The Fairchild Family
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Biographical and Genealogical History of Morris County New Jersey. Illustrated. Vol. II., Lewis Publishing Company, New York and Chicago, 1899.

Dr. Stephen FAIRCHILD, youngest son of Jonathon FAIRCHILD and Sarah Howell, was born in Littleton, Morris township, N.J., October 28th, 1792. At an early age he showed a decided thirst for knowledge, and after a common school education prepared himself for the study of medicine. He studied with Drs. Ebenezer and Charles E. Pierson, of Morristown, and attended medical lectures in Philadelphia. He practiced medicine about a year in New York; then, upon urgent solicitation, he came to Parsippany in 1816, to succeed Dr. Hartwell, who had lately been removed by death. In 1818 he married Euphemia M. daughter of George D. Brinckerhoff and Euphemia Ashfield.

Dr. FAIRCHILD followed his profession with high approbation and success for fifty-six years. His last sickness was one of intense suffering but his faith never wavered. He died surround by his family, July 13th, 1872, and was buried at Parsippany. Dr. FAIRCHILD was not merely a skillful physician, but an earnest and devout Christian; bringing not only healing remedies but the consolation of the gospel to the chambers of the sick and dying. Very few physicians were ever more honored than Stephen FAIRCHILD.

Dr. Richard Van Wyck FAIRCHILD, only son of Dr. Stephen FAIRCHILD and Euphemia M. Brinckerhoff, was born February 22nd, 1819. He was prepared for college at the classical school of Ezra FAIRCHILD, at Mendham, N.J., entered the junior class at Princeton College, N.J., in 1837, and graduated in 1839. He studied medicine with his father, and subsequently with Dr. McClellan, of Philadelphia, and Dr. Mott of New York. Dr. FAIRCHILD entered upon his practice with his father in 1843. He had unquestioned skill as a physician and surgeon. As a friend he was true and steadfast, and generous and kind to the poor. At Princeton he was the college wit, and through life his keen sense of the ludicrous, his abounding humor and powers of imitation formation, made him a most agreeable companion. He was a man of fine physique, a very able writer, of a poetic mind; nor was he deficient in music, having a very well cultivated voice and ear.

In November of 1852, Dr. FAIRCHILD married Elizabeth, daughter of Benjamin Howell, of Troy, N.J., who lived but a few years. June 13th 1866 he married Ruth E., daughter of James H. Tichenor and Lydia T. Nuttmann, or Newark, N.J. He died suddenly February 24th,1874, and was buried with his maternal grandparents and his father in the burial ground at Parsippany, N.J. Dr. FAIRCHILD survived his father scarcely two years; they were loving in their lives and in death not long divided.

Mrs. Euphemia M. FAIRCHILD, daughter of George D. Brinckerhoff and Euphemia Ashfield, was born at Mount Hope, N.J., in September, 1796. Her father, George D. Brinckerhoff, retiring from business, purchased a residence in Parsippany, N.J., to which he moved his family in 1797. It had been a tavern in the Revolutionary times. The old homestead, the birthplace of Dr. Richard V.W. FAIRCHILD, was burned in November 1874, but another house was built in the spring of 1875 by Mrs. R.V.W. FAIRCHILD, on the old site, where Mrs. Euphemia FAIRCHILD is passing her remaining days.

Mrs. FAIRCHILD is a lady of the old school, amiable, educated, refined, and a Christian.

Transcribed by Christopher Cresta

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