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Morris Co. Up

Biographical and Genealogical History of Morris County New Jersey. Illustrated. Vol. II., Lewis Publishing Company, New York and Chicago, 1899.

Residing in Chester and holding official preferment as one of the assessors of the township, Mr. BUDD was born in his home city on the 6th of September, 1857, and is a representative of one of the most prominent families in Morris county, a family whose long line of ancestors extends back to colonial history and embraces some of the leading local patriots of the war of the Revolution. John BUDD, the great-great-grandfather of our subject, came from Westchester county, New York, and located at Black River, now Chester township, Morris county, in the early part of the eighteenth century. He was accompanied by a son, Daniel, the great-grandfather of Joseph D., who was born in 1722 and died in 1806. He was the father of Colonel John BUDD, who commanded a regiment of troops in the Revolutionary war, and at the conclusion of that international struggle he settled at BUDD's Lake and was the founder of that branch of the family. His brother, Captain Joseph BUDD, was captain of a company at Sandy Hook during our second war with Great Britain, and was born in 1774, his death taking place in 1827. His wife was a Miss Joanna SWAZY, and his mother, whose maiden name was Mary L'ESTRANGE, was a descendant of French Huguenots.

Hon. Daniel BUDD, son of Captain Joseph and Joanna (SWAZY) BUDD, was born June 8, 1809, and was a gentleman of exceptional natural endowments, possessing a strong intellect and a robust physique. His knowledge concerning all current subjects was full and complete, and his capability as an expounder of the doctrines of his party resulted in his being conceded the leader of Democracy in his part of the county. He was elected to the assembly and after an honorable career as a member of that distinguished body he was chosen state senator. In the senate he was chairman of the committee on appropriations. In his township he had served as freeholder for many years and wielded a commanding influence on the board. Mr. BUDD was as successful in business matters as he was in politics and for many years he was engaged in the manufacture of malleable iron. He was a state director of the Camden & Amboy Railroad, and to him was due in a large measure the building of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western branch of railway to Chester. He possessed a philanthropic disposition, was kind and sympathetic in his treatment of the poor, in whose behalf his purse was ever open, and in 1869 he erected in Chester a ladies' boarding school which was a popular place for the education and training of young women for many years. Mr. BUDD's death occurred on the 1st of June, 1873. On the 25th of February 1847, he married Miss Mary HUNT, a daughter of John HUNT, of Sussex county, and of the children born of this union, two survive,

  • Joseph D., the subject of this review, and
  • Anna H., the wife of John D. EVANS of New York city.

Joseph D. BUDD has passed his entire life in Chester, obtaining his mental discipline in the public schools and in Wilson Seminary, at East Hampton, Massachusetts. His preliminary business training was received in Eastman's Business College, at Poughkeepsie, after which his first venture on his own responsibility was to go to Jefferson City, Montana, whey he held a clerkship for one year, after which he returned. to Chester and engaged in merchandising. He continued in this line of endeavor for five years and then embarked in the stock-dealing business, combined with which he followed farming, and met with a high degree of success.

In his political faith Mr. BUDD is an ardent advocate of Democracy, and has devoted his energies and talents to the support of his chosen party. He has on numerous occasions been associated with the town of Chester in an official way; he was elected collector in 1886, 1887 and 1888, and in 1897 he was chosen town assessor. He is a public-spirited citizen, alert and active in supporting all beneficent measures, and is accorded that distinguished consideration which is merited by all men who possess such exalted principles.

The marriage of Mr. BUDD was solemnized on the 12th of June, 1878, when he became united to Miss Jennie SPENCER, a daughter of William N. SPENCER, and two children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. BUDD, namely:

  • Mary H. and
  • Daniel S.

This biography was scanned and contributed by Catherine Smith DeMayo.


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