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Among the many Scotch families who become permanent residents of Morris County, N.J., in the early part of the 16th century was Thomas Miller and his wife Margaret Wallace. They came from the North of Ireland to America about 1723, and located two square miles of land on a branch of the Black River near the location of Logansville. It may not be generally known to the present generations, that they were persons of high degree, but the Scottish records give a favorable account of both Miller and Wallace families.

The coat of arms was borne by William Miller of Monk Castle, County Ayr, Scotland, and was considered the founder of the Scotch Miller families. He was the son of William Alexander Miller and wife, a daughter of Patrick Warner, and a grandson of William Miller of Monk Castle and Agnes Cunningham. Ar, a cross Moline, Sa, between four hearts gu. Crest—A Lion ramp, between the paws, a cross, Moline sa. Motto—Forward.

The Waleys family came from Wales to Scotland about 1100, Richard having a land grant at Ayrshire of twenty four square miles, they were a distinguished family in the history of Scotland, also bearing a coat of arms. Many of their descendants settled in the north of Ireland, and, later, came to America. Margaret Wallace was born in Ireland about 1693, died at Logansport 1785. Thomas Miller, died some years previous to 1785.

The vessel in which they came over was six months at sea, and in the meantime their first son John was born. James was born 1727, had wife Elizabeth, died Feb. 24, 1811. Mary, born Aug. 23, 1728, Married Colonel Eleazer Lindsley of Morristown, died Nov. 20, 1806 at Lindsleytown, Steuben Co., N.Y.

Thomas, born 1736, married Bathiah Post of Morristown, Jan. 12, 1764, died Oct. 14, 1810, near Hibernia, and is probably buried at Rockaway, as he became a member of the Presbyterian Church in Rockaway. Isaac, born 1743, married Joanna, daughter of Benjamin Halsey, Sept. 21, 1768, died at Logansville March 14, 1837.

Children of James and wife Elizabeth, all baptized and born at Morristown. Eleazer, May 20, 1759; Ichabod, Jan. 25, 1761; Enoch, Oct. 31, 1762; Sarah, Oct. 21, 1764; Mary, Jan. 2, 1767; Samuel, Oct. 20, 1768; Kesiah, Aug. 10, 1770, died Feb. 20, 1804; Elizabeth, Aug. 20, 1772, Jane, Sept. 3, 1774. Many of these children went with the colony that settled in Steuben Co., N.Y. in 1790.

Children of Mary and Col. Eleazer Lindsley. Samuel, b. Sept. 6, 1760, m. Lois Bradley, d. May 1, 1805; Anne, b. July 24, 1762, d. March 10, 1764; Elizabeth, b. July 17, 1764, m. Capt. John Seeley; Mary, twin, b. July 17, 1764; Anna, b. July 3, 1767, m. Dr. Ezekiel Mulford, d. Jan. 1813; Eleazer, b. July 4, 1769, m. Eunice Halsey, April 23, 1787, d. May 11, 1825; Jemima, b. Jan 28, 1772, m. Dr. Stephen Hopkins, April 3, 1788, d. Aug 16, 1830; Micajah, b. June 23, 1774, d. young; Sarah, b. June 8, 1776, m. Ebenezer Backus, d. 1859; Phebe, b. Aug. 16, 1780, m. David Paine, d. Jan. 14, 1814. The children were all born at Morristown. Eleazer Lindsley, the son of Jonathan who settled in Morris Co. who was son of Francis who came with the Branford Colony in 1667, to Newark, and later to Morris County, was son of John, who came from England to Guilford, Ct., in 1650. Col. Lindsley was commissioned Second Major Eastern Battalion, Morris Co. Militia Jan. 13, 1776, was Lt. Col. Jan. 1777, retired May 27, 1779. He organized a large colony, purchased a whole township in Steuben Co., N.Y., in 1790 and died there June 1, 1791. He was b. Dec. 7, 1737.

