Necrology & Fatal Accidents 1889-1892
Morris Co. Up

Iron Era Newspaper

Information for these pages was gleaned from the Iron Era Newspaper. Every December the newspaper would recap the highlights of the preceding year, including a Necrology and a list of Fatal Accidents. Here you will find that information from 1889 through 1892. By 1893 the Iron Era had stopped this annual event. Information from the Necrology list gave the date of death, persons name, and I believe place of residence [although it may be place of death], and their age. The list of Fatal Accidents included the date of accident [or date of death], persons name and description of accident.

As you are reading the list you will notice areas with [?]. This indicates that I could not determine what the information was, or was not positive about it. Unfortunately the microfilm copies of the newspaper were not always very readable. Please use this list only as a guide to further research, and not as an unquestioned source.

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