Fred D. Stephens
Morris Co. Up

Biographical and Genealogical History of Morris County New Jersey. Illustrated. Vol. I., Lewis Publishing Company, New York and Chicago, 1899.

A resident of German Valley, Fred D Stephens is a representative of one of the earliest families in Morris county, and it has come to be one of the most numerous families as well. He was born in Mount Olive township May 12 1857, being a son of the late prominent miller and farmer, Richard STEPHENS.

He was educated in the Chester Institute, concluding his school career with a course in Bryant and Stratton's Business College in Newark. He began life for himself in 1878, when he engaged in the mercantile business with Lyman KICE, in German Valley, as the firm of Kice & Stephens. This association continued for the term of five years, when Mr. Stephens disposed of his interests and spent some time in the Dakotas and Nebraska, being absent about four months. Upon his return he took up the store and tin ware business in German Valley and conducted it as an individual concern till 1893, when it was converted into a stock company, capitalized at $20,000, with Mr. Stephens as the chief official of the corporation, the other members being Jacob W. WELSH and Charles B HENDERSHOT. Mr. STEPHENS is also partner in one of the largest milling concerns in Morris County- the old Richard STEPHENS mill property, near Bartley. This has come to be one of the important industries of the western part of the county, made so from the grade and amount of product of the county, made so from the grade and amount of product that is manufactured there. For many years Richard STEPHENS, the father of our subject, made the success of this mill his chief aim in life, and since his death its operation has come into the hands of his son Fred and his son-in-law, A. L. Salmon.

Richard STEPHENS was born in Mount Olive township in 1824 and died in 1895. He not only became prominent in business, but was one of the leaders of the Republican party and was regarded as one of the chief citizens of Morris county. He was a son of one of Morris' distinguished citizens, William Stephens, who was the proprietor of a forge and gristmill and sawmill. He was also a farmer, and was on the whole a successful man of affairs. He was a whig in politics and was sent to the assembly of the state to represent his country. His father, Daniel STEPHENS, was one of the pioneers of the name in the county.

Richard STEPHENS married Dorothy SALMON and was the father of two children: Sarah A., wife of A. L. SALMON; Fred D. The latter was married in German Valley, October 24, 1877, to Louisa, daughter of Morris NAUGHRIGHT. They became the parent of two children, but they are both deceased.

Transcribed by Ida King

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