Children of Thomas and wife Bathiah Post, all baptised and born at Morristown. Phebe, b. July 22, 1764, d. July 10, 1777; Oliver, Apr. 26, 1767; Moses Feb. 28, 1770, d. Feb. 25, 1772; Bathiah, Jan. 23, 1772; Joseph, April 5, 1774; Anne, June 5, 1776 d. July 13, 1777; Jonathan, Dec 25, 1778, m. Ruth Lindsley, d. March 17, 1849; David, twin, Dec. 25, 1778. Records at Trenton show that Thomas Miller served as a teamster Wagonmaster General's Dept. N.J. Militia, during the Revolutionary War. He was resident on a large tract near Hibernia.

Children of Isaac and wife Joanna Halsey. Benj. Halsey, b. July 23, 1773 at Logansport, m. Hannah Goble March 24, 1797, d. Baskingridge, Dec. 15, 1837; Joseph, m. Rachel Land; Sarah, d. young; Jerusha, b. 1777, m. Jacob Mann, d. Succasunna, July 12, 1865; Phebe, m. Kitchel Bridge; Silas, b. 1784, m. (1) Mary Hopkins, Oct. 22, 1810, (2) Mary Day, wd. of Rev. Ezra Day, Nov. 11, 1837; Mary, m. John Lyon. Records at Trenton show that Isaac Miller served as a private, Morris Co. Militia; private Capt. Ward's Co. Eastern Battalion and private in Capt. John Lindsley's Co., Morris Co. Militia during Revolutionary War. He occupied the homestead, and had a fulling mill and weaving shop in connection with the farm.

Children of Benj. Halsey and wife Hannah: Charles, b. May 6, 1798, m. Susan A. Hamilton March 1824, d. July 30, 1833; Edwin d. young; Jerusha, b. May 8, 1801, m. John Bailey, d. Jan. 30, 1875; Silas E. b. Feb. 18, 1805, d. Apr. 24, 1854 at Baskingridge; Joseph, b. Nov. 12, 1807, m. Nancy Richey, d. Dec. 8, 1887; James, b. July 7, 1813, d. Jan. 1838.

Children of Charles and wife Susan; Henry A. b. May 21, 1825, d. Jan. 3, 1826; Henry Halsey, b. Dec. 26, 1826, m. Lucy A. Conger, Dec. 27, 1848, d. Newark, March 9, 1901; Margaret, b. May 17, 1828, m K. B. Winans, Sept. 11, 1850, d May 5, 1905; Hannah Lucretia, b September 8, 1832, m J.G. Ballentine, May 19, 1850. He d at Baskingridge, May 21, 1905.

Children of Henry Halsey and wife Lucy. Frank Talmage, m Ella O. Doremus; Fred Halsey m Anna Robotham; Oscar Conger, m Anna Muchwork; George Heston; Mary Isabella, m Chas. L. Ingraham.

Children of Jerusha and Jacob Mann. Mary Louisa b October 13, 1803, m Rev. Caleb F. Lippencott, an eminent Methodist Minister of Morris County, d March 3, 1896 at Succasunna. She was a strict Presbyterian, as was characteristic of nearly all the Miller family. Sarah Maria, b April 8, 1805, d Succasunna, March 20, 1880.

Children of Phebe and Kitchel Bridge. John, Lewis, m Pauline Judd, Eveline, m Richard Wood.

Children of Jonathan and wife Ruth; Hiram L. b January 25, 1804; Calvin G. b April 26, 1806, m Margaret Sarasee, May 6, 1827, d January 6, 1877; Aram b June 2, 1808, d April 7, 1876; David b May 9, 1813, d Nov. 18, 1814; Sarah, b Dec. 3, 1817, m Henry Mills.

Children of Joseph and wife Rachel Lane. Caroline, m Robert K. Tuttle; Herman, William, m Sargetn, d October 13, 1878; Isaac, d December 6, 1875; John, d January 3, 1879; David.

Children of Mary and John Lyon. Joanna, Rachel and Jerusha.

Children of Jerusha and John Bailey. Almira b 1819, d January 27, 1895; Louisa b 1826, d March 28, 1878.

Children of Joseph and wife Nancy. Caroline, Elizabeth and Jerusha.

Children of Silas and wife Mary Hopkins. Susan H. b 1812, m Rev. E.F. Hatfield, September 4, 1832; Louisa, Frances, Jacob, Horatio.


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