1st Reformed Dutch Church - Montville
Morris Co. Up

Marriages at the First Reformed Dutch Church at Montville

(transcribed by John E. Sashenosky 1968)
(re-transcribed by Kevin Riley 2001)


I would strongly suggest anyone finding ( or not finding) ancestors here to check out LDS film # 0888747, records of the First Reformed Dutch Church at Montville. Sashenosky was not the most careful of scribes; he insisted on seeing the letter 'r' where 'z' should, for example. He consistently wrote Elirabeth and Elira for Elizabeth and Eliza. Except for obvious gaffes such as that, I have remained true to the spellings of the names and places in the manuscript.

There are gaps in the records; I am not sure how complete this version is. (Earlier marriages (1795-1835)are indexed in the "Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey" Vols. 4-9. These are available via the Persi at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne.)

A few of the marriages have an additional note or two (i.e., "a lovely day", "her brother present", etc). I have enclosed all names, dates and places. My ancestors here are John Henry Collerd and Sarah Willis, and their parents: Henry Collerd and Sarah Mourrison and William Mitchell Willis and Lurenda Hotchkiss.

Mahalo nui loa to Walt Olson of the Montville Historical Society for supplying the manuscript to me (and ultimately you, dear reader) My few notes are signed 'KR'.
GroomMarriage DateBrideGroom’s ParentsResidenceBride’s ParentsResidence
Peter YoungAug. 24 1826Catherine Peer    
Thomas LashDec. 28 1826Sarah Rickle    
Charles TowlandDec. 30 1826Mary Ackerbook    
David ReslerFeb. 17, 1827Rachael Perry   Rockaway
Calvin JacobusMarch 3, 1827Martha Jacobus    
William BlowersMay 30, 1827Margaret Miller    
John VreelandMay 31, 1827Mary Kanouse    
Daniel DemarestSept. 1827Sarah Jacobus    
Henry McElroyOct.. 17, 1827Susan Arong    
Abraham RomaineDec. 27, 1827Eleanor Peer    
Elias J. JacobusMay 26, 1828Margaret Young    
Cornelius Van HorneJune 21, 1828Catherine Scott    
Nicholas RitesJune 28, 1828Maria Blowers  William Blowers 
Nichodimus SmalleyAug. 9, 1828Sarah Jacobus  David Jacobus 
Phillip W. SmithFeb. 17, 1833Mary HilerCadwalleder Smith John P. Hiler 
Moses A. BaldwinFeb. 18, 1833Mary JacobusElijah Baldwin James J. Jacobus 
Peter J. VreelandMay 2, 1833Eleanor JacobusJohn Vreeland Abram C. Jacobusboth "of Towahah neighborhood"
Joseph BoardJune 22, 1833Mary KingslandJoseph Board"of Boardville near Pompton"Isaac Kingsland 
Robert CourterJune 27, 1833Ann Van DuyneHerman Courter Martin A. Van Duyne 
Bernard C. RyersonOct.. 26, 1834Mrs. Mary VreelandWillian RyersonPompton PlainsHenry Van Duyne 
William AtkinsApril 12, 1834Sarah Earle  Morris Earleboth of Montville
James TuttleMay 12, 1834Electa BedfordJohn Tuttle Simeon Bedfordboth of Montville
Samuel RikerJuly 17, 1834Jane CyphersIsaac Riker George Cyphers 
James YoungAug. 30, 1834Maria DuryeaPeter Young Edmund Duryea 
Guy C. SmithSept. 14, 1834Elizabeth Ann SalterRozil SmithPowervilleEbenezer Salter 
Ebenezer ConditOct.. 12, 1834Ann Merry  Samuel Merry 
John J. DoremusDec. 27, 1834Catherine J. JacobusJohn T. Doremus James B. Jacobus 
