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The Record. Vol. 1 ~ March , 1880. ~ No. 3 ~ page 20

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Daughter (?) of Chas. Howell.

Doc. Elijah Jillet.

Jane, wf. of Doc. Jillet.

Elder Morris, of Basking Ridge.

Mary, his wife.

Abraham Campfield's wife (Sarah), buried July 22, 1783.

Phebe, Joshua Ball's wife.

Elizabeth Kermicle, wido.

Nathan Ward's wife.

Jemima, wf. of Dea. Matthew Lum.

Samuel Baldwin, of Mendham.

Rebecca, Zach. Fairchild's wife.

Elizabeth, Cap. Clark's wife.

Wf. of Sam'l Mills (Sarah), bur. Jan. 15, 1785, aet. 61.

Elizabeth, w. of David Gauden.

Mattaniah Lyon, died Feb. 2, 1794, aet. 69.

覧 his wife.

Alexander Johnson's wife.

Silas Halsey

Abigail, his wf., bur. March 26, 1777, aet. 60.

Bathiah, Benj. Halsey's wf., died Jan. 23, 1785, aet. 62.

John Mac Feran, bur. Nov. 22, 1778, aet. 80.

覧 his wife (Elizabeth), bur. Sept. 13, 1778, aet. 77.

Nathan Price.

Peter Prudden, bur. April 21, 1777, aet. 55.

Aug. 18, 1776, Naomi, wf. of John Laporte, turned from the anabaptists and received on ye foot of her being a member of that ch. in good standing.

1766由ober or Hobart Hinds

Amos Prudden & wf. returned. He died Sept. 22, 1799, aet. 54.

Thaddeus Dodd.

John Lyon, & his wife (Esther.)

Amos Burrol.

Sarah, wf. of Abel Lyon.

Lydia Guinny.

Demas Ford, excom. July 1, 1796.

Rebecca, wf. of Jno. Allen.

Wido. Mary Armstrong.

Dan. Morris, Jun.

Henry Primrose, bur. Oct. 20, 1780, aet. 70.

Mary Clark.

Elizabeth, wf. of Samuel Robarts, bur. July 18, 1795, aet. 71.

Cornelus Woodruff &

覧 his wife.

Elkanah Babbet.

Abigail, wf. of Joseph Wood.

Wido. Isabel Drake, bur. March 1, 1777, aet. 67.

Wido. Eleanor Woodruff.

Phebe, wf. of Ichabod Cooper, bur. Apr. 30, 1777, aet. 32.

Hannah, wf. of Isaac Prudden.

Hannah, wf. of Joseph Riggs.

Edward Jones.

Eli Andreson &

Mary, his wife.

Elizabeth Dubois, widow.

Esther, wf. of Joseph Prudden, Jun.

Peter, servant of Samuel Robarts, "diped by Baptists."

Deborah, wf. of Howell Orsborn.

Temperance, wf. of Joshua Whitehead.

John Cole &

覧 his wife.

David Rattan, bur. Feb. 8, 1775, aet. 75.

Thomas Lee, bur. Jan. 9, 1805, aet. 76.

Dinah, his wife.

Peter Hill, bur. Jan. 20, 1787, aet. 66.

(Anne Margaret), his wife, bur. Jan. 20, 1782, aet. 52.

Nathan Howell, bur. Mrch. 21, 1830, aet. 74.

John Hill, &

Anne Christian, his wf.

Agigail, wf. of John Pierson.


Paul Ferber, &

Mary, his wife.

Josiah Broadwell &

Abigail, his wife.

Susanna, wf. of Philip Castenor, bur. July 17, 1778, aet. 51.

Zeruiah, Richard Kenny's wife.

Mary, wf. of John Hunt.

Abigail, wf. of Stephen Conkling.

Stephen Burnet & 

覧 wife.

Miriam, wf. of Nicholas Comesau, susp. Aug. 12, 1800, bur. June 20, 1809, aet. 80.

Sarah, wf. of John Pitney.

Mrs. 覧 Dow, school-madam.

Doritheah Cooper, school-madam.

Phebe, wf. of Zophar Freeman, bur. Feb. 17, 1779, aet. 54.

Anne, wf. of Samuel Day.

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