Baptisms - 1st Presbyterian Church
Morris Co. Up

The following listing of more than 1400 recorded Baptisms of the 1st Presbyterian Church of Morristown cover the time span of 1743 to 1773. To allow for easier access they have been broken into alphabetical groupings to all for easier access by all web browsers. Pages will be extremely wide to accommodate all of the information/

NOTE: The letter "X" by itself is used to denote "unknown".

Page 1 —A

Page 2 —B

Page 3 —C

Page 4 —D-E

Page 5 —F

Page 6 —G

Page 7 —H-I

Page 8 —J-K

Page 9 —L

Page 10 —M

Page 11 —N-O

Page 12 —P

Page 13 —R-S-T

Page 14 —V-W-X-Y


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