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Biographical and Genealogical History of Morris County New Jersey. Illustrated. Vol. II., Lewis Publishing Company, New York and Chicago, 1899.

Mr. Arthur, who is the superintendent of the Richards mines at Port Oram, -owned by the Thomas Iron Company,-was born in Cornwall, England, on the 14th of January, 1844, and when a child of two years old was brought to America by his parents, John and Jane (Carkett) Arthur. John Arthur, who had been employed in the copper and tin mines in his native country for a number of years, after his emigration to the United States followed mining in the Durham iron mines of Pennsylvania for some time. He died at that place in 1887, and his wife also passed away in Durham, Bucks county, that state in 1892. Of their six sons and two daughters five are living. John is employed in the cement mines of New Jersey; William H. is employed in cement mines in Pennsylvania; Anna is the wife of William Kemp, a bell-maker in East Hampton, Connecticut; and Jane is the wife of John Reynolds, who resides at Irvington, New York, on the banks of the Hudson.

Between the ages of two and nine years old, James Arthur remained in Durham, Pennsylvania, where he attended the common schools. He then went to the West Indies with his uncle, Joseph Arthur, and attended school in Jamaica until his twelfth year, when he returned to Durham and entered the employ of the Durham Iron Works, working in their mines until his seventeenth year. From that place he removed to Hancock, Michigan, where he was employed in the copper mines of Houghton county for nine years. Then he returned east, locating in Trumbull, Connecticut, where he was employed to take charge of mining operations and continued in that position for five years. The next seven years he spent at Virginia City, Nevada; then, returning to Belvidere, New Jersey, he took charge of the mines owned by the Shoemaker Mining Company.

In December, 1894, he arrived at Port Oram to assume the management of the Richards mines of the Thomas Iron Company, and has since acted in the capacity of superintendent, having charge of four hundred men. He is thoroughly conversant with the business of mining in all of its departments and is therefore well qualified to fill the position. Under his supervision the mine is so worked as to yield a good product, and the enterprise is a profitable one. He merits the unqualified confidence of the company, for his fidelity to it's interests is above question. His fairness to the employees has also won their respect and faithful service, and in business circles in this part of the country he is highly esteemed.

In his political views Mr. Arthur is a Republican, and is now serving as a member of the township committee. He is a member of Warren Lodge, No. 13, F. & A.M., at Belvidere, and among his brethren of the fraternity is regarded as a valued addition to their ranks, owing to his allegiance to the vows of the order, and also to his genial, affable nature.

Mrs. Arthur's father, William Anderson, was born in Portland, Maine, was a soldier in the war of 1812, and afterward a prominent business man of Baileyville, Washington county, that state. He married Sarah Anne Thorton, whose great-grandfather, Andrew Thornton, was the brother of Matthew Thornton, the signer of the Declaration of Independence. Her grandfather, Matthew Thornton, named for his uncle just mentioned, was born in Londonderry, New Hampshire, and was a captain in the colonial army; and her father, Joseph Thornton, was also a soldier in the revolutionary war. The record, or family Bible, giving the data of the Thornton family is in the possession of Mrs. McBean, of Calais, a relative, and is one hundred and twenty-two years old.

Of William Anderson's family there are one son and four daughters living. Those besides Mrs. Arthur are: Harris W. Anderson, of Baileyville, who was a soldier in the Civil war; Mrs. E.J. Farrar, of Milltown, Maine; Mary Rebekah, the wife of Captain David A. Swain; and Miss Martha L. Anderson, of Calais. Mrs. Arthur has a niece, who is the wife of Hon. G. M. Hanson. the bible containing the record of the Anderson family is kept by Dr. A.K.P. Meserve, of Portland, Maine, a cousin of Mrs. Arthur.

Transcribed by Christopher Cresta

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