Ira GreenNov. 8, 1834Susan Doremus  John T. Doremus 
Levi BarkerMay 2, 1835Eliza HuylerJohn Barker Peter Huyler 
Henry C. DoremusJune 18, 1835Sarah HarinzCornelius A. Doremus Abraham Harinz 
Rev. Frederick F. CornellOct.. 24, 1835Ellen DoremusRev. John Cornell James Doemus 
John StagerJuly 4, 1835Catherine LowHenry Stager Nicholas Low 
William DicksonDec. 6, 1835Martha VreeelandJames Dickson Abram Vreeland 
John RikerDec. 10, 1835Jane StagerJacob Riker Henry Stager 
Cornelius A. DoremusMarch 20, 1836Mrs. Ann Van DuyneAbram Doremus Jacob Peer 
Richard HuskNov. 25, 1837Mary Cyphers   both of Montville
Abraham Vandyne Jr.Sept. 1837Sarah Class   both of Persepeney
James MacglarkinDec. 31, 1837Julian Dickenson   both of Paterson
Abraham JacobusFeb. 28, 1838Susan Eliza Collard  Henry Collard & Sarah Mourisonboth of Montville
Abraham WrightsJuly 4, 1838Dinah Jackson   both of Boonton and "Colored people"
Nicholas PierSept. 8, 1838Rachel Cypher of Montville of "Old Boonton"
Jonathan KellyOct.. 20, 1838Jane Jacobus   both from Montville
Abraham Van EstOct.. 27, 1838Margaret Wrights   Montville / both "colored people"
Henry BeechNov. 20, 1838Louisa Maria Gaines "of New York" Montville; Dr. Gaines
William KernickFeb. 16, 1839Jane Bot   both "of Montville"
Cornelius Jacobus Jr.Nov. 7, 1840Saphronia Berry   Pompton Plains/Montville (married at Pompton Plains)
Robert JacksonNov. 25, 1840Hannah AllenRobert JacksonBoontonRebecca AllenParsippany
John A. MeekerDec. 27, 1840Ellen F. YoungJeptha Meeker & Rachael AllenNewark Anthony Young & Mary HormeduMontville
James TappanFeb. 12, 1842Caroline Vanriper     
William ColeApril 7, 1842Elizabeth Doland     
Daniel JacobusMarch 19, 1842Charity Dargea     
Silas PeerMarch 2, 1842Mariah V.P.Stiles     
Henry LyonsApril 17, 1842Elizabeth Henderson     
Peter VannessJuly 8, 1842Elizabeth Vanderhoof     
Martin GardinerJan. 14, 1844Hannah Holtz Trumansberg, Tomkins Co., NY Pequannock
Henry SpeerJan. 17, 1844Rachel Ann YoungIncrease SpeerHanover Twp Pequannock
William McD. RobisonMarch 23, 1844Clarissa Van NessPeter RobisonDumfrieshire, ScotlandJacob C. Van Ness Jacksonville
David Wilson JacobusApril 6, 1844Hannah JacobusJohn D. JacobusFairfield Abrm. C Jacobus Peq
Caleb TuttleSept. 21, 1844Jane Demott   both of Hanover Twp
Ebenezer Van DuyneApril 16, 1845Leah Maria JacobusC.M. Van Duyne Jas. A. Jacobusboth of Pequannock
Abraham Van DuyneMay 14, 1845Caroline MorrisonJohn M. Van Duyne Peter Morrison both of Pequannock 
Josiah P. HuntoonMay 24, 1845Sarah Doremus Paterson James Doremus 
Henry ShugardApril 6, 1846Ellen Baldwin  both of Newark 
John Parleman DoremusJune 24, 1846Sarah Martha HuylerJames Doremus John P. Huylerboth of Pequannock
Jacob CraneJuly 1, 1846Mary Ann Morrison  Peter Morrisonboth of Pequannock
Thomas DoremusOct.. 7, 1846CatherineVan Duyne of NewarkC.M. Van Duyne 
John Henry CollerdJan. 1, 1847Sarah WillisHenry Collerd & Sarah Mourisonof MontvilleWilliam Willis & Lurenda Hotchkiss of Pine Brook  
John BarkerMay 29, 1847Susan BerryJohn Barker  both of Peq.
Cornelius MowersonMarch 7, 1847Elsey Low   both of Peq.
