Charles J. Trent
Morris Co. Up

Biographical and Genealogical History of Morris County New Jersey. Illustrated. Vol. II., Lewis Publishing Company, New York and Chicago, 1899.


The subject of this sketch is superintendent of the Bloomingdale Soft Rubber Works, of Butler, and was born in London, England, June 2, 1845, a son of George and Ann (ROGERS) TRENT, also natives of England. Their children were:

  • George, who died in early life;
  • Edward W., now a resident of Chicago, who wedded Mary KUSSE;
  • Charles J.; and
  • Joseph, who is still in England.

The father of this family is a bookbinder by trade, and is now living in Brooklyn, New York. The death of the mother occurred in 1853.

When a lad of eight years Mr. TRENT was brought by his father to the United States, and spent his boyhood days in Philadelphia, New York city and Columbia county, New York. He attended the public schools, and when he laid aside his text-books to take up the sterner duties of life, the task assigned to him was learning the trade of file-making, in Pompton, New Jersey. Later he worked in a mill near Boston for a time, and then went to Chicago, where he was employed as a journeyman for three years, after which he entered into a partnership and began business on his own account. For four years he carried on operations along the line of his trade, and then decided to change his business. Accordingly he worked as an engineer of a stationary engine, also as a millwright and machinist. For fifteen years be resided in Chicago and upon his return to New Jersey, in 1881, he located in Butler, where he secured a position in the works of the Bloomingdale Soft Rubber Company. Here he applied himself earnestly to the mastery of the business, and when he had gained a practical experience of the work in its various departments, he was placed in charge as superintendent, in 1889, and for nine years has now occupied that position. Under his capable management and wise direction the factory has become one of the successful enterprises of the county, controlling a large and constantly increasing business.

Mr. TRENT was married in Pompton, New Jersey, in March, 1867, lady of his choice being Miss Anna A. MILLER, a daughter of Benjamin and Margaret (FREDERICKS) Miller, who were the parents of seven children, namely:

  • Emeline E.;
  • Kate, wife of Hudson YOUNGS, of Boonton;
  • George, a resident of Butler;
  • Mrs. TRENT;
  • Sarah J., widow of George DECKER, of Butler;
  • Ella, wife of David KITCHELL, of Butler; and
  • Munson, also of Butler.

Mr. and Mrs. TRENT have four sons:

  • George W., of Chicago, who occupies a position as salesman for the Rawson & Evans Ornamental Glass Company;
  • Robert, who is with his father as engineer in the factory;
  • Benjamin, a vulcanizer in the works; and
  • Edward, who operates the farm and homestead.

Mrs. TRENT is a member of the Butler Methodist Episcopal church, and Mr. TRENT has always contributed liberally to church and charitable enterprises. Politically he is a Republican.

This biography was scanned and contributed by Catherine Smith DeMayo.

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