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Biographical and Genealogical History of Morris County New Jersey. Illustrated. Vol. II., Lewis Publishing Company, New York and Chicago, 1899.

The BAKER family, of which the subject of sketch (as well as William Hedges BAKER, whose biography appears elsewhere) was a member, is of English descent. The earliest history of the family in this country dates from the settlement of Easthampton, on Long Island, where Thomas BAKER, who had emigrated from England, first settled some time previous to 1700, and from which place he removed to Connecticut Farms (now Union County) where he died.

Jeremiah BAKER, father of Henry, was born August 28, 1770, near Westfield, New Jersey, where his father, Henry BAKER, resided. He learned his trade of tanner and currier and also that of shoemaker, with his brother-in-law, Ziba LUDLOW, at Mendham, New Jersey, and removed to a point near Mount Pleasant (in what was then Pequannock township) near Dover, in June 1792. Here, having worked at his trade about three years, he bought the property of Josiah BEAMAN, built a tannery and carried on the business until he was succeeded by his sons Henry and William H. In addition to his tanning business he was a large land-owner, owning at the time much of the site of Dover. He was also extensively engaged in iron manufacture. He was a man of great industry, very conscientious and just in his dealings with his fellow men. He was a liberal supporter of the Rockaway Presbyterian Church, of which he was a ember more than forty years. In 1798 he was married to Mary, daughter of Andrew KING. She was born June 9, 1778. Her children were Andrew K., Henry, Elizabeth (who married James B. CARROLL), William H., Nancy W. (Mrs. William H. SPENCER), Phebe H. (wife of John DeHART, or Parsippany), and Margaret.

Henry BAKER was born at the homestead near Dover, April 29, 1801. He was reared a tanner and a shoemaker, but as he grew older he engaged extensively in other departments of business in partnership with his brother William H. They jointly carried on the business of tanning and currying, milling and manufacturing iron, as well as farming. They were also joint owners of several valuable iron mines.

Mr. BAKER was married October 30, 1869, to Lydia J. JENNERS. They have no children. He has always been a resident of the town in which he was born, and by industry, energy and perseverance he has acquired an ample competency.

Transcribed by Christopher Cresta

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