Jacob RappJuly 3, 1847Martha Jacobus Bergen Daniel D. Jacobus Peq
Ambrose RyersonSept. 15, 1847Mary Catherine Vreeland   both of Peq.
George CummingsDec. 18, 1847Ellen Jane Dodd Warren County NJ  Peq.
Garret JacobusJan. 1, 1848Ann Gordon   both of Peq.
Charles HeemsothJan. 3, 1848Catharine Lutkenhas   "both of Pequannock Twp. and formerly of Germany"
Matthias HutchinsonOct.. 1, 1848Sarah Elija Wright Parsippany. Parsippany  "colored"
Elijah VandroofMarch 3, 1849Amanda Miller   both from Peq.
Isaac ThompsonAug. 1, 1850Rosanna Carr Ramapo, Rockland, NY Pompton Plains
Charles ThompsonSept. 29, 1849Anastatia  d/o "the wife of Wm. Duryea"both of Peq;"colored"
Samuel BlowersMay 20, 1848Hetty VanduyneWm. Blowers J.M. Vanduyneboth of Peq.
name as orig.-KR Howell
1848Harriet DemottSamuel HowellHanover Parsippany; Jacob Demott 
Richard DuryeeJune 27, 1848Maria GainesEdmund DuryeePeqJesse Gaines Hanover
Wm. DegranDec. 23, 1848Mary Ann Botts  Wm. Bottsboth from Peq.
Elijah VandroofMarch 3, 1849Amanda Miller   both of Peq.
Samuel Easton ChamberlynApril 26, 1849Rachel Ann Miller Conn. Henry Miller Pine Brook
George Botts1849Christina HopperWm. Botts David Hopperboth of Peq.
Nehemiah BaldwinFeb. 21, 1850Mrs. Zilpah Stansbury   both of Bloomfield
Isaac ThompsonAug. 1, 1850Rosanna Carr Ramapo, Rockland , NY Pompton
Elijah E. FranciscoJune 2, 1851Mrs. Phebe Pere    
John KevkerJuly 3, 1851June Campbell    
George WrightNov. 12, 1851no name shown-KR    
Joseph KentDec. 6, 1851   no name shown, but she was d/o Elias J. Jacobus 
Frederick CookMarch 6, 1853Sarah Barmore    
John RikerMarch 16, 1853Catherine Demouth    
John D. TaylorApril 27. 1853Ellen Huyler    
Lewis RykerMay 7, 1853Caroline Goble    
Christopher SpindlerMay 21, 1853Catherine Hopper Pompton Plains Beavertown
James P. VreelandMay 25, 1853Harriet Bush   Fairfield
James MilnerJune 15, 1853Ann Maria Sander   both of Boonton
Jesse LyonsJune 1853Emma Doty   both of Boonton
William KeiferAug. 21, 1853Julia Ann Freeman    
John TaylorSept. 3, 1853Sarah Wilson   both of Boonton
John NoowoodSept. 15, 1853Helen S. Doremus Newark Cornelius B. Doremus 
David R. GordonSept. 24, 1853Elira L. Jacobus Montville Daniel Jacobus 
David JacobusOct.. 19, 1853Elizabeth Peer   both of Boonton
Peter S. BogertDec. 22, 1853Emma S. Jacobus  David JacobusMontville/Bloomfield
Charles E. WilliamsFeb. 12, 1854Louisa Baldwin Bloomfield  Montville
William VanderhoffMarch 11, 1854Jane Welsher Denville Parsippany
Gilbert JacobusJune 7, 1854Elira Husk  Abrm & Ester 
Thomas O. JacobusJune 8, 1854Martha Jacobus Fairfield Abrm. B. & Catherine of "the Waughow" of Fairfield 
Isaac ProvostSept. 20, 1854Elizabeth Jane Jacobus Montville Nicholas Jacobus Totowa
William B. BairdNov. 24, 1854Margaret Casly Newark  Boonton
William BarmourDec. 30, 1854Amanda R. StilesAbrm. Barmour Samuel G. & Sarah Ann Stiles  
John A. BroadwellJan. 24, 1855Sarah Ann DoremusStephen M. & Elizabeth H.BroadwellMendhamJohn A. & Sally DoremusParsippany
