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Biographical and Genealogical History of Morris County New Jersey. Illustrated. Vol. II., Lewis Publishing Company, New York and Chicago, 1899.


Mr. THOMPSON is a well known farmer of Mendham, and his home is one of the colonial residences erected before the Revolution. The old walls have looked down upon the scenes of colonial history, the formation of the new republic, its advancement along all the avenues of business and improvements, and still stand,---mute witnesses of our latter-day progress and a connecting link between the present and the past. The ancestral history of the THOMPSON family discloses the fact that three brothers,

  • Aaron,
  • Moses and
  • Hur,

came from Scotland about the year 1686. (They fled from persecution.) The youngest brother settled in New England, the two others in Elizabethtown, New Jersey, and their descendants are found in Connecticut Farms, Bottle Hill and Mendham. Joseph, the youngest son of Aaron, removed from North Farms to Mendham in the year 1739, his son, David, being one year old. They lived in the Black Horse Tavern until they built at the head spring of the Passaic. Joseph THOMPSON died in July, 1749, his wife, Lydia, having died in March previous. Between the deaths of the parents the most of their children died of a prevailing epidemic, called the "long fever." The names of the children that died were:

  • Phebe,
  • Hannah,
  • Aaron,
  • Daniel and
  • Rachel.

Three grandchildren also died, of the same fever, in the month of April. Joseph THOMPSON purchased the farm which is still in possession of his descendants, and which is commonly known as the "old homestead." His son, David, some years before the war for independence, erected the residence which is now the home of our subject. He was one of the leading and influential citizens of the county, was one of the patriot heroes of the Revolutionary war and commanded a company, with the rank of captain. He did much to mold the public life and interests of Mendham, was very prominent in church circles and long served as elder in the Presbyterian society.

Stephen THOMPSON, son of David and the grandfather of our subject, followed in his father's footsteps and had an acknowledged leadership in affairs concerning the general welfare. He filled many of the town offices, and was also an elder in the Presbyterian church. He married Susan HARRIS, of Philadelphia, a daughter of a patriot soldier of the Revolutionary war, and to them were born the following children:

  • George H.;
  • David, who became a prominent lawyer of Sussex county, New Jersey;
  • Nancy I.; and
  • Robert H.

George H. THOMPSON, father of our subject, was born in 1803, and died in Mendham in 1882. His birth occurred near Peapack, but he eventually removed to the old homestead, and devoted his energies to agricultural pursuits. His strong mentality, pronounced ability and sterling worth led to his selection for various public honors, and he represented his district in the state legislature, was a member of the board of freeholders, filled many of the important town offices, was town committeeman and was also judge of election. Like his father and grandfather, he was a godly man, devoted to the cause of Christianity, and in the Presbyterian church in Mendham he served as elder. He married Tempe Leddell MC CREA, a grandniece of Jane MC CREA, who was slain in the Cherry Valley massacre during the Revolutionary war, and whose story is familiar to every student of history. The children of Mr. and Mrs. George H. THOMPSON were:

  • David, deceased;
  • Alexander, who resides near Salem, Oregon;
  • Mary, deceased;
  • Philip McCrea, who has also passed away;
  • Robert H.; and
  • Susan, widow of James LAWRENCE.

Robert Harris THOMPSON, whose name introduces this review, was born in Mendham township, May 30, 1847, and was educated in two private schools,---Rankin's and Day's. He received training in agricultural labors on the home farm and when he had attained his majority began farming on his own account. He now owns the old family homestead, which has been in possession of the THOMPSONs for more than a century. This comprises one hundred acres of land, and in addition he has another fifty-acre tract. He has placed his farm under a high state of cultivation and its neat and thrifty appearance well indicates the careful supervision of the owner.

Mr. THOMPSON was married December 19, 1883, to Miss Eliza M. GARABRANT, born July 19, 1853, a daughter of Cornelius and Elizabeth (PITNEY) GARABRANT, and they have one daughter,

  • Nancy I., born June 13, 1886.

Mr. THOMPSON is a Republican in his political views, but has never sought or desired public office, preferring to devote his energies to his business interests, in which he has met with a well merited and honorable success. He is a valued citizen of the community in which his entire life has been spent, and wears worthily the honored family name.

This biography was scanned and contributed by Catherine Smith DeMayo.

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