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Biographical and Genealogical History of Morris County New Jersey. Illustrated. Vol. II., Lewis Publishing Company, New York and Chicago, 1899.

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For many years Mr. MALLEY has been engaged in contracting and building in Morristown. He was born in Basking Ridge, Somerset county, New Jersey, August 26, 1852. His father, Peter MALLEY, a native of county Meath, Ireland, was born in 1827, and married Miss Mary DOLAN, a native of county Kildare, same country. His death occurred October 12, 1892, but his widow is still living and makes her home in Morristown. They were the parents of the following named:

  • Thomas, of this sketch;
  • Elizabeth, wife of William MOONEY,
  • Kate and
  • Annie.

Thomas MALLEY acquired a fair education in the parochial schools of Morristown, and at the age of fifteen secured employment at Washington Headquarters, where he spent one season. He then began learning the mason's trade of the firm of Shauger & Merritt, and served a three-years apprenticeship, after which he worked as a journeyman. In 1879 he was appointed to the position on the police force, by Mayor H. W. Miller, and served in that capacity two years. He then resumed work at his trade, and in 1882 he entered into partnership with Thomas Dempsey and John Cooney, under the firm name of Malley, Dempsey & Cooney, mason builders of Morristown. Thoughout its existence the firm enjoyed, a very liberal patronage and took the contracts for the erection of some of the best buildings of the city, including the McAlpin block, the Morris County Savings Bank, the building of the Young Men's Christian Association, St. Mary's school, the Farrelly and Welsh store buildings, and the residences of George G. Kip, George S. Wylie, E. E. Goggenshall, Giles E. Taintor, Philip Livingston---all of Morristown,--together with the beautiful homes of R. A. McCurdy, C. M. Marsh, R. A. Granniss and R. H. McCurdy of Morris Plains. These are but some of the many excellent structures erected under the supervision of Thomas MALLEY, and they stand in unmistakable testimony of his superior skill and ability in the vocation which he has chosen as a life work. His labors have also been sought in Harrison, New York, Llewellyn Park and Summit, where he has done some very creditable work. In 1897 the partnership of Malley, Dempsey & Cooney was dissolved and our subject has since been alone in business.

When twenty-five years of age Mr. MALLEY was united in marriage, in Morristown, to Miss Margaret MAHER, daughter of James and Mary (HACKETT) MAHER. Mr. MALLEY belongs to the Young Men's Catholic Association, the Catholic Benevolent Legion, the Order of Red Men and the Knights of Honor, in all of which he is regarded as a very popular and valued member. He is also a member of the board of fire wardens.

He has taken an active part in political affairs in the town and county for the past twenty years, and is an earnest and loyal Republican. For six years he was a member of the common council of Morristown, during four years of the time was chairman of the committee on streets, and upon the resignation of Mayor Werts, who assumed the office of governor of New Jersey, Mr. MALLEY became the acting mayor by virtue of the position he held under the city government, and continued as chief executive of Morristown for a period of eight months, discharging the duties pertaining thereto with signal ability and to the entire satisfaction of the public. He was a member of the board of chosen freeholders from Morristown for two years, and took a prominent part in the general movement to procure macadamized roads. He is now holding the office of county superintendent of roads, and in this position, as in all others that he has been called upon to fill, he has discharged his duties with marked promptness and fidelity. He is a public- spirited and progressive citizen and the community regards him as one of its most valued representatives.

This biography was scanned and contributed by Catherine Smith DeMayo.

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