George W. Felch
Morris Co. Up

Biographical and Genealogical History of Morris County New Jersey. Illustrated. Vol. II., Lewis Publishing Company, New York and Chicago, 1899.

A well known farmer and dairyman of Chatham township, Mr. FELCH is a native of New York state, having been born in Sullivan county on the 9th of November, 1822, a son of Nathan and Rebecca (SHEPERD) FELCH. The father was born in Massachusetts and the mother in Connecticut, of Welsh ancestors. The father was ordained a Methodist minister and preached the gospel for many years. The children born to Mr. and Mrs. FELCH were:

  • George W.,
  • Isaac N.,
  • Benjamin M.,
  • Julia H.,
  • Charles,
  • Mary Anna, who married Everett TERRELL; and
  • Harriet, who became the wife of Thomas HARRIS.

The father died when our subject was quite young.

George W. FELCH was reared in his native township, where he attended school for a few years, and at an early age he learned the blacksmith's trade, serving an apprenticeship under J. Wider, near Hartford, Connecticut, and afterward working as a journeyman for a short time, previous to coming, to Afton in 1844. Here he established a shop, although several people had attempted to discourage him by saying that several similar attempts had been made, all of which had failed. He assured these pessimists that he would stay one year if he only got enough to pay his board and by his courteous manners, genial disposition and the high order of excellence that characterized all the work done by him, he soon gained many friends and his business rapidly increased. In a short time he purchased the property on which his shop stood and later bought a small farm. In 1869 he found his health failing him from overwork and he consequently sold his place bought a large farm, and he now possesses one hundred and fifty acres of finely cultivated land, on which he has built one of the substantial rural homes in this part of the country. Combined with agriculture he carries on dairying to some extent. Politically Mr. FELCH is a faithful supporter of the Democratic party and is a strong advocate of any measure that will advance the welfare of his Community.

In 1849 Mr. FELCH became united in marriage to Miss Harriet T. WARD, who died shortly thereafter, and in 1851 he contracted another marriage, being then united to Miss Adelia F. ROLL, a native of Madison and a daughter of Jonas and Julia D. (SHIPMAN) ROLL, both of whom represented old families in the county. Their children were:

  • Jonas M.,
  • Stephen B.,
  • Chancellor L.,
  • Philetto H.,
  • Adelia F.,
  • Henrietta C. and
  • Manning P.,

the named being a soldier in the late war of the Rebellion. All of these children are deceased except Henrietta, who married William J. CARTER and lives in New York state.

The children born to Mr. and Mrs. FELCH are as follows:

  • Harriet E., who married Charles F. GUNUNG, of Chatham;
  • Frank W., who married Miss Clara VAN LUAN, and lives in New York;
  • Georgiana, who became the wife of Charles ZUCHSCHWART, and lives in Orange;
  • James W., who married Louisa SHAW and resides in New York;
  • Nathan, who married Miss Nancy BROWN, and makes his residence in Chatham;
  • Augustus;
  • Irving R., who married Neva WILLIAMS and makes his home in Connecticut; and
  • George A., who married Miss Hattie ENGLE, and they live on the home place, assisting their parents in conducting the farm and the dairy business.

Mrs. FELCH is a consistent member of the Hanover Presbyterian church.

This biography was scanned and contributed by Catherine Smith DeMayo.

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