Johnathan ProvostFeb. 10, 1855Frances CarmanJacob & Susan Provost Cornelius & Ellen Carman  
William Edgar DavenportFeb. 22, 1855Delia Ann HopperGeorge L. & Sally Maria Davenport Mahlon & Sally Ann Hopper  
Abraham M. WagonerFeb. 24, 1855Elizabeth VanduyneWilliam & Margaret WagonerNewfoundland John W. & Margaret Vanduyne Montville
John CarlinApril 26, 1855Charlotte Thacker   both of Boonton
William H. TaylorMay 30, 1855Mary DoremusCalvin Taylor & Harriet B. HaysBloomfield Cor. B. Doremus & Catherine Debow Montville;
Jeptha WilliamsJune 21, 1855Mrs. Elizabeth JacobusArle Williams Edward Puvceboth of Fairfield
Benjamin B. TaylorOct.. 31, 1855Susan A.CampbellJohn & HannahTaylor James & Hannah Campbellboth of Montville
Samuel C. CampbellOct.. 31, 1855Mary G. NealJames & Hannah Campbell Daniel & Jane Neal"all of Montville"
Augustus R. BeachDec. 23, 1855Hannah M. WillisJared & Elira BeachCaldwell William Willis & Lurenda Hotchkiss Pine Brook
John W. FlurryJan. 1, 1856Elizabeth R. StarkeyVictor & Hannah L. StarkeyMorristown Benjamin & Martha Starkey  
Joseph PienoviDec. 31, 1855Catherine JacobusJoseph & Isabella Ann Pienovi of New YorkNewark Abrm. & Mariah Jacobus "of the Waughow"  
George G. KingslandDec. 27, 1856Maritta TuckerWilliam & Phebe KingslandBoontonCharles C. & Marid Tucker Powerville
Peter Fredericks Jr.Dec. 25, 1856Sarah June VannessThomas H. & Elizabeth FredericksMontville Henry H. & Eliza Speer Pine Brook
Francis A. TalksJan. 1, 1857Mrs. Amanda WilsonWilliam & Phebe TalksMorristown Mahlon & Donvtly /?-KR StickleParsippany
Aaron SandonJan. 10, 1857Sarah E. Vanduyne  John M. & Ellen Vanduyne  
Isaac S. HigginsFeb. 12, 1857Mary E. Conklin Rahway  Somerville
Griffin BushFeb. 14, 1857Sarah Ellen Vanduyne Caldwell  Montville
Charles HoplerJuly 25, 1857Sarah S. Vanhoon   Boonton
Aaron RomerJune 24, 1857Sarah Ann Courter Bloomfield  Montville
Joseph KanouseSept. 5, 1857Sockey M. Vanhoon     
David R. JacobusSept. 27, 1857Sarah F. Miller   both of Montville
Peter AllenDec. 23, 1857Susan L. DukerAlbert & Jane Allen"Col. of Troy"James & Jane Duker Stoney Brook
Thomas AllenderMarch 9, 1858Mary C. VreelandThomas & Ellen AllenderEngland Henry & Jane Vreeland Stoney Brook
James O. JacobusMarch 20, 1858Hetty E. Vanness   both of Caldwell
Albert VanduyneMay 8, 1858Catherine E. Vanduynewritten as s/o" Nicholas & Hannah" written as d/o "Nicholas & Hannah"Hopefully a transcriber's error or at least there were 2 Nicholas & Hannah Vanduynes!-KR
Albert Terhune Jr.May 29, 1858Leah Ann JacobusAlbert & Jane TerhunePompton PlainsAbrm. A. & Maria Jacobus "of Waghaw"
Andrew F. KirbyJuly 6, 1858Sarah. M TaylorNicholas & Sarah Kirby Horace C. & Eliza Taylor  
James D. YoungJuly 31, 1858Mary E. CourterDavid & Mary Young Robert & Ann Courter  
Jeremiah DoremusAug. 26, 1858Lucinda VanduyneJohn T. Doremus Abrm. C. Vanduynemarried at Passaic Valley, Morris Co.
