Edward Thebaud
Morris Co. Up

Biographical and Genealogical History of Morris County New Jersey. Illustrated. Vol. II., Lewis Publishing Company, New York and Chicago, 1899.

The above named gentleman was the son of Joseph Thebaud, who when a young man came to the United States, in 1792, holding the responsible position of agent of the French East India Company, as well as representatives of several French capitalists and merchants. He first settled in Boston, then for a short time in New Haven, finally establishing himself in the city of New York, wher he soon became one of its leading merchants. He died in 1811, universally respected.

His son Edward, subject of this sketch, was born in Beekman street, New York city, in June, 1798. When very young he was sent to the Moravian College, at Nazareth, Pennsylvania, for his education. Upon attaining his majority he found an ample fortune awaiting him. Being, however, of industrial habits, and wishing to lead a mercantile life, he entered as clerk in the leading commercial house in that city—that of G.G.&S. Howland. He made several voyages as supercargo; and upon severing this connection formed a partnership with his father's old clerk, under the firm name Bouchaud & Thebaud, which continued in great prosperity for many years. In 1826 he withdrew from the house, retiring to his estate near Morristown.

In 1823 Mr. Thebaud married the accomplished and beautiful daughter of the exiled French nobleman, Vincent Boisaubin, a sketch of whose life is given in this work. Upon the death of his father-in-law in 1834, Mr. Thebaud removed to New York, having purchased an elegant mansion situated in Bleecker street and known as Leroy Place, where he resided for many years, retaining, however, a country seat at Morristown. He resumed business with his old partner, which continued until the retirement of the former in 1850. In this year he admitted his eldest son as partner, the firm now being Edward Thebaud & Son. In 1858, after a long and industrious business career, Mr. Thebaud retired from mercantile life, leaving his vast interests in the hands of his two sons (another son having in the meantime been received as partner), the firm name being changed to that of Edward Thebaud's Sons.

Edward Thebaud, soon after his retirement, with his wife and daughter visited numerous relative in Europe. Upon his return he occupied his beautiful mansion situated at Madison and now known as Thebaud Place.

Mr. Thebaud, in his eighty-sixth year, died at his homestead and was buried in St. Vincent's cemetery. He was a man of fine personal appearance of agreeable manners and of friendly disposition, and was much respected by his fellow citizens, who attended his funeral in large numbers and caused the town flag to be lowered in this honor.


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