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Hanover Presbyterian Church

Church Members

[This text is transcribed as found in the booklet. Any notes or additions that I have made to this text will be found in brackets and italicized. ~BKB]

List "of persons received into full Communion in the first Chh. in Hanover by Jacob Green."

Those marked with a star are noted as being members living in 1790.

December13,1747John Ball, Jr. and *Elizabeth his wife
March6,1748Paul Leonard
August7,"Phebe, wife of Joshua Ball
November5,1749Hannah, wife of Thomas Day
March4,1750William Brant


20,"Zechariah Baldin & Rebecca his wife
August19,"John Carmichael
February1752Sarah, wife of Isaac Tuttle
November26,"Sarah, wife of John Stratten
May20,1753Rhoda, wife of John Cobb


5,1754John Cobb
June30,Nathan Price
September21,1755Sarah, wife of John Mitchel
Mercy Barker
December28,Mary Kelly
July25,1756Lois, wife of Alexander Johnson
March20,1757Sarah, wife of John Conger
February12,1758Ephraim Stiles
May10,1761Samuel Tuttle
17,*Sarah, wife of Nathaniel Beach
24,Jane Burnet
June28,Elizabeth, wife of Matthias Hoppen
July12,Abigail, wife of Richard Parrot
August2,*David Bates
April3,1763John Conger
10,*Samuel Ball
24,Phebe, wife of Daniel Ball
May8,David Young and his wife
July31,Joanna, wife of John Tuttle
August7,*Joseph Tuttle, Jun., and *Jemima his wife
September4,*T. Cooper Ward and Elizabeth Crane
January15,1764Caleb Ball and Hannah Tompkins
February12,*William Ely and his wife and Silvanus Hedges
November25,1764Edward Byram and his wife
*Mary, wife of Samuel Dalglish
December2,Matthew Campfield
March10,1765Jacob Drake
May5,Silas Tompkins
June2,*Enoch Beach and Susannah his wife
Joseph Conger
Kezia, wife Gilbert Thornton
23,Cornelius Atwood
July25,*William Broadwell and *Uzal Kitchel
August4,Jemima Ball
September8,Hellen, wife of Jacob Drake
15,*Jemima Gardner
November15,1767Anne, the wife of Samuel Ball
Suzannah Tichner, wife of James Tichner
April16,1769Phebe, wife of John Tuttle

"MEMORANDUM.—At the time of writing this, 1770, there are three persons, viz:—John Hopper and his wife and William Dixon who from other Chs. joyned with us have for a considerable time neglected to come to our communion and behave in an unbecoming manner of whom tis hard to say whether they belong to our ch. or not. To these may be added also Ezekiel Halsey."

"Persons now belonging to the ch. in 1771 who were in the ch. when Mr. Green was settled 1746. [web note: this was originally one paragraph. I have placed them in a list for easier reading. I have not reordered the names.~BKB]

Deacon John Ball
Deacon Joseph Tuttle
Elder Joseph Kitchel
Elder Ephraim Price
Noah Beach & his wife
Deacon Ball's wife
John Kitchel
Elder Price's wife
Widow Allen
Widow Ruth Kitchel
Jonathan Squire's wife
Elder Kitchel's wife
*Widow Mott."

