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Iron Era Necrology & Fatal Accidents

SurnameGiven   AgeNote
CA[?]NTHERSMatthew19Jan189081New Vernon
CAMPBELLWm.19Sep1890 fireman, Morristown, killed on the railroad
CANFIELDAlfred W., Mrs.05Apr189181Morristown
CANFIELDAug. C.05May189149Ex-Senator, Succasunna
CARDLouis04Nov1890 Pompton Plains, killed by gunning accident
CASEHenry26May1891 killed on the railroad at Butler
CASKEYNelson C.07Nov188973Flanders
CASKEYSamuel C.28Mar189083Mt. Olive
CAVANAGHAnn, Mrs.25Sep189198Mt. Pleasant
CHAMBERLAINHorace04Oct189176Oak Ridge
CHAMPIONWm.26Aug1890 killed on railroad at New Foundland
CHILDSLuther31Apr189070Chester [paper showed date as 31]
CLASSJames12Apr1890 body found drowned at Boonton
CLAWSONDavid18Nov1891 Draketown
CLIFFORDMaggie16Oct1889 drowned in canal at Rockaway
COBEYCatherine, Mrs.11Mar189096Hibernia
COLECarroll24Apr1890 brakeman, killed on railroad at Butler
COLLIERMrs.05Jan1892 Dover
CONKLINCharlotte, Mrs.06Oct189197Brook Valley
CONRADJabez, Mrs.21Jan1892 Dover
COOKChas. J.17Dec188884?Morristown
COOKchild20Nov1890 child of Frank Cook, Chester, died from the effects of scalds
COOKJohn23Sep189262Port Oram
COOKPeter I.07Jun1890 Montville, over 70
COOKWilliam F.19Jan1892 Montville
COOPERDavid, Mrs.25May189288Franklin
COOPERStephen18Nov189180New Foundland
CORIELLJas. N.11Apr189061Morristown
CORWINWm. H.H.27Apr188976Succasunna
CORYSilas D.12Oct189080Morristown
COSSSamuel, Sr.01Aug189080Dover
COTTRELLC. J.12Feb189163Stanhope
COXMary, Mrs.24Aug189098Madison, (col.)
CRAIGDaniel D.18Apr189165Basking Ridge
CRANEAzariah21Jan189271Lower Montville
CROSSAnna B., Mrs.07Jun188985Morristown
CURTISEthel13Aug1891 drowned in Shongum Lake
DAFFYFrank26Aug1890 killed in Hurd mine, Port Oram
DALMANHenry01Jun1891 Mt. Hope
DANLEYAsher10Aug1891 fatally injured by a fall from a window at the poor house
DAVENPORTArthur02Dec1889 Dover, drowned at No. 5 canal plane
DAVENPORTFannie, Mrs.04Apr188991Greenville
DAVENPORTSilas11Apr188980Oak Ridge
DAVISJohn01Dec1888 Stanhope, died from injuries caused by a derrick
DAVISPhebe, Mrs.30Jul189093Morristown
DAYF. W.08Feb1892 Chatham
DAYHannibal, Gen.26Mar189187Morristown
DAYJ. Oliver28Jan1892 Chatham
DAYSamuel T.08Feb1892 Morristown
DE CAMPNancy, Mrs.15Aug189185Succasunna
DE CAMPRebecca, Mrs.25Dec188880Chester
DE GRAWPeter30Jul189185Marcella
DE GRAWRobert04Sep1890 killed in the Hibernia mine
DE HARTChas. C.23Jan189042Mt. Freedon
DE HARTJohn08Jan189284Green Village
DE HARTLuke C.24Nov1889 Madison
DE HARTLuke C.19Nov1889 Madison, thrown from his carriage and killed
DEMEOMichael21Aug1889 miner, killed at Hibernia
DERRYJohn J.28Jun189160Morristown
DINEJoseph10Aug1891 railroad employee, killed at Morris Plains
DOREMUSAnn, Mrs.30Oct188990Montville
DOWDJohn18Sep1890 killed in the mine at Hibernia
DOYLEMary, Mrs.26Sep188984Morristown
DRAKEGeorge12Jul1889 Conductor, killed at Port Morris
DRAKENelson H.22Jun188966Flanders
DROWELLWm. Lindsley02Mar18897[?]Morristown
DURLINGJas. G.10Feb189074Green Village
ELLISchild20Jul1890 child of William Ellis, Whippany, drowned in the river
ELLISElizabeth, Mrs.18May189079Port Oram
ELLISFrank03Jul1891 killed on the draw bridge at Dover
ELLISMrs.20May1890 Aged Mrs. Ellis drowned in canal at Port Oram
ESTENGeo. W.26Jul188982Boonton


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