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The Iron Era newspaper in 1881 did not publish a separate Necrology as it did in later years. In this Holiday edition there were two main sections: The Record of 1880, a month by month recap, and Interesting Facts. From The Iron Era Holiday Edition published on December 17, 1881 we have:

Interesting Facts

  • The first M.E. Church in Dover was built in 1838
  • Washington township was founded in the year 1798
  • Chester township was formed from Roxbury in 1799
  • The first house in Dover to be painted white was in 1841
  • The wife of ex-President Fillmore was a native of Morristown
  • In 1664 two men bought up all New Jersey for ten shillings
  • In 1795 Morristown was the only post town in Morris County
  • Rev. James Tuttle was the first clergyman settled at Parsippany in 1763
  • A militia company in Dover in 1833 was known as the Randolph cadets
  • In 1776 there was a school in Dover on the site of Vought & Killgore's store
  • The census taken last August showed 930 children of school age in Dover
  • The last year Port Oram furnace was ran it made nearly 18,000 tons of iron
  • Schooley's Mountain derived its name from Wm. Schooley, an early settler
  • Log school houses were erected at Pine Brook and Lower Montville about 1760
  • A nest of tories made their headquarters at Rockaway Valley during the Revolution
  • The date of the settlement of Morristown is not certainly known, but it was about 1710
  • The first church in Morris County was the Presbyterian church at Whippany built in 1718
  • On Jan. 1st, 1781, the Pennsylvania troops of the revolutionary army at Morristown revolted
  • In the war of the Revolution the village of Morristown numbered a population of about 250
  • The first Military Company in Morris County was formed at Whippany in 1775 under Capt. Morris

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