laden'd with honours, usefulness & years, He drop'd this clay & with ye saints appears.

In Memory of Joseph TUTTLE who departed this life Sep'br 16th 1800 In the 73d Year of his Age. Write. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

In memory of Lydia TUTTLE a dutiful daughter and affectionate sister who died March 24th 1843. We looked for peace, but no good came, and for a time of health, and behold, trouble. Jeremiah 8, 15.

In memory of Martha A. TUTTLE daughter of James & Eliza Tuttle. Born July 7, 1814, Died July 31, 1877.

In Memory of Mary wife of Deacon Joseph TUTTLE Who Departed this Life Jan'y 18 1774 In the 58 Year of her Age.

In memory of Mary TUTTLE relict of Capt Timothy Tuttle, and daughter of the late Timothy Cooper WARD, Who died June 5th 1851, in the 91st year of her age. "There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God". Heb. 4th. 9th.

Phebe Dau'r of Coll Joseph TUTTLE Dec'd: Novr 1st. 1843 in ye 4th year of her Age.

Silas TUTTLE son of Samuel Born April 5, 1792- Died Jan. 9, 1888- His council was wisdom His friendship was honor. "Thou shalt come to thy grave in a full age, like a shock of corn cometh in in his season. Job 5-26.

Lorania BAKER Wife of Silas TUTTLE Born Nov. 19, 1798 Died Oct. 6, 1880. For our heart shall rejoice in him because we have trusted in his holy name. Ps. 33-21. Tuttle.

Horace B. TUTTLE Born Sept. 12, 1825, Died June 21, 1854. "Thy son shall no more go down". Isaiah 60-20.

Samuel TUTTLE son of Joseph and Jemima TUTTLE died Oct. 19, 1800 aged 34 years. Kind generous and active, he was early useful and beloved. "He cometh forth like a flower and is cut down". Job 14. 2.

Abby KITCHEL widow of Samuel TUTTLE also of Henry VAIL Died Jan. 3, 1852, In the 80th year of her age. "Even so them also which sleep is Jesus will god bring with him". Thess. 4. 14.

Samuel TUTTLE, Born Jan. 31, 1801, Died Feb. 4, 1879. "Yet shall he live".

Here lies Interr'd the Body of Samuel TUTTLE Who departed this Life Jany 3d 1762 in the 38 Year of his age.

Here lies ye Body of Silas Son of Joseph & Jemima TUTTLE Junr. died Augt 23 1764 aged 4 Years.

Stephen son of Samuel & Dorcas TUTTLE Died in San Francisco, Cal. April 29, 1869 in his 32nd year Interred here July 7, 1871. "He doeth all things well".

Susanna W. LEE, Wife of Capt Timothy TUTTLE Born Oct. 4, 1793. Died Oct. 30, 1866. "He giveth his beloved sleep".

Erected to the memory of Mrs. Susan TUTTLE consort of Uzal Tuttle dec'd who departed this life March 27th 1837 aged 72 years. When living, beloved and respected, Now dead, lamented.

Capt. Timothy TUTTLE Born Sept. 17, 1785. Died Sept. 7, 1855. "There is but a step between us and Death".

In Memory of Captain Timothy TUTTLE who departed this life June 15th, 1816. aged 67 years 8 months & 28 days.

Here lyes ye Body of Timothy TUTTLE Esq'r oF Hanover Aged 58 years & 2 Mo. Dec'd Dec'r ye 31 1754.

Sacred to the Memory of Uzal TUTTLE. Who was born June 25th 1767, and died March 28th 1817, aged 49 Years 9 Months & 3 Days. Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth. Let sinners take their course, And choose the road to death; But in the worship of my God, Ill spend my daily breath. But I with all my cares, Will leane upon the Lord; Ill cast my burdens on his arm, And rest upon his word.

Isaac VANDERHOOF Died Nov. 25, 1860, Aged 75 years 5 mo & 25 days.
His wife Phebe Died March 21, 1876 Aged 89 years 8mo. & 9 days. Farewell, Father and Mother dear.

Amelia S. daughter of George & Christenia VOGAL. died Jan. 2, 1857. aged 3 years 7 months & 2 days.

Eliza D. WARD wife of J. N. VOORHEIS Born July 7, 1803, Died March 7, 1874.

John N. VOORHEIS, Died Feb. 19, 1883, Aged 81 years 3 mo. & 13 days

Our Pet. Inez Euceba Daughter of W. S. & S. J. WADE. Died Nov. 29, 1871 Aged 8 mo. & 2 d's.

In Memory of Jerusha, Wife of Timothy C. WARD. died March 21st 1811 aged 74 Years & 2 Months

In Memory of Timothy C. WARD, who departed this life the 13th day of March 1816 in the 81st year of his age.

In Memory of David WHELER who Departed this life May 6 1775 Aged 27 Years and 5 Months. Friends & Relations weep no more; My Toils and labours, now are o'er: Be soon prepar'd to follow me. Death soon will also summons thee.

Note. Broken pieces of a grave stone close beside the above when put together- In M Wife of died Jenuy 2 1771 in 2d year of her---

Mable B. Daughter of Mahlon & Susie WILDAY Died Feb. 4, 1889 Aged 2 years 2 mo. & 4 days. God needed one more angel child amidst his shining band, And so on he bent with loving smile and clasped our darlings hand.

Mary Ann daughter of John & Susanna WILDAY, died Jan. 16, 1855 Aged 14 years & 9 months. Time swiftly flies and calls away Our spirits to thine home: Our bodies mingle with the clay, And rest beneath the tomb.

Edwin WILSON Died March 28, 1868 Aged 64 years & 5 days. Missed at home.

Isabella C. Daughter of Edwin & Jane A. WILSON Died June 9, 1851, Aged 8 years 2mo. & 14 days.

Here lyes ye Body of Joseph WOOD, Dec'd Aug't ye 9th 1754 In the 36th year of his Age.

Wm. E. WOOD Died Aug. 30, 1860 Aged 26 days. Not lost but gone before.

Edna B. Daughter of Hugh A. & Flavilla M. WYLIE. Born Oct. 12, 1878 Died Dec. 8, 1886. "Safe in the arms of Jesus".

James WYLIE Born Jan. 26, 1825, Died Dec. 2, 1866.

James WYLIE Jr. Born Oct. 18, 1850. Died in Atlanta Ga. Oct. 24, 1872.

In memory of Isabella Eugenia YOUNG Daughter of John and Catharine Young, who departed this life July 26th 1831 aged 14 years 10 months and 20 days. In faith she died in dust she lies, But faith foresees that dust shall rise; When Jesus calls, while hope assures, And boasts her joy among the tombs.

In memory of John Tuttle YOUNG Son of John and Catharine Young. who departed this life Dec. 25th 1818 aged 5 months and 11 days. Hope looks beyond the bounds of time, When what we now deplore; Shall rise in full immortal prime, And bloom to fade no more.

Mary wife of Stephen YOUNG Died April 18, 1874 Aged 91 years & 3mo. We have loved thee on earth, May we meet thee in heaven.


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