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The following list of baptisms were taken from the microfilm of the records of the 1st Methodist Church in Dover, NJ. They have been transcribe and presented here in as close to the original format as possible (save the unreadable handwriting).

Baptised by Manning Force PE in the M.E. Church Dover 21 July 1839

Margaret Clark
Rebecca Love
Daniel Haywood
Mariah B. Locy(?)
Eliza Belknap
Ann M. Smith
James King
Ann E. Minton
Daniel Smith
Fanny King
Phebe Coonrod
Josephine Belknap child

By Rev. James Tuttle; Preacher in Charge at Dover June 29 1839

John Henry Whritnor
Maryan Whritnor
Eliz Whritnor
Sedgewick R. Dickerson
Rebecca Clark

By Rev. M. Force P.E. at Mill Brook Church March 29 1840

George Washington Lee
Andrew Jackson Lee

By Rev. J. M. Tuttle at Dover Nov. 8th 1840

Hannah Ringland
her son Lyse (?)
George Ryerson, col'd man

Church Members:
By Rev. Wm. E. Perry; Preacher in Charge in Dover M.E. Church July 17th 1842

Wm. C. Aber
Lewis W. Langden
Adaline Ford
Mariah F. Minton
Isaac L. Overton
Ruding Hunt
Hannah Young Little
Sophia Bay Pruden

By Wm. E. Terry July 17 1842 Dover

James Tuttle Ford
Caroline Ford
Wm. Estil Little
Joanna Estil Little
Elizabeth Higgings Little
Emma Little

Baptised by Rev. Wm. E. Percy in Dover M.E. Church Dec 24 1842

Joel Sanderson
Cornelius B. Gage
David Wilson
George Blake
James Carrel
Charles Sispencp (?)
John B. Clark Sr.
Samuel Kinney
Phebe Kinney
John B. Clark Jr.
Ashbel P. Clark
Wm. McElhose Jr.
Joseph W. Reed
Mahlon Doty
Moses S. Casterline
Daniel Casterline
George Fleming
Abraham Love
Wm. S. Dean
John H. Kiner
Julia Tuttle
Jane King
Sarah A. Doty
Araminta Love
Hannah M. Little
Mariah King
Edward Vanblarcam (?)
John Foresyth
Eliza A. Hage
Mary Whritnor
Nancy Tuttle
Agnes Parrish

Baptised at Mill Brook by Rev. J.L. Poster(?) 31 Dec 1842

James Babbit
Job S. Lawrence
Elizabeth E. Dalrimple
Susan Dalrimple
Alex Searing
Clarisa F. Sisco
Bethier F. Sisco
Sarah Babbit

By Rev. WmE. Parry at Dover, Jany 7 1843

John A. Love
Elma Love
Julia King

By Rev Wm E. Parry Jany 27 1843 in Dover M.E. Church, Sabbath

George Brown Sanford
Eliza Jane Sanford
Children of John and Harriet Sanford
Elijah Wingit
Jabez C. Wingit
Charles Wesley Wingit
Children of Joshua and Eunis Wingit
Elijah BelknapChild of Eliza Belknap
Margaret WhritnorChild of John & Mary Whritnor
Guy Sisco
Augustus Sisco
Stella Frances Sisco
Margaret Ann Sisco
Children of John and Elizabeth Sisco
Margaret Amelia Hurd
Mary Emaline Hurd
Children of Charles and Phebe Hurd
Jane Clark
Emelia Clark
Children of John and Elizabeth Clark

By Rev Wm E. Parry April 16 1843 in Dover M.E. Church

Susan B. WhritnorChild of John & Mary Whritnor
Martha Jane RossChild of Jonathan & _____ Ross
Edward Losey
Susan Losey
Children of John M. and Mareah B. Losey

By Rev Wm E. Parry 22 April 1843 in Dover M.E. Church

Marshall Doty
Amanda Doty
Caroline Berstty(?) Doty
Harriet Doty
Victoria Doty
Wm Henry Hanison Doty
Children of Aaron and Phebe Doty

By Rev J.S. Porter (no date, but listed between 22 Apr 1843 and Sept 1846)

James Wellington Briant
Sarah Jane Briant
Henrietta Briant
Ann Maria Briant
William Barter(?) Briant
Children of James & Maria Briant
Henry C. ClarkChild of Ashabel & Sophia Clark
Marcus Segur FordChild of John & Mary Ford

By Rev Wm M. Burroughs Sept. 1846

Sarah Belcher
Catharine M. Belcher
Hester Belcher
Caroline Belcher
Children of Sarah & Archibald Belcher

Record of Baptisms

Mary Whitehead
Elizabeth Ann Doty
Sarah Kinerl(?)
Thomas P. Tyson
Timothy Badgely
J.S. Porter P.E.Mar 30 1845

Adult Baptism

NameWhen & Where BaptizedBy Whom
William Love
David A. Trowbridge
Eunice C. Aber
Mary E. Wilson
Sophia Francisco
Dover Church Sept 24 1848Rev. J.P. Fort
David Trowbridge
Mary E. Trowbridge
Elisha Meeker
John Syckels
Walnut Grove Church 
Sept. 23 1848
Rev. J.P. Fort


NameWhen & Where BaptizedBy Whom
Mahala Cooper
Margaret Cooper
John Cooper
Frances Maria Francisco
Phebe Ann Tyson
Dover Church Aug 31stE.M. Griffith
Mary Ann ScottDover Church Sept 28thE.M. Griffith