Peter C. ConditSept. 12, 1858Mary HenionWilliam S. & Eliza Condit Henry & Mary Henion Fairfield
Timothy JacobusOct.. 27, 1858Sarah Vanderhoff Cedar Grove Passaic Valley
Absalom K. BushNov. 25, 1858Mrs. Mary Ann Crane Fairfield  Montville
George JacobusJan. 23, 1859Mary ProvostAbrm. A. & Maria Jacobus Jacob & Susan Provost  
George VanduyneMarch 5, 1859Juliette TaylorJohn W. & Peggy Vanduyne George & Anna Taylorboth of Taylortown
Henry BottsApril 11, 1859Mary AshworthWilliam & Frances Botts James & Eliza Ashworthboth "of the Waughaw"
Wm. H. VanderhoofMay 28, 1859Mary E. Van PeltJohn C. & Jane Vanderhoof David & Maria Bayardas in original-KR
John BohlSept. 3, 1859Catherine A. Timbrook Orange  "Old Boonton"
Walter D. JacobusOct.. 25, 1859Sarah Jane VanduyneJacob C. & Rachel Jacobus Isaac R. & Rachel Vanduyne  
Joseph ClassFeb. 26, 1860Henetta StreetJohn & Ann Class John A. & Phebe StreetBoth of Powerville
John DeckerMarch 17, 1860Mary Jane VanduyneAndrew & Phebe Decker John W. & Margaret VanduyneBoth of Taylortown
Elias TuckerMay 15, 1860Phebe E. BlanchardCharles C. & MariaPowervilleAbner & Catherine Blanchard Beach
Nicholas N. JacobusMay 24, 1860Margaret DemottNicholas J. & Mary JacobusBoontonJacob & Jane Demott Parsippany
Wm. S. Van FleetJuly 18, 1860Anna DoremusBurgan H. & Mary Jane Van FleetNew Brunswick Jacob & Jane Doremus Paresippany
Elijah FredericksAug. 4, 1860Margaret StederPeter & Ann C. FredericksMontville Jacob & Catherine Steder Stony Brook
Barnet CulvertSept. 20, 1860Catherine Husk  Richard &Mary Husk Montville
Daniel D. TimkinsDec. 12, 1860Ellen E. HovencampDaniel D. & CathrineMontville Stauts & Ellen Hovencamp Parsippany;
William PittengerDec. 30, 1860Hannah KanouseCharles & Matilda Pittenger Thomas & Betsey Kanouse  
Daniel S. VanduyneFeb. 14, 1861Mrs. Augusta DoddSimon & Elizabeth VanduynePine BrookThomas & Elizabeth Darling East Bloomfiled;
Christopher D. WoodruffMay 12, 1861Marietta H. CraneChristopher D. Woodruff ; Elizabeth WoodruffRahway  Pine Brook
Peter T. VannessSept. 28, 1861Elizabeth Ann CookThomas & Martha VannessCaldwell George J. & Sarah Cook "Waughaw"
John B. Van SannOct.. 16, 1861Adeline JacobusE.D.O. Van Sann Hannah Blauvet  
B. C. Gnerin Guerin?-KRDec. 29, 1861Leonora DixonStephen & Susan Gnerin William M. & Martha Dixon  
Henry TaylorMay 3, 1862Emma Jane JonesJames & Maria TaylorBoontonCharles & Harriet Jones  
Herman VreelandJune 15, 1862Rachel Ann WrightJohn H. & Sophia VreelandJacksonville James & Sarah Wright  
Peter KanouseJuly 3, 1862Emn (as in transcript-KR Peer )    
Edward M. KanouseAug. 10, 1862Mary E. Kayhart     
David GreenswikeSept. 17, 1862Mrs. Catherine Riker   both of Split Rock
Lyman MandervilleSept. 23, 1862Harriet Doremus     
Abraham BarmoreNov. 19, 1862Mrs. Sarah Minard    


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