John B. Tallmadge
Morris Co. Up

Biographical and Genealogical History of Morris County New Jersey. Illustrated. Vol. I., Lewis Publishing Company, New York and Chicago, 1899.

Among the residents of Chatham who are engaged in business in Newark is Mr. TALLMADGE, who was born in New York City October 2, 1862. He is a representative of one of the oldest families in America. The ancestry is traced back to Hampshire, England, where the name was originally spelled TALMACH. Subsequent changes made it TALMADGE, and later the l was doubled. Robert TALMACH was a very prominent man in Hampshire. He flourished about 1523, and had three brothers, John, William, and Nicholas. The first descendants of Robert TALMACH to come to America were William, Thomas, Robert and Jane, who crossed the Atlantic about 1630. Robert established his home in New Haven, Connecticut, where he died in 1662. He was married to Sarah NASH and they had a family of six children, the fourth being John TALLMADGE who was born in New Haven Connecticut, in 1654, and died in 1690. He married Abigail BISHOP in 1687 and they had two children, Ann born August 15, 1687, and James, born in June 1689, at Branford, Connecticut. The latter was married in 1713, to Hannah HARRISON, and they had a family of eight children, the seventh being Rev. Benjamin TALLMADGE, who was born December 13, 1725, and died November 5, 1786. In 1750 he married Susanna SMITH, by whom he had three children, Benjamin, John and Samuel. Colonel Benjamin TALLMADGE loyally served his country in the war of the Revolution, and after the establishment of the republic represented his district in the congress of the United States for a period of sixteen years. Samuel served as captain in the Revolutionary army throughout the war, and at its close married and settled at Charleston, New York. He had a number of children, one of his sons being Isaac, who was born in 1800 and died in 1876. He was married to Mary HORTON, and reared a family of nine children.

Their third son, Samuel S., TALLMADGE, was born id Charleston, New York, in 1828, and died in Chatham, New Jersey, in 1876. For a number of years he was a resident of the latter place and was prominent in politics, staunchly supporting the Republican party. He was a member of the Presbyterian church and had the confidence and high regard of all who knew him. He was engaged in the wholesale drug business in New York. In that city, in July1859, he married Miss Mary J. BRODHEAD, who was born in Ulster county, New York. She is still a resident of Chatham, occupying the historic house, which served as headquarters for WASHINGTON during his New Jersey campaign. Their children are John B., Frederick and Mrs. George POOLE.

Mr. TALLMADGE, whose name introduces this record, early began life in the business world. In 1880 he became an employee in the German National Bank, of Newark, with which he has since been connected as one of its most reliable and trusted employees. His life has been quietly passed in steadfast devotion to duty, and he commands the respect of all with whom he has been brought in contact. He takes a very active interest in local politics and is a member of the Republican committee, his able management of the political interests contributing not a little to the Republican victories.

Mr. TALLMADGE was united in marriage to Elizabeth DICKINSON, daughter of Bern and Emma (BUDD) DICKINSON, of Chatham, in June 1887. They have now an interesting family of three children; Inez, Helen and Donald.

Transcribed by Ida King

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