NameWhen & Where BaptizedBy Whom
Henry Harnell
Julia A. Palmer
Dover Church Jany 25thE.M. Griffith
Catherine E. King
Caroline Parson
Wm. H. Orsborne
Mill Brook Ch July 18 1852E.M. Griffith
Jas. Henry King
Nathan Lyman Burnett
Josiah Banghart
Sarah Ann Lindsley
Mary Jane King
Jane B. Clarke
Mary H. Smith
Dover Church Nov 21 1852E.M. Griffith


NameWhen & Where BaptizedBy Whom
Elizabeth Francisco
Harriet Whitehead
Harriet Pruden
Elizabeth Maseker
Ansolem Bounting
William R. Woodruff
Dover Church Mar 20 1853E.M. Griffith

Infant Baptism

NameParents AgesWhen Bap. By Whom
Mary Elizabeth BabbitAmza Babbit
Martha Babbit
9 moSep 24 1848 Rev. J.P. Fort
William Harvey JacksonJohn Jackson
Jane Jackson
6 moJan 21 1849 Rev. J.P. Fort
Mary Ann BurnsHugh Burns
Jane Burns
7 moMar 18 1849 Rev. J.P. Fort
Harriet W. SearingSamuel Searing
Phebe Searing
8 moApr 6 1849Rev. J.P. Fort
Arrastus Smith RossThomas H. Ross
Elizabeth Ross
9 mo
3rd July
July 6 1849 Rev. J.P. Fort
John Henry MaygarFrances Maygar
Luiesa Maygar
7 moJuly 22 1849 Rev. J.P. Fort
Lovedy Anna Ford OramRobert Oram
Anna Oram
15 moSep 15 1849 Rev. J.P. Fort
Jane Louisa RiddleRev. Walter Riddle
Jane S. Riddle
11 moJan 3 1850 Rev. J.P. Fort
Serepta Francisco
Jirah Francisco
David S. Francisco
Susan Francisco
In 3rd yr.
In 3rd mo
Feb 4 1850 Rev. J.P. Fort
Joseph Gundrey OramThomas Oram
Ann Oram
11 moMar 30 1850 Rev. J.P. Fort
Charlotte KnightElias & Cath. Pinch 2 weeksNov 18 1850 WW Christine
JaneJohn & Mariah Daniel 4 moNov 18 1850 WW Christine
Eliza B. SearingSam'l & Phebe Searing 7 weeksNov 27 1850 WW Christine
Mary AnnMatthew Kemp
Mary Kemp
1 moNov 1850WW Christine
Elizabeth JaneWilliam & Elizabth Beaglehole(?) __ yearsMar 30 1851 WW Christine
Emma Matilda
Mary Ann
Richard & Lydia Eliz'th McPeek 9 mo
4 years
Oct 5 1851 WW Christine
Ellen MahelaSamuel & Mahala Cooper 3 yearsOct 8 1851 E.M. Griffith
Joseph Harden
Patrick & Margaret Buchman 3 years
1 year
Oct 9 1851 E.M. Griffith
Alice Almira
Eunice Eugenia
William & Caroline Tinton 3 years
7 mo
Nov 12 1851 E.M. Griffith
Ettrcanona(?) (daughter)
Frances Maria
Aaron & Clarissa Kinney 3y 6mo
3 mo
Nov 26 1851 E.M. Griffith
George SanfordAlexander M. & Jane Searing 1yr 3moDec 17 1851 E.M. Griffith
JosephineRob't F. & Anna Oram 5 moDec 25 1851 E.M. Griffith
Francis FordThomas & Ann Oram 3 moDec 26 1851 E.M. Griffith
Mary Ann GluyasWilliam & Eliz'th Bigelow 3 moJan 1 1852E.M. Griffith
WilliamJam'e & Mary Trethewey 3 moJan 1 1852E.M. Griffith
Francis Edmund
George Newton
Amzi & Martha Babbit 2y 5mo
4 mo
Mar 7 1852 Tho's Soverign
Rachel AnnJohn & Abigail L. Hopper 1y 1moMar 9 1852 E.M. Griffith
Mary Elizabeth
Ella Rachel
Asbury & Priscilla A. Searing 1y 10mo
4 mo
Mar 9 1852 E.M. Griffith
Theodore Whitefield
Mary Loniga(?)
Sarah Elizabeth
Jacob Scott(dec'd) & Mary Ann Scott 3 years
5 years
8 years
Mar 30 1852 E.M. Griffith
TrapheniaJohn H. & Maria Daniel 9 weeksApr 26 1852 E.M. Griffith
JohnJoseph & Ann Pinch 4 weeksApr 26 1852 E.M. Griffith
William JamesRichard & Elizabeth Brewer 6 weeksApr 26 1852 E.M. Griffith
RobertRobert & Mary Ann McElhose 11 weeksJun 27 1852 E.M. Griffith
William JohnJames & Mary Ann Gluyes 3 moSep 10 1852 E.M. Griffith
David RobertRobert David & Sarah Ann Tillyer 9 moNov 21 1852 E.M. Griffith
DavidAlexander & Jane Searing 6 moNov 21 1852 E.M. Griffith
Emma GertrudeMatthew & Elizabeth Sigler 4 yearsApr 10 1853 E.M. Griffith
Charlotte AugustusP. & M. Buchanan 1 yearOct 1853A.M. Palmer
SarenaDavid & Susan Francisco 1 yearNov 28 1853 A.M. Palmer
CarolineAmzi & Martha Babbitt 1 yearNov 30 1853 A.M. Palmer
ArthurM.F. & ___ Winget 1 yearDec 21 1853 A.M. Palmer
Andrew J.John & Abigal Hopper 1 yearDec 21 1853 A.M. Palmer
George___ & ___ Bankna?kt(?) 6 mo(?)A.M. Palmer

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