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Iron Era Necrology & Fatal Accidents

SurnameGiven   AgeNote
MACKINPatrick20Apr1891 Hibernia, killed in Andover mine
MACKLESONEmil16Jan1889 killed in Morristown by a fall from a building
MAGATHANchild19Apr1890 child of Andrew Magathan, Morristown, burned to death
MANATTEADominico31Jul1891 killed by caving in of trench at Landing
MARSHChas., Mrs.02Apr188982Morristown
MARSHW. W.30Aug189265Schooley's Mountain
MARTENSWm.02Apr188976Schooley's Mt.
MASEJohn G.15Jul189282Dover
MASTFred12May1890 Lake Hopatcong
MAULLElizabeth C., Mrs.10Sep189196Madison
MC CARTYWilliam18Dec188958Rockaway
MC CONNELLDavid06Aug1889 Dodge Mine, run over by his wagon and killed
MC CORDLarey[?], Mrs.22Nov1891 Succasunna
MC COYAmelia09Jan188981Morristown
MC DAVITWm. H.20Mar189152Ex-Surogate, Dover
MC DOUGALChristine, Mrs.07Mar188986Budd's Lake
MC GARRYPatrick06Feb189270Mine Hill
MC GOWANJohn06May188978Morristown
MC GUINNESSFrank29Jun1891 drowned in Speedwell Lake, Morristown
MC GUIREBridget, Mrs.31Oct189184Mine Hill
MC GUIREPatrick10Oct1890 killed in engine house of Dickerson mine, Mine Hill
MC GUIREWm.12Jun189080Mine Hill
MC LAUGHLINJas.07Feb188964Dover
MEADHerman B.14Nov189084New Vernon
MEEKEREliza, Mrs.17Apr189183Morristown
MEGIEBurtis C., Rev.12Jun189076Dover
MELFORDJohn S.17May188983Hanover Neck
MELICKC. Sharps26Jan189265Middle Valley
MENAGHJ. V., Dr.12Mar1891 Rockaway, disappeared
MERRITTMary, Mrs.11Feb189183Dover
MERRITTPhoebe F.19Sep189284Rockaway
MIELKEOscar07Sep1891 drowned in Lake Hopatcong
MILLENElias25Sep189080Mine Hill
MILLERchild19Jul1890 child of Wm. Miller, near Boonton, drowned in a spring
MILLEREmmett S.17Oct1891 Chester township, killed by an injection of carbolic acid
MILLERFreddie21Aug1889 Lower Whippany, drowned
MILLERJonathan26May189180Green Village
MINGSusanna, Miss21Apr189081Chester
MITCHELLJas.26Aug1890 killed in Hurd mine, Port Oram
MITCHELLMary Ann, Mrs.08Mar188985Morristown
MOONEYDaniel29Apr1891 brakeman, fatally injured at Port Morris
MOONEYNicholas13Nov1890 killed in the Teabo mine
MOREHOUSEAlfred01Dec189082Pine Brook
MORGANGarrett12Mar1892 Boonton, died from injuries received at fire
MOSSJohn19Feb1889 Parsippany, died from injuries while felling a tree
MULFORDPhebe, Mrs.28Feb189284Boonton
MUNNJohn L., Dr.12May189075Chatham
MUTCHLERchild26Apr1891 child of Ellsworth Mutchler, killed at Ironia by swallowing carbolic acid
NAUGHRIGHTTheo.21Mar1892 German Valley
NEIGHBOURSylvester24Jan189280Middle Valley
NICHOLLSJosiah10Jan1890 died from injuries received in the Allen mine
NIXMary, Mrs.15Jan189098Rockaway
NIXONClifford, Mrs.04Jan1892 Dover
NIXONTemperance, Mrs.19Sep189191Mt. Freedom
NORRISLawrence22Apr1891 killed on Ferro Monte Railroad, Mine Hill
NORTHWOODThos.22Jan1891 drawn through the rolls at the Boonton Rolling Mills and killed
NUNNEli T.05Sep1889 brakeman, of German Valley, killed in Dover

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