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Winter's Burying Ground
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Winter's Burying Ground

The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey; NJ Genealogical Society; September 1975; page 131.

   START QUOTE: Morris County Gravestones --- Winters Burying Ground

Munsell's "History of Morris County" (1882), p348, states that the "Winters burying ground is about half a mile south of the Greenville (since renamed Marcella) schoolhouse, and is on old one, the Winters family being among the very early settlers; it is unenclosed. The land is now owned by A.B. Cobb's estate. An occasional interment is made here, among the last of which was Peter D. Henderson, an old resident.

There is no charge for lots; the friends prepare the ground by clearing off the brush, stones, etc., and open the grave."  This Rockaway Township community burial ground, of about 100 by 200 feet, probably has not been used for more than half a century, and now is completely overgrown and wooded. When visited by Harold W. Shroeder, of Lyonsville, in 1958, he reported that only the stone of Adelia A Smith was still standing. Now no stones are standing, and most are broken into several pieces, making reading difficult. The plot probably contains many unmarked graves, and some fieldstone markers are visible. Some remains may have been reinterred as the plot fell into disuse. Many years ago the Bayonne Council (of Boy Scouts) purchased some 190 acres which included this burial ground.

  The inscriptions were originally copied by John P. Rogers on March 30 1930.   Harold W. Schroeder made a copy in April 1958, when he reported two additional stones not found in 1930 or in March 1974, when checked by Edward J. Raser.  Mr Schroeder also recorded Almira F. Post as the wife of William Smith, which could not be verified due to excessive damage to the stone.

  The burial ground can be reached by proceeding on Hibernia Road, from its start at Green Pond Road, 0.3 mile east, then 0.2 mile south , to the Camp Lewis road at the left. Proceed east 0.4 mile on the Camp Lewis road to an assembly hall at left; the cemetery is in the woods to the right (south of the hall) about 300 feet. In recent years most fo the fragments of stones were collected, reassembled, and laid flat in the ground in a close group.

   DEGRAW, Jeremiah;
wife Hannah Frances;
dau. Sarah Ann, d May 27 1867, aged 22.4.4;
dau. Susan Electa, d. Apr 8 1865, aged 16.2.13;
son Charles H ("DeGAW"), d Oct 10 1871, in 19th yr;
son, Jeremiah, d. Aug 23 ____, aged 0.7.28 (Stone broken, year unreadable);
son, Peter, d. Mar 12 1862, aged 1 day.
Four Children, except Charles H. on a single shattered stone. (Also reported by Mr. Schroeder: Wm. S. DeGraw [no further data]).
   DOBBINS, Lorenzo;
wife Hannah L. Hopkins, "Dear Mother...'" d. Apr 6 1890 aged 69.3.14.
  HOPKINS, Hannah, L -- see Lorenzo DOBBINS.
  POST, Almira F. see William F. SCHALL
  POST, George;
wife Martha E. SMITH, b May 10 1849, died Apr 23 1881
  POST, John d. June 13 1886, in 75th year
  SCHALL, William F.;
wife Almira F. POST, d Mar 12 1874 in 26th yr.
  SMITH, Martha E.  See George POST
  SMITH, Silas H;
wife Adelia A. WINTERS d Aug 21 1875, aged 30.1.26
  WINTER, Adelia A. See Silas H. SMITH
  WRIGHT, Andrew, d Feb 16 1872, aged 43.5.17;
[wife Louisa;
son William Joseph d Apr. 22 1862, aged 2 mos. Reported in 1958, not found in 1974.]

Information provided by Rich Haycook.

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