The Riggs Family
Morris Co. Up


The RIGGS family were originally from Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, England. From many of the original public records the name was spelled, Rygge, Rigge, Rigges, Riggs and Rig. There was one Thomas Riggs whose will was proved in 1661 at Southhampton, England.

Edward Riggs the progenitor of the American family was born in England about 1590. He came to Boston, Mass., in 1633 with his family, wife Elizabeth, two sons and four daughters. His wife, Elizabeth died Aug. 1635. Edward married second wife who d (d for died) 1660. His will dated Sept. 2, 1670. He d 1672.

Second generation: Children of Edward and wife Elizabeth. Edward, b (b for born) in England about 1614; m (m for married) Apr. 5, 1635 Elizabeth Roosa. He was sergeant in the Pequod War in 1637. Removed from Roxbury, Mass., to Milfred, Conn., in 1640. He came with the Milfred Colony to Newark, N.J., in 1667, where he d 1668. His widow Elizabeth in 1671 m Caleb Carwithie of Newark. Lydia, b about 1616, d soon after the settlement at Boston in Aug. 1633. John, b about 1618, d at Boston in 1634. A daughter, name unknown, b about 1622; m a Mr. Allen at Boston; d previous to 1670, left one child, mentioned in the will of Edward 1670. Mary, b about 1625; m a Mr. Twitchell; and their children, Joseph and Mary were mentioned in the will of 1670, so it is evident that she d previous to that date.

Third generation: Children of Edward and Elizabeth (Roosa) Riggs. Edward, b at Roxbury, about 1636; m Mary _____; had ten children. Samuel, b about 1640, m Sarah, daughter of Richard Baldwin 1667. She died and he m second wife Mrs. Sarah Washburn May 16, 1713. He d 1738; had nine children — all by first wife. Joseph, b about 1642, m Hannah, daughter of John Browne. His will dated Jan. 1689; names of children, John, Samuel, Zopher and Elizabeth. His widow m second husband Aaron Thompson.

Fourth generation: Children of Edward and wife Mary. Anna, b about 1662, m J. Gage. James, b about 1664, m. _____ _____. Mary, b about 1666, m Joseph Lindsley. Edward, b about 1668, m Aphia Stoughton. John, b about 1669, m Frances Colbeern. Joseph, b 1675, m _____ _____. Martha, b about 1677, m S. Freeman. Elizabeth, b about 1678, m John Lyon. Samuel, b 1681, m _____ _____. Charity, b 1685, m John Bowers.

Fifth generation: Children of Joseph b at Newark in 1675, settled at Orange, N.J., and d there Sept. 11, 1744. Josiah, b about 1703, m _____ _____. Miles, b about 1705, m Elizabeth Whitney June 25, 1735 at Norwalk, Conn. He was a sailor, and d at New York Dec. 24, 1753. Hannah, b about 1707, m a Mr. Hedden. Mary, b about 1709, m Thomas Cushman. Benjamin, b 1711, m _____. Gideon, b at Orange in 1713, m _____. Removed to Morristown, N.J., in 1746. His wife d May 17 1785. He d Jan. 25, 1786. Had eight children —settled in Morris County. Dinah, b about 1716. Zebulon, b Jan. 23, 1719, m Elizabeth _____; settled at Mendham, Morris Co., N.J., and d there Dec. 12, 1780. Joseph, b 1720, m Abigail _____ in 1745. He was a member of the Committee of Safety of Essex Co., N.J. His will dated Jan. 31, 1798, proved Aug. 29, 1798. Had eight children. Daniel, b May 29, 1724, m Sarah Lamson Nov. 23, 1748. She d Sept. 24, 1776. He m second wife Rhoda Condict. Died at Orange, N.J., Nov. 4, 1786, had ten children, of which many settled in Morris County. Sarah, b about 1726, m Thomas Roberts.

Sixth generation: Children of Zebulon of Mendham. Preserve, b at Mendham in 1746, m Puah Hudson in 1769, and d at his home there Apr. 5, 1821. Experience, b about 1749, d Dec. 14, 1759. Elias, b about 1751. Sarah, b about 1753.

Seventh generation: Children of Preserve Riggs. Rev. Elias, b Apr. 1, 1770 at Mendham; m Margaret (Conger) Hudson, widow of David. Was Presbyterian minister, d Feb. 25, 1825. Mary, b about 1772, m Moses Blachley of Mendham. Hannah, b about 1775, m David Cook of Geneva, N.Y. Silas, b July 14, 1779, m Harriet Rose, daughter of David and Mary (Rogers) Rose of Southhampton, L.I., Sept. 28, 1803. She was b July 17, 1784, died Oct. 16, 1853. He died at Succasunna, N.J., June 5, 1847.

Eight generation: Children of Silas and Harriet (Rose) Riggs. Mary R. b July 28, 1805, d Sept. 18, 1806. Nancy Herrick, b July 1807, m Caleb Wheeler of Sparta, N.J. Dr. Jeter Rose, b Jan. 20, 1809, never married; was physician at Oak Ridge, N.J.; was senator; d at Paterson, N.J., Nov. 5, 1869. Albert Rose, b at Succasunna Mar. 16, 1812, m Nancy, daughter of John H. Stanborrough of Milton, N.J., June 26, 1839. He d at Newfoundland Jan. 3, 1881. Silas Alexander, b Dec. 6, 1813, m Mary McCabe Aug. 25, 1840, settled at Madison, Pa. Elizabeth Brown, b Jan. 19, 1816, m Alpha Durham of Pa. Edward H. b Feb. 14, 1818, d at Smithfield, Ky. Harriet Rose, b Sept. 13, 1820, m Rev. Erastus Ripley. Emma L. b Nov. 16, 1824, d Apr. 17, 1833. Charles Warner, b Oct. 6, 1827, d Mar. 1, 1848.

Ninth generation: Children of Albert Rose Riggs. Jeter Rose, b June 3, 1840, m Martha L. daughter of William Eckhart Mar. 19, 1773 [sic]. Residence: Milton, N.J. John Stanborrough, b May 31, 1842. Emma Louisa, b Sept. 6, 1844, m Theodore F. King May 21, 1873. Mary Elizabeth, B July 31, 1849, d Sept. 2, 1851. Nancy Wheeler, b Aug. 10, 1852, m W. Edward King 1876. Harriet, b Apr. 4, 1856, m Rev. Joseph L. Potter, missionary to Persia. Alberta Rose, b Mar. 11, 1861, m Sidney T. Smith of Dover; d July 27, 1887.

Tenth generation: Children of Jeter and Martha (Eckhart) Riggs. Mary Elizabeth, b Dec. 27, 1873, m Jesse Salmon Dec. 24, 1901. Albert Rose, b May 16, 1875, m Bessie Miller of Bellefontaine, O., Dec. 17, 1902. William Eckhart, b July 12, 1877, d Oct. 28, 1893. Joseph Potter, b Dec. 20, 1879.


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