George O. Cummins, M.D.
Morris Co. Up

Biographical and Genealogical History of Morris County New Jersey. Illustrated. Vol. II., Lewis Publishing Company, New York and Chicago, 1899.

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Dr. CUMMINS, who is engaged in the practice of medicine and surgery in Dover, was born near Vienna, Warren county, New Jersey, on the 2d of January, 1843, and is descended from one of the pioneer families of the state. The first American ancestors of the family came from Flanders, Europe, and established homes in this state, being among the first settlers. The great- grandfather of the Doctor was born in New Jersey, as were the grandparents, George and Susan (JOHNSON) CUMMINS. His parents were Johnson J. and Matilda W. (EMERY) CUMMINS, both natives of Warren county, where the father followed the occupation of farming. The mother was a daughter of William EMERY.

Dr. CUMMINS, of this review, spent his boyhood days upon his father's farm and acquired his elementary education in the district schools, after which he entered The Pennington Seminary, in Pennington, New Jersey, where he prepared for college. In the fall of 1863 he matriculated in Wesleyan University, of Middletown, Connecticut, where he prosecuted his studies for two years. He then began the study of medicine in the office of Dr. C. C FIELD, of Easton, Pennsylvania, preparing for the most indispensable of all the professions, and a year later entered the medical department of the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated March 13, 1868.

The Doctor entered upon his professional career in Hackettstown, New jersey, where he remained for a year. In November, 1869, he was married to Miss Hattie R. WADE, of that city, the only daughter of Morris WADE. She was a pious and accomplished lady. The Doctor and Mrs. CUMMINS removed to Dover, January 1, 1870, since which time he has devoted his attention and energies largely to his professional duties and is now well established in business. Mrs. CUMMINS became very popular and much respected by a large circle of friends in Dover. In August, 1876, she died suddenly, leaving the Doctor and the community to mourn her loss.

Dr. CUMMINS is a member of the Morris County Medical Society and of the State Medical Society, and is continually carrying forward his investigation of medical-truths, thus adding to an already large and accurate store of knowledge. He is never neglectful, always careful and from the energetic, and faithful performance of each day's duty gains strength and inspiration for the labors of the next.

From a financial point of view Dr. CUMMINS has also met with an enviable success and is possessed of considerable means. In 1892 he erected the CUMMINS block, a fine four-story brick structure, with all the modern improvements,---hot and cold water, and every room having outside light and furnished and arranged with a view to comfort and convenience.

Dr. CUMMINS has always been a stanch advocate of the principles and policies of the Republican party, but has invariably refused to become the incumbent of political office. As more purely touching the line of his profession, he has held at different times, by appointment, the office of city physician of Dover. He has ever manifested a lively interest in all that conserves the progress and prosperity of the city, and has lent his influence to all normal and legitimate enterprises.

This biography was scanned and contributed by Catherine Smith DeMayo.

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