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Biographical and Genealogical History of Morris County New Jersey. Illustrated. Vol. II., Lewis Publishing Company, New York and Chicago, 1899.

A prominent grain merchant and highly respected citizen of Morristown is Mr. JAQUI, who was born at Morris Plains, New Jersey, on the 11th of October, 1867, his parents being Frederick W. and Johannah S. (LINK) JAQUI, both of whom were natives of Germany. Frederick W. JAQUI emigrated to America when a young man and located first in New York city, whence he moved to Livingston, New Jersey, and then, about the year 1863, he went to Morris Plains, Morris county, where he purchased a farm, subsequently selling the same to the state of New Jersey, and upon it is now situated the New Jersey State Hospital. In 1865 Mr. JAQUI became interested, with Mr. Johnson, in a flouring mill at Morris Plains, and later became sole proprietor of the plant, which he operated until 1888, when he was succeeded by his son, Philip, and his son-in-law, George NEFF, the former of whom is now conducting the business. Upon his retirement from active life, the father of our subject removed to Morristown and there passed his remaining days, his death occurring in 1892, at the age of sixty-six years. His widow survives him and resides in this city, at this writing (1897) being in her seventy-first year. To Mr. and Mrs. JAQUI the following children were born:

  • F. William,
  • Eliza,
  • Minnie,
  • Hannah,
  • Louise,
  • Emma,
  • Fredrica and
  • Philip.

Although the father came to this country a poor man, by thrift, industry and perseverance he acquired a comfortable competency and was regarded as an excellent business man, one of undoubted integrity and thoroughly honest and upright in all his dealings.

Philip JAQUI received his fundamental education in the public schools of Morris Plains and Morristown, and in Dr. Fitch's Normal School, at Norwalk, Connecticut, supplementing his literary studies by a course in Coleman's Business College, of Newark, New Jersey. His practical business career began in 1888, when the firm of Jaqui & Company succeeded to his father's milling interests at Morris Plains, and continued to operate the same until 1892, when Mr. JAQUI moved to Morristown and established the firm of Jaqui & Company, dealers in flour, feed and grain. His elevator has a capacity for one hundred and fifty cars ; his business has gradually increased until it has assumed large proportions, and, like his father, he has given the strongest evidence of unusual business ability, which, combined with his energy and probity, has been the factor of his success.

Mr. JAQUI has never taken an active part in political affairs, although he is keenly alive to the welfare of the community and uses his right of elective franchise and has never sought political preferment, rather choosing the career of a business man. In his social relations he is a member of the Masonic fraternity, having been raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in Cincinnati Lodge, No. 3, at Morristown.

In 1894 occurred the marriage of Mr. JAQUI, in which year he was united to Miss Catherine GRIES, of Roseville, New Jersey.

This biography was scanned and contributed by Catherine Smith DeMayo.

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