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Biographical and Genealogical History of Morris County New Jersey. Illustrated. Vol. II., Lewis Publishing Company, New York and Chicago, 1899.

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A civil engineer of distinctive ability, Mr. Pierson is now practically living a retired life, in Morristown. He was born at Morris Plains, Hanover Township, Morris county, September 20, 1823. His father, Ebenezer Pierson, was born at Morris Plains, October 3, 1787, and was a son of Samuel Pierson, Sr., whose birth occurred at the same place, in 1738. He served in the war

of the Revolution, valiantly aiding the colonists in their struggle to secure independence from English rule. He married Rebecca Garragus, whose brother John was also one of the Revolutionary heroes and fought at the battle of Monmouth, where so many of the British died of sunstroke. He lived to over one hundred years of age, and his sword, which he carried at Monmouth, is now in possession of the Washington Park Association of Morristown, having been given them by the subject of this review. Samuel Pierson, the grandfather of our subject, had a family of six children, namely: Timothy, Stephen, Samuel, Ebenezer, Mary and Hulda. The father of this family died May 2,1790, and the mother died on the 18th of November, 1838.

Ebenezer Pierson, father of our subject, served in the war of 1812 for a short period, and was stationed at Sandy Hook. He was the owner of a large farm of three hundred acres, on the Mendham road, a part of which is now owned by James Pierson, who occupies the old homestead. Ebenezer Pierson was twice married. On the 22nd of August, 1812, he wedded Miss Permelia Lindsley, and they had three children - Lettie, Julia, and Elizabeth. He was married, January 13, 1822, his second union being with Johanna [Joanna] Trowbridge, who was born October 8, 1797, a daughter of Austin [Augustine Bayles] Trowbridge, who was born April 19, 1767, and died June 7,1845. His wife, who bore the maiden name of Elizabeth Freeman, was born May 18, 1775, and died April 25, 1845. Mr. Trowbridge was a farmer by occupation, and was a well known citizen of the community in which he made his home. He was the owner of a clock, which is now in possession of our subject, and, although more than a hundred years old, it is still in good running order. By the second marriage of Ebenezer Pierson were born five children, as follows: Samuel F.; Hannah, who married Charles M. Foster and is now living in Chicago, Illinois; Silas, deceased; George, who married Nancy Miller and moved to Chicago, where he died; and James, who wedded Catherine H. Halsey and is living in Morris township.

Samuel F. Pierson was only a year old when his father removed to Morris township, and there he grew to manhood, assisting in the labors of field and meadow and in the other duties of the farmstead. He began his education in the common schools and later entered a private school, conducted by Jacob Jenkins. There are very few places in the county that have not been surveyed by him, and his files contain maps and plats covering nearly every part of this section of the state. He has made this a life study, and his work is very accurate and satisfactory. Mr. Pierson is highly respected throughout the locality in which his entire life has been passed and his fellow townsmen, appreciating his worth and ability, have frequently called upon him to fill local positions of honor and trust. From 1875 until 1885 he served as assessor of Morris township, discharging his duties with marked fidelity and promptness.

Mr. Pierson was married January 14, 1846, to Miss Mary J. Moore, who was born April 14, 1826, a daughter of Isaac B. and Elizabeth (Moore) Moore, who were natives of Somerset county, New Jersey, and belonged to old families of this state. To our subject and his wife have been born the following named children: Edna E., born March 25, 1847 and now deceased; Ella A., who was born January 19, 1848, and is the wife of A. Layton Powelson, a resident of Brooklyn, New York; George A., born April 17, 1852, deceased; Mary Emma, who was born September 18, 1858, and is now the wife of George A. Mills, a resident of Morristown; Clara J., who is the wife of Lewis M. Tuttle, a farmer of Morris Township; Eugene, who was born July 6, 1859, and married Anna Sayer, their home being now in Morristown; Anna L., who was born October 12, 1864, and is the wife of Charles J. White; and Arthur S., who was born August 11, 1866, who married Anna Mason; he is also a civil engineer and has an office in Morristown, being the present city surveyor. For three generations the Pierson family has been connected with the Presbyterian church, and our subject is identified with that organization. His has been an upright, honorable, busy and useful life, and now in his declining years he is largely resting from the toil of former days.

Transcribed by Christopher Cresta

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