Lt. Col. Robert Gaston
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Some time ago an account of Lt. Col. Robert Gaston of Rockaway was published in the Record. I have since received a copy of the family records from Ohio. As they are of special interest in correcting some of the data, and some additions not found elsewhere, I give the copy as found in his family bible, giving a very good illustration of family records as kept in revolutionary days.

The Rev. Samuel Kennedy referred to was pastor of the Baskingridge Presbyterian Church, and the Rev. Timothy Johnes (Johnes) that of the Morristown Presbyterian Church, and who officiated in the baptism at this period at the Rockaway Presbyterian Church.

Gracey Gaston married Hugh Gaston Mar. 12, 1789, and died Mar. 14, 1838, Hugh Gaston was born Jan. 18, 1764 and died June 22, 1839. He was son of Joseph Gaston who died in Northumberland Co., Pa., Sept. 11, 1775, who was Captain of the Mt. Bethel Rangers in the French and Indian war, Sept. 1763, King's Justice 1766 to 1770, and member of Committee of observation 1774. He was son of Hugh Gaston born in County Antrim, Ireland, of Scotch-Irish parents, and died in Somerset Co., N.J., Dec. 23, 1772, who was brother of Joseph Gaston, of Rockaway, hence Gracey and Hugh were cousins. This branch of the family removed to Columbiana Co. Ohio.

"Robert Gaston was born Jan. 28th, 1732, Rozannah, his wife, was born Mar. 23, 1742.

Robert Gaston and Rozannah, his wife, was married, May 15, 1762.

Gracey Gaston, daughter of Robert and Rozannah, was born, Nov. 19, 1764, Joseph Gaston was born, Nov. 18, 1764. Margaret Gaston was born Dec. 17, 1768, Mary Gaston was born Feb. 12, 1770.

The above all born in Baskingridge, Somerset County, and baptized by the Rev. Mr. Samuel Kennedy.

Then Daniel Gaston, son of Robert Gaston and Rozannah Gaston was born in the County of Morris April 5th 1773, about eleven of the clock at night and baptized by the Rev. Mr. Timothy Janes.

Anne Gaston, daughter of Robert and Rozannah Gaston was born March 25th, 1774 and was baptized by the Rev. Mr. Timothy Jones.

George W. Gaston, son of Robert and Rozannah Gaston, was born April 2, 1777, about four of the clock in the morning.

John Gaston, son of Robert and Rozannah Gaston was born Feb 8th, 1780, say at 12 of the clock on Saturday, and Washington and him was baptized by the Rev. Mr. Halsey.

Robert Gaston departed this life Sept. the 2nd (1793) aged sixty one years, and was burried at the meeting called Warrior Run.

Rozannah Gaston, departed this life Jan. 14, 1817, and was burried at the Warrior's Run Meeting House."

[Warrior Run may be referring to Warrior Run, Pa.]


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