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Iron Era Necrology & Fatal Accidents

SurnameGiven   AgeNote
FAIRCHILDMary, Mrs.05Dec188881Washington Valley
FAIRCHILDNancy B., Mrs.12Jan189287Malapardis
FAIRLIEGeo.08Apr1891 body of Geo. Fairlie, of Newark, found drowned in a mill race at Troy Hills
FARMERCharles05Mar1890 killed on a railroad near Chatham
FARRANDMary Z., Mrs.15Feb188982Boonton
FARRANDSarah, Miss16Jun189087Boonton
FELCHBenj. M30Dec188868Madison
FERBERJosie, Miss06Aug1890 drowned in Lake Hopatcong
FIRSTBROOKWm.25Jun1892 killed in Mt. Hope mines
FISHERAnna, Mrs.21Dec189090Fairmount
FLEMINGWm.03Sep1890 Naughright, died from the effects of a moving machine accident
FORCECyrus G.15Sep189088Drakesville
FORCEIsaac14Jan1892 Washington township
FORCEJohn C.02Sep189262Dover
FORCEWm. A.19Jul189180Madison
FOSTERJohn19May1890 Chatham, killed on the railroad
FREEMANWm. B.28Sep189081Morristown
FROMEJohn10Sep189282German Valley
GA[?]BYD.F., Mrs.09Feb188981near Boonton
GALLAGHERHugh11Nov1891 killed on railroad at Netcong
GALLAGHERMary, Mrs.31Aug1891100Mt. Hope
GALLIGANPatrick, Mrs.28Oct189087Mt. Hope
GOULDEvelina L., Mrs.24Jun188982Morristown
GOULDHarriet, Mrs.06Nov189087Washington Valley
GRAHAMO[?]11Nov1889 drowned in canal near Port Oram
GREENAbner C.11Jan189275Green Village
GREENWhitfield12Jul189181Washington Valley
GUERINB. C.02Dec189055Morristown
GUERNEYMichael12Aug1890 near madison, killed on the railroad
GULICKMargaret, Mrs.01Jan189292Morristown
GULICKReuben21Aug1889 of Port Morris, brakeman, fatally injured by overhead bridge
GUSCOTTHenry31Oct1890 killed in the Orchard mine, Port Oram
GUSTINChas.28Mar1890 Rockaway, died from injuries
HALLOWAYJane, Mrs.21Feb189192Parsippany
HALLOWAYW. W., Mrs.29Jan1892 Morris Plains
HARPERGeo23Nov1891 Andover employee, Hibernia, killed by fall from trestle
HARRISHarriet J., Mrs.16Jan189190Morristown
HARVEYLevi, Mrs.13Sep189180Ironia
HASLAMEdward P.15Oct1889 Whippany, thrown from his carriage and killed
HATHAWAYJoseph, Mrs.07Jan189269Dover
HAVERBORNdaughters07Dec1889 two little daughters of Hansell Haverborn drowned at Morris Plains
HEADLEYJos. W.14Jul189068Milton
HEAGANP. O., Mrs.04Sep1892 Dover
HEAGEN [?]Owen26Feb188978Dover
HEATHSarah, Mrs.27Jul1892103Peapack
HEDDENWm. M.10Feb1891 killed apparently by accident near Dover
HEDGESSmith E., Dr.01Apr189262Chester
HEFFERMANBartholomew27Sep1890 killed in the Baker mine, Mine Hill
HENRYWm. J.21Aug1891 killed at Port Oram by a fall from a wagon
HILDEBRANTBetsy, Miss13Feb189097Fairmount
HILLJoseph, Jr.27Dec1888 miner, fatally injured at Mt. Hope
HITCHENSJoseph18Feb1892 Mt. Hope
HOFFMANEleanor, Mrs.24May188982Morristown
HOFFMANFrank22Jun1891 Middle Valley, died from the kick of a horse
HONEJohn29Dec1891 Morristown
HONNELLJohn A.03Apr189163Succasunna
HOPKINSDaniel G.12Jul189188Old Boonton
HOPPINGEliza S., Mrs.25Mar189192Afton
HOWARDThomas09Aug1889 miner, killed in Teabo mine
HOWELLMatthias B.23Nov189082Pleasant Hill
HOWELLWm. H.15Jul188949[?]Ex Sheriff, Whippany
HOWLANDPhebe, Mrs.26Apr188988Lower Montville
HUFFPeter26May1891 killed in runaway accident at Morristown
HULLJohn07Aug1890 drowned in Pocohontas Lake, Morristown
HUMMERJohn07May1889 fireman, killed by a collision on Central R.R., near Port Oram
HUPPERBenjamin13Aug1892 Jefferson township
HURDMary, Mrs.17Feb188984Dover


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