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Source - The First Presbyterian Church, Morristown, NJ - The Combined Register.


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Abeel, Joanna; m. 12 Nov. 1783, to Major Leonard Bleeker.
  {Aber, Aaron
  {Martha Easton; m. Nov. 1793; C. 18 Aug., 1797; "moved away."
      Hannah, b. 27 July, 1794; B.f.w. 4 May, 1798.
      Timothy Johnes, b. 14 April, 1797; B.f.w., 4 May, 1798.
Aber, Christian; m. 26 Feb. 1759, to Anne Margaret Battleren.
Aber, Elizabeth; m. 9 June, 1790, to William Denman
Aber, Israel; m. 29 Feb. 1756, to Dorothea Leonard. Rev War
Aber, John; m. 21 Jan., 1745, to Mary Hulbard.
Abers, Polly, wid.; m. 4 Dec., 1813, to Samuel Nestor.
Aber, Susan Louisa; B. & C. 31 July, 1881.
  {Ackley, Erastus J., of Newark.
  {Elizabeth D. Marvin, dg. Dr. Jonathan; m. 14 March, 1843; L. 1 Feb. 1862, fr. 1st Ref. D. Ch., Newark; dis.5
      Elizabeth M.; L. 1 Feb. 1862, fr. 1st Ref. D. Ch., Newark; dis.5
      Henrietta A.; L. " " fr. " " " , dis.5
Adams, Aaron, of N.Y.; m. 10 Mar., 1880, to Mary Bell Hockenbery.
Adams, Joseph, (colored); d. 30 April, 1851, aet. 98.
Adams, William; d. 6 May, 1826, aet. 47.
Adams, Chloe, wid.; d. 18 July, 1800, aet. 42.
Adams, John, of Woodbridge; m. 23 Sept., 1770, to Agnish Boys, wid.
Adams, Lidia, wid.; m. 29 Oct., 1769, to Matthew Rue, both of Hunterdon.
Adamson, Elizabeth, w. William; L. 28 Dec., 1815, fr. Hanover; [d. 20 Feb. 1836, aet. 75]
[Adamson, John; C., but record of reception cannot be found]; d. 24 Nov., 1881.
Adamson, Phebe, 1st. w. [or dg.?] William; d. 27 Aug., 1813, aet. 19.
Adamson, William, of Camden, S.C.; m. 22 May, 1827, to Frances A. Carmichael, dg. David.
Adamson, William O.; m. 28 May, 1871, to Marietta A. Mills, dg. William Freeland.
Ader, Prince, (colored); d. 17 Nov. 1847, aet. 50.
  {Addison, William; C. 27 June, 1808; dis. 29 June 1810; returned 1 Nov., 1811;
  {Catherine ———  C. 27 June, 1818; dis. 29 June 1810; returned 1 Nov., 1811;
                            [non.4(it appears as if the date that Catherine became a Communicant is a typo and should read 27 June, 1808)
      Sally Ann, b. 17 Dec. 1804; B. 11 Jan. 1809.
      John Montgomery, b. 15 March, 1808; B. 11 Jan., 1809.
Aikman, Alexander; m. 8 Jan., 1764, to Elizabeth Lewis.
Akeman, Margaret; m. 18 Jan., 1753, to John Brown, of Somerset.
  {Akeman, William; R.C. 12 Aug., 1758.
  {Letitia Bailees; m. 8 Dec., 1756; R.C. 12 Aug., 1758.
      Jane; B. 20 Aug., 1758; [m. 13 April 1777, to John Beach]
      Hannah; B.f.w. 29 March, 1761.
      Rebecca; B.f.w. 14 Oct., 1770.
Albertson, Emma F., of Blairstown; m. 22 Sept., 1874, to Charles M. Keepers.

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  {Alexander, Thomas; C.  30 March, 1860; dis. 1 Oct., 1865, to New Vernon.
  {Margaret McAlister; m. 30 March, 1858;     "              "                  "
      Jane A.; B. 30 March, 1860
      Tryphena; B. 2 Aug., 1862.
Allen, Aaron, of So. Hanover; m. 28 Nov., 1750, to Abigail Bonel, of Turkey.



Information from The Combined Register has been broken into multiple web pages to make for easier access. Some of the original page formatting has been adapted to web page use. The book contains 327 pages plus numerous pages of notes that appear to have been added by unknown members of the Genealogical Society of New Jersey. Any notes that I have personally added to the pages will be found in red. Considering the number of pages that will need to be transcribed, please be patient.

Information that is in the book as handwritten notes will be found in a bold dark red i.e., Rev War.


1, 2, 3, &c.,—Communicant Roll of date indicated above.

L.—received by letter.



b. —born.

M.1742—Communicant at settlement of Dr. Johnes.

B. —baptized.

non 2, or 3, &c. —not on Roll indicated by figure

B.f.h. —Baptized on husband’s account.

ord. —ordained.

B.f.w. —Baptized on wife’s account.

q.v. —Consult under last name.

C. —became Communicant.

R.C. —Renewed Covenant.

Ch. —Church

R.L. —Reserved List, absent & unknown, 1885.

d. —died or buried.

s. —son.

dg. —daughter.

serv. —servant.

dis. —dismissed by letter.

susp. —suspended.

Exc. —excommunicated.

w. —wife of.

fr. —from.

wid. —widow.

Names of Communicants are printed in heavy faced type; those who only Renewed Covenant, or remained "Half-way Members," are in italics; those of children are indented under the names of their parents. The brace { connects names of husband and wife.

Remarks or conjectures made by the Compiler are enclosed [sic] in brackets, thus [ ]; and doubtful conjectures are followed by the sign of interrogation[?].


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