James H. Berry
Morris Co. Up

Biographical and Genealogical History of Morris County New Jersey. Illustrated. Vol. II., Lewis Publishing Company, New York and Chicago, 1899.

The subject of this memoir, as a contractor and builder, was long closely connected with the material development of Madison, Morris county, New Jersey, of which place he became a resident in 1861. Some of the facts regarding his life and ancestry are herewith recorded:

James H. BERRY was born at Pompton Plains, Morris county, New Jersey, June 26, 1833, his birthplace being the same as that of his father and grandfather, Henry H. BERRY and Henry BERRY respectively. The progenitors of the BERRYS in America came to this country from England, landing here at an early day, three brothers of that name coming together. Samuel settled in New York, Martin in New Jersey, and the name and settlement of the third are unknown. From Martin is the subject of our sketch descended. Martin being the father of Henry. Henry BERRY and his son, Henry H., were both prominent men in their day and place, the former serving in various local offices, for thirty years being a justice of the peace. Henry H. BERRY, who was born in 1800, lived to a venerable age, his death occurring in 1881. He, too, filled many local offices of prominence and trust. He married Miss Elizabeth MANDEVILLE, daughter of Captain James MANDEVILLE. Captain MANDEVILLE was an officer in the war of 1812 and was for a number of years a resident of Pompton Plains, where he died about 1840. Mrs. Elizabeth BERRY died in 1868, leaving two children, namely: James H., whose name graces this sketch, and his sister, Sophronia M. who became the wife of Cornelius JACOBUS, who died, and she afterward married Agustus ARFORD, in California in 1893.

The immediate subject of this review, James H. BERRY, passed his boyhood days on his father's farm and early in life learned the trade of brick and stone mason, which be followed, as a contractor, up to the time of his death, having been a resident of Madison for nearly three decades. Within this time he erected many of the business houses and residences of Madison and adjoining towns, among which may be mentioned the Mader Block, Wagner Building, Allen Block, and residences of George Cook, Dr. Aikman, and Mr. Nickson, in Madison, and the new school and bank buildings at Summit.

All these and many others are monuments to his enterprise and skill as a builder. Mr. BERRY was in early life a Whig and "Know-Nothing," and upon the organization of the Republican party became a supporter of its principles, taking a commendable interest in all public affairs. Religiously he was a Presbyterian. He married Miss Mary WILLIAMS, daughter of Jared WILLIAMS, of Pompton Plains, the WILLIAMS, like the BERRYS, have long been residents of Morris county, there first settlement here being at Boonton. Mr. BERRY died April 3, 1898, his death being deeply deplored in the Community where he had so long lived and labored to goodly ends.

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