March24,1771Phebe, wife of David Bates
June2,At Wantage in Sussex, Michael Crossman
23,Elizabeth Halsey, widow of Elihu
October20,Ebenezer Bradford
     "18,1772Mary Johnson
December25,1774*Anna, wife of Uzal Kitchel
January15,1775*Ezekiel Hoppen
29,Matthew Moore and *Stephen Kitchel
April9,Deborah Beach and Jemima Green
23,Anna Munson and *Hannah Darling (Mrs. Stephen Kitchell.)
30,*Caesar, negro man of Sam Parrot
May7,Stephen Burnet
Asa Kitchel and his wife Roda; Samuel Beach; John Tuttle; *Letitia, wife of Stephen Munson
July2,1775Mary, wife of Stephen Burnet, and Mary, wife of John Hambleton
September10,*Mary, wife of Moses Fairchild, and Kezia, wife of Peter Parsel
November12,*Moses Fairchild
26,Phebe Beach
February18,1776Jemima Tuttle
April14,Sarah Beach and Lidia Price
June2,Nathaniel Wade
Sept.1,*Mercy, wife of Benjamin Fairchild
August17,1777*Widow Hannah Fairchild and *Deborah, wife of Samuel Ball
November2,*Widow Elizabeth Cooper
May31,1778*Mary, wife of David Dickinson
June28,Sarah, wife of Nathaniel Wade
November8,Hannah, wife of John Ochletree and *Mary, wife of Prudden Allen
June6,1779Isabel, wife of John Wilkinson
OctoberJohn Tappan
July2,1780*Dorothy, wife of William Cocker
December9,1781*Cornelius Vorres                                                      Total 102
     "29,1782Aaron and Hannah Tompkins; Jonathan and Abigail Smith; *Christopher and *Jane Mulford
January5,1783Joseph and Roda Harrison and *Ebenezer Sayre
1784*(Peggy), wife of Stephen Osbourn
April3,1785*Phinehas Kitchel
September4,*Nath'l Dalglish and *Sarah his wife
October30,Daniel Kitchel and Rachel his wife
November6,*Henry Wade, (d. 1793)
20,*Jemima Ball, (wife of Solomon Fairchild)
December11,1785*Jos. Wade and *Dorothy Wade.                             Total 112
March12,1786*Jeptha Morehouse and *Abby his wife
Lois, wife of Samuel Hinman, and *James Beach and *Elizabeth his wife
May21,Rachel Smith
August6,*Phebe, wife of David Cory, and *Sarah, wife of Stephen Brant
July29,1787*David Cory
December16,*Jotham Gardner (d. 1796), *Darling Beach (d. 1793)                   132
April6,1788*Hannah, wife of John Smithson
November2,*Achsah, wife of John Young, and Phebe Chatfield
Dec.21 (or 4)*Sarah, wife of Samuel Squire
September20,1789*Jonathan Wade and *Amy Orr (d. 1792).                                        138
October3,"*Thomas Glover
18,*Calvin and *Hannah Green                                                                141
*Ebenezer Cooper
February281790*Daniel Woodruff and his wife *Agnis, *Sarah Johnes (d. 1792)
March14,*Phebe, wife of Dr. Darcy, and *Keturah Green
May2,*John Brown (d. 1797), *John Dalglish and his wife *Mary, *Jesse Crane, *Amy, wife of Isaac Fairchild, *Betsey Fairchild (d. 1793), *Katharine Smith and *Lidia Young

Note at date of Mr. Green's death in addition to those marked with a star, the following persons were said to have been members: [web note: this was originally one paragraph. I have placed them in a list for easier reading. I have not reordered the names.~BKB]

Elizabeth Green (Mrs. Bradford),
Phebe, wife of David Bates,
Remington Parsel (d. May 15, 1800), and 
David Leddell.

Mr. Green died May 24, 1790. Rev. Calvin White began to supply the pulpit July 11, 1790, and Oct. 18, 1795, he preached his farewell sermon. Rev. Aaron Condict began his long ministry July 1, 1796. The following members were admitted between Mr. Green's death and the settlement of Mr. Condict:













Hannah, wife of Enoch Beach; Patience, wife of Stephen Beach; Phebe, wife of Aaron Kitchel; Mary, wife of Jesse Crane; Elsy Smith (widow), John Kitchel with his wife Abigail, Lent Winchel Fairchild, Nancy Beach (Mrs. Abraham Halsey), Electa Beach (Mrs. Silas Dickerson), Esther Mulford

Dency Ross, Martha Dalglish (Mrs. E. Pruden), admitted by Mr. Chapman

Timothy Mulford, Jun.





 Timothy Tuttle and Mary his wife, Abraham Fairchild and Phebe his wife, Mary, wife of Cornelius Voorheis; Rebekah, the wife of Ebenezer Tuttle, and her daughter Amy; Hannah, wife of Jotham Gardner; Jacob Kitchel, Simeon Jones, John Teasman (negro), Rec'd by Mr. Austin.









Sissel Cooper (widow), Phebe Cooper, Charles Smith, Noah Beach, John Woodruff, John Heddy, Betsey Mulford, Hannah Mulford, Jenny Mulford, Thomas Eckley, Ira Ball, Sarah, wife of Benj. Kitchel; Jean, wife of Moses Tappen; Catharine, wife of Zenas Davis; Elizabeth, wife of Abraham Cooper; Joanna, wife of Stephen Morehouse, Jr.; Lydia Ball, Sarah Whitmore, Obadiah Kitchel and Sarah his wife, David Kitchel and Rachel his wife, Susannah Mussel.



























Lucy, wife of Ellis Cook, Hannah Perkins; Anna, wife of Joseph Green; Mary, wife of Pierson Green; Mary, wife of Will'm Runnels; Eliz'a, wife of Calvin Ely; Widow Phebe Parrot; Sarah, wife of Joseph Wade; Mary, wife of Isaac Wining; Cisellea, wife of Charles Smith; Keturah Tuttle; Hannah ? Wade; Mary, wife Zebulon Cook; Joseph Green; Joanna, wife of Ezekiel Cory; Phebe, wife of Benj'm Johnson; Hannah, wife of Obediah Wade; John Canfield; Deborah Taylor; Rebekah Dickison; Eunice Fairchild; Jemima Beach, now widow of Caleb Tuttle; Sarah Dalglish; Rachel Williams; Bil Kise, Negro; Benj'm Griffis; Anna Smith; Abigal Fairchild; Lucy, wife of WM'm Ely; Margaret, wife of Henry Wade; Sylvesta Wade, now widow of John Dickerson; Jemima Wade; Phebe Dalglish; Kezia, wife of Robert More, (from Morris Town Ch.); Thomas Dorrington and Pamelia his wife, (from Newark Church); Matthew Kitchel; Isaac Farchild; Sarah Ely; Mrs. Baldwin, wife of Ezra, from Turkey Chh.; Widow Phebe Young; Marian Ocheltree; Mary, wife of John Squire; Sarah, wife of Dea'n Morehous, (from Con't Farms Chh.); Cole (Negro), (d. 1793); David Tuttle & Sarah his wife, (she d. 1793); Farrand Kitchel; Apollos Prudden; Jeremiah Mulford, Junr; Mrs. Jemima Mor—— N. York Chh.; Hannah Tuttle, Anna, wife of James Haines, (from Morr'tn Chh.); Thomas (Negro).
  1793Josiah Post; Lucretia Green; Mary, wife of John Kingham, (fr. Caldwell Chh.); Jacob Osborn; Mrs. Phebe White, (from Newark Chh.); Will'm Wick & (Phebe?) his wife, (from Morristown Ch.)
  1794Susannah Tappan, (from Cranbury Ch.); Peggy, wife of Stephen Squire; Theodosia, wife of David Young.

After Mr. Green settled in the ministry he for some years admitted (according to custom) some people to covenant & receive Baptism themselves & offer their children to Baptism, without coming into full communion to receive the Lord's Supper. These persons were said to enter into covenant or own their covenant or renew covenant & by some were sometimes called half members. This custom was tolerated till October in the year 1764. After that time he thought it his duty to baptize no children but those of parents in full communion. And here follows the names of the persons thus admitted.  N. B. Those with a cross to their names were afterward admitted to full communion: —


Renewed Covenant

Joshua Leonard
Dec.11,†John Conger & †his wife
Jan8,1749Helen, wife of Sam'l Parrot.
July23,†Sarah, wife of John Strattan
Aug.12,1750Timothy Riggs
Feby10,1751†Sam'l Tuttle & Rachel, his wife
Dec.8,Joseph Dalglish & Esther, his wife
July19,1752Lucretia Ball
March17,1754Barnabas Brant.
Sept.22,†Mary Kelly
Dec.15,Jemima, wife of David Tuttle
Sept.7,1755Sam'l Fairchild & †Hannah his wife
March21,1756Ephraim Stiles & †Rebecca his wife
July25,Mary, wife of Issacher Huntington
Feby6,1757†Jacob Drake & †Helen his wife
Dec.28,1760Sarah, wife of Stephen Beach.
†Joseph Tuttle, Jun. & †Jemima his wife
Oct.1761†Enoch Beach & †Suzannah his wife
†Phebe, wife of David Bates


Thomas Millage & Baptized him.

Renewed Covenant

Lucy, wife of Wm. Ely, Jun.



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