Daniel L. Dalrymple
Morris Co. Up

Biographical and Genealogical History of Morris County New Jersey. Illustrated. Vol. I., Lewis Publishing Company, New York and Chicago, 1899

Mr. DALRYMPLE, a capitalist, now living retired at his pleasant home near Mt. Freedom, belongs to the class of representative American citizens who by the exercise of their splendid business power, perseverance, diligence and sound judgement have overcome all obstacles in the path of success and have reached the goal of prosperity. He was born in Randolph township, on the 30th of March 1826, and is the son of Samuel P. DALRYMPLE, whose birth occurred in Randolph township February 27 1793, his father being John DALRYMPLE, who was also a native of the same township. Samuel P. DALRYMPLE followed the occupation of farming as a life work and passed away on the 4th of March 1865. He married Eliza A. LAWRENCE, a daughter of Daniel LAWRENCE, who was one of the early settlers of the county, taking an active part in its development and progress. He held membership in the Methodist Episcopal church. The LAWRENCE family was first established on Long Island, where the representatives of the name followed the quiet pursuits of the farm.

The boyhood and youth of Daniel L. DALRYMPLE were quietly passed, his attention being devoted to the work of the farm, to the studies of the schoolroom and the sports in which boys of that period most loved to indulge. He pursued his studies in the stone schoolhouse near Warren Grove, now Mt. Freedom, but did much of his studying at nights. After passing his fourteenth year he did not attend school, but preformed a man's work on the farm. Having arrived at maturity, he purchased land for himself and has added to his realty holdings from time to time as his financial resources have increased. Iron ore under laid much of his land, and mines were developed from which he realized a handsome royalty. At the same time he carried on agricultural pursuits, and was widely recognized as one of the most practical, enterprising and successful farmers. His well managed interests, judicious investments and honorable trade transactions have brought him a handsome capital, and in addition to his valuable and highly improved farm, which he now operates through hired help, he has money which he loans on mortgages. He has never been known to show cruelty or oppression in the payment of such debt, but on the contrary is forbearing and considerate at all times fair and honorable.

Mr. DALRYMPLE was united in marriage to Miss Caroline PARSON, daughter of Robert and Ester PARSON. In his political views he is independent, voting for the man rather than the party. He is now resting after many arduous and earnest toil and living in quiet retirement on his farm, where he is surrounded by all the comforts and many luxuries of life. His honesty is proverbial, and his success is the just reward of his own efforts

Transcribed by